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The Gamble
Summary: When Kurogane and Fai are still just children Yuko, Tomoyo, and Ashura take risky gamble.
Characters: Kurogane + Fai D. Flowright.
Rating: K+
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Copyright: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle belongs to Clamp. Any other recognizable media is the property of their respective owners.
Crossovers: xxxHolic- Clamp
Couples: KuroFai
Author's Notes: I'm glad everyone's enjoying the story. Kurogane's parents were never named to my knowledge. So I need something to call them. Does anyone have a suggestion? I don't like the way this chapter.
Last Time: It was small, crystal blue ball that seemed to emit its own light which flickered and danced, casting a soft glow against the white of his palms. “Be careful with that Watanuki.” Yuko's voice snapped him from his daze. Yuko's eyes darkened. “It is all that is left of a gamble me and two others took a long time ago. It was an effort that proved utterly useless.” Yuko gently took the crystal from his hands. “Do you want to see what happened, Watanuki?”
Chapter 1- Gamble for a Future
Yuko starred at the two in front of her who were really worlds away. “It will be dangerous. That man will do anything to stop us.” There was a moment of silence before a feminine, child-like voice whispered out. “I believe it's a risk we're willing to take, Yuko-san. That man can not be allowed to follow through with his plans.”
She smiled faintly. “Yes, I agree. There will be a price but I believe this to be a wish that I can grant. A wish to change the fate of those two. The two children who will suffer so much hardship very soon.”
There was a lot of bustle within the house when she returned home. “My dear, what is going on to cause such hurry?” She asked her husband. The man smiled at her. “In Nihon a treaty is being made. The king of the land, Celes I believe, has a young apprentice who he does not want to be surrounded by all of the frustrations of politics at such an important point in his training. He also does not want to leave the boy alone. So, apparently we were chosen to take care of him while the treaty is being made. The boy is about Kurogane's age I hear. They should get along fine.”
She smiled, “And when is he scheduled to arrive?” “In a week or so.” She frowned. “But aren't you supposed to go check on the areas around the outer edge of the kekkei in a week?” he smiled at her warmly. “Yes, I am. I was hoping you would be kind enough to take care of all that. I am holding off the journey till they come but after that I must leave.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around him. “I believe I can manage.” She whispered.
Fai stared at the man with pleading eyes. “Please! I want to stay with you, Ashura-ou!” Ashura smiled at the young boy. “It's alright, Fai. These are good people you'll be staying with. I hear they even have a boy your age.”
The blonde boy's glare was defiant. “I want to come with you!” he stated again. Ashura sighed. “Please Fai. Just do this. The female owner of the house is supposed to be a very good priestess. Maybe if you act kindly you can learn a few things.” Fai's determination wavered for a second before he shook his head. “No!”
Ashura shook his own head. “It was worth a shot. Fai, we'll only be gone a month. And if you really need me I'll come as soon as I can. Just be glad I'm not leaving you in Celes altogether.” Fai sighed and dropped his head. “Fine. But I don't like it.”
================================================================= =
The two people stared at the boy they were to take care of for the next two weeks. He looked a bit younger than their own boy. He stood out from everyone else with his light colored hair and eyes. His clothing also marked him as a foreigner. But he was beautiful in his uniqueness.
The woman's eyes softened. “Oh, he's almost the exact same age as Kurogane.” She smiled and stepped forward. “Welcome. We have a small home but please make yourself comfortable.” The boy's bright blue eyes stared at her with a shocking intensity. Then he smiled. “It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Fai Flowright.” He even gave a cute, somewhat awkward bow.
Her husband stepped up beside her. “It's a pleasure to meet you Fai. Why don't you come inside?” They led him silently into the house, towards the main room. “We have a son about your age, Kurogane. Unfortunately he's not present at the moment. I, myself will have to be leaving shortly so my wife will take care of you. If you have any problems please ask her.”
Fai nodded and turned towards her. “Madam, do you have any clothes I can borrow? I'm afraid I have nothing resembling your style or anything suited for your climate.” She smiled at the polite boy. “I'm sure we can find something your size. Anything else?”
He shook his head. “No ma'am.” She held out her hand. “Then why don't we go find your room?” He nodded, smiling slightly. The man watched as his wife led his guest from the room. “Can someone go find my son and tell him we have a visitor? I want him on his best behavior.” There was a brief scurrying around the room as people went around and tried to find out where Kurogane had went.
The first time Kurogane saw him was at dinner. He knew that someone was staying with them but had not imagined what he found. The boy was his age! And he looked so different with his blonde hair and blue eyes. And the boy was so slight too, looking so small in a hamaka he recognized to be something he'd outgrown already.
He was beautiful. That was the thought that held him captive as he stood frozen in the doorway. The boy probably felt eyes on him for turned and stared at him with those unnerving blue eyes. “Is something wrong?” he asked.
Kurogane shook his head. “No, nothing's wrong.” He walked forward and sat down in front of the boy. The blonde' eyes watched him carefully. “It's a pleasure to meet you. My name's Fai.” He whispered. Kurogane looked up and smiled slightly. “Mine's Kurogane.”
Fai nodded and looked down. Kurogane looked up and stared helplessly at his mother. His father had already left. He had no idea how to act around this quiet, polite, beautiful boy he knew nothing about. She took pity on him. “Fai-kun, is there anything you like to do?”
Fai looked up at her and nodded slightly. “I like to learn.” He whispered. He grinned slightly at the look Kurogane gave him. His mother ignored him. “Really? What do you like to learn? We have plenty of books.”
He shook his head. “I can't read them. The charm only translates words.” Kurogane blinked, “Charm?” Fai nodded and held out his hand. A simple silver chain dangled around his small wrist. “If I take this bracelet off I can't understand you at all. Our two languages are very different.”
His mother reached out and touched the bracelet. “You're saying that this is translating your words as you say them and your hearing your language even though we're not speaking it?” Fai nodded. “The power that would take…” his mother whispered.
Fai smiled and turned his hand over. A blue glow outlined his hand. “It's not the power that's the problem; it's how complex the spell is. I don't know how Ashura-ou did it. Maybe he got it somewhere.” Kurogane's eyes widened. “You can use magic?” Fai nodded, “I'm learning.”
His mother smiled. “It appears we are very different, Fai-kun.” Kurogane grinned, “Well, I'm not letting you spend all your time here inside studying. I'll so you around tomorrow, alright?” Fai nodded. “Alright. I'd like that.”
Ashura stared at the glowing pool of water. “Are you sure they'll be okay?” He asked. A child stepped out from the shadows. “Yes, I'm sure. The future has already started to change with merely their meeting.” Ashura nodded at the young girl. “I trust your judgment, Tomoyo-hime.”