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The Gamble
Summary: When Kurogane and Fai are still just children Yuko, Tomoyo, and Ashura take risky gamble.
Characters: Kurogane + Fai D. Flowright.
Rating: K+
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Copyright: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle belongs to Clamp. Any other recognizable media is the property of their respective owners.
Crossovers: xxxHolic- Clamp
Couples: KuroFai
Author's Notes: I spent all my time before planning the main chapters of the story and now that I'm writing the story out I feel completely lost because I have no idea what I'm doing.
Last Time: She smiled faintly. “Yes, I agree. There will be a price but I believe this to be a wish that I can grant. A wish to change the fate of those two. The two children who will suffer so much hardship very soon.”
Kurogane shook his head. “No, nothing's wrong.” He walked forward and sat down in front of the boy. The blonde' eyes watched him carefully. “It's a pleasure to meet you. My name's Fai.” He whispered. Kurogane looked up and smiled slightly. “Mine's Kurogane.”
His mother smiled. “It appears we are very different, Fai-kun.” Kurogane grinned, “Well, I'm not letting you spend all your time here inside studying. I'll so you around tomorrow, alright?” Fai nodded. “Alright. I'd like that.”
Chapter 2- Gamble for Differences
Fai was amazed at the land he was in. It was so different then his own. Fai sighed as he chased Kurogane up the hill. The boy had been pulling him around all day. He wasn't going to complain though. He didn't think about things he didn't want to when he was this active.
Kurogane turned towards him and smiled. “What do you think?” He asked, spreading his arm out wide to show the area visible from atop the hill. Fai turned his head and stared in surprise. “It's beautiful.” He whispered.
Kurogane grinned; glad that the boy seemed so captivated by his home. He sat down on the grass on looked up at Fai. “Come on, sit.” Fai looked a bit unsure but let himself sink down to the ground. “What's your home like?” Kurogane asked, spinning a piece of grass between his fingers.
Fai didn't turn his head away from the view. “Celes is nothing like this. It's all snow and ice and it's always cold. We don't have many flowers there and the only foliage is what can survive in a tundra.” Kurogane stared at him with his nose winkled. “It snows all time? Here in Suwa, we have a winter where it snows. But to live in that all the time? How do you survive?”
Fai smiled, “I guess when you live in it all the time you get used to it. And there is a certain beauty to it.” Kurogane sighed and rolled onto his back. “Still, doesn't it get cold?” The blonde nodded. “At times. But people adjust to things over time. It's not all that bad.” He tilted his head back so that the sun could play across his face and into his hair. Kurogane stopped and stared in surprise. “You should see the castle. It's beautiful.” Fai continued, completely unaware of Kurogane's staring.
Kurogane wasn't completely aware of himself when he said it. “I think I just found the most beautiful thing in the world.” Fai turned to stare at him with a curious look. “Huh?” Kurogane blushed slightly and ducked his head. “It's nothing.” He stated, squirming under that bright blue gaze.
Fai stared at him for a minute than smiled slightly. “Thank you.” He whispered. He held out his hand. “Come on, lets head back.” Kurogane nodded and grasped the blonde's hand. Together they stood up and turned. Fai walked ahead and Kurogane let Fai's hand slip slowly out of his own. It was official, he completely fascinated with his guest. “Kurogane-san, come on. You'll get left.”
Kurogane's mother stopped and looked up as the two boys entered the room. Standing next to each other the differences were easy to spot. While Kurogane had dark hair, skin, and eyes, all of Fai's traits were pale and very fair. Her son was as dark as night but her guest held all the brightness of the sun.
She briefly wondered what he would look like with a full smile on his face. So far she had only seen mere glimpses of half-smiles and amused eyes.
Despite the quietness the boy was still putting up she welcomed them in and smiled at the two as Kurogane recited the description Fai had given him of Celes. “Really, an entire country of ice? It must get cold. I guess that explains the clothes you were wearing when you came.” Fai nodded and offered her another one of his half-smiles as she set down lunch for the two.
Late that day as Kurogane finished up the sword practice he was supposed to do even with his guest he sought Fai out. He found him in his room, a soft glow around him as he carefully wrote something out on the air. He stood in the doorway and watched as the letters shifted to form themselves into a piece of paper.
Even as Fai carefully folded the paper into the shape of a bird he spoke. “It's a letter to Ashura-ou. It's to tell him I'm alright.” Kurogane jumped slightly and looked at the blonde. “How did you know I was there?”
Fai turned his head and stared at him with piercing eyes. Kurogane could swear he felt those eyes staring into his soul. “I could feel your eyes on me.” The blonde whispered. He watched as the mage gently lifted the bird to his lips and then blew on it softly. The wings fluttered and then the piece of folded paper floated off the pale hands and flew out the window.
“Wow.” He turned his gaze onto Fai. “How did you do that?” Something that could have been a smile crossed the blonde's face. “It's simple animation magic. But I guess if this country doesn't have such magic than it would be pretty amazing.”
Kurogane looked at Fai, “I guess my mother was right, we really are quite different.”
Tomoyo looked up as her own guest let a paper bird land on his hand. It seemed to unfold itself. She watched as the man carefully read it over and asked once he was done, “Is everything alright?
Ashura nodded. “Fai's just saying that everything seems so different from our world. Even the people.” He chuckled. “They always say that opposites attract. I'm sure he'll be fine.”