Tsubasa Chronicle Fan Fiction ❯ The Gamble ❯ Gamble for Adventure ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The Gamble
Summary: When Kurogane and Fai are still just children Yuko, Tomoyo, and Ashura take risky gamble.
Characters: Kurogane + Fai D. Flowright.
Rating: K+
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Copyright: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle belongs to Clamp. Any other recognizable media is the property of their respective owners.
Crossovers: xxxHolic- Clamp
Couples: KuroFai
Author's Notes: N/A
Last Time: “Here, let's try this again.” He stated, grabbing the pale hands and guiding them into the correct pose around the chopsticks. Fai tensed in his hands. The darker boy sighed. “Relax, just like this.” He whispered, gently moving Fai's hands around. Fai let him do it before shaking his hands off and doing it on his own. The movement was much surer than it was before. Fai tried it again and again until he could do it smoothly. Kurogane nodded with a smile. “Much better.” He complemented.
Fai looked away. “Could you…could you arrange to have someone teach me how to cook?” Kurogane's mother stared at the boy. “If you want.” She smiled. Fai nodded.
Kurogane chewed slowly before he smiled, “Its good. A bit sugary but good.” He looked up at the blonde and grinned. “Of course, I never was one for sweets.” A half-grin flickered over Fai's face. “I'm glad you approve, Kurogane-san.”
“Friends.” Fai whispered again. Slowly, pain-stakingly slowly, a smile wormed itself onto the blonde's face. For the first time since Kurogane had met the boy Fai was smiling. It was a true, honest, full smile and it lit up his entire face. “Yeah, we're friends. Kurogane!” Fai stated, smiling widely and brightly, his eyes alive and shining. Kurogane was entranced and that day he vowed to make sure that smile never disappeared.
Chapter 4- Gamble for Adventure-
Kurogane snorted in laughter as he stared at Fai. The blonde was looking at a horse with wide eyes, his face pale and unsure. Fai turned to him slowly, keeping one eye on the animal. “And you ride these things?” he asked slowly.
The darker of the two nodded. “Don't have horses in Celes I take it?” Fai shook his head rapidly. Kurogane smirked and pressed a hand to Fai's shoulders. “You can ride with me until you get the hang of it.” He assured. Fai relaxed and offered him a grateful smile. “Thank you.” Kurogane nodded.
Slowly he helped Fai get situated on the horse before pulling himself up behind the blonde. “Ready?” he asked. Fai glanced over his shoulder at him with a sour look. “No, not really.” He stated.
Kurogane laughed as the horse started to run. Fai remained tense in the circle of his arm for a few minutes before he relaxed and leaned against him. “I think I'd still prefer to walk.” He said. Kurogane smiled and shrugged. “Sure, okay. But it's a long walk back.” He stated. Fai turned his head and glared at him.
================================================================= =
When they came to a stop, Kurogane carefully helped Fai off before tying the horse to a tree and starting to walk forward. “Come on, just a little further.” Fai sighed but followed him.
Fai was less than pleased when Kurogane pointed up at a mountain. “I'm not climbing.” He stated firmly. Kurogane grinned at him. “What, scared?” he asked. He pulled back the long arms of his hamaka and started to climb upwards with practiced ease.
Fai watched him move with apprehension. Kurogane turned his head and looked down at him. “Come on! It's not that hard!” he shouted. Fai sighed before pulling back his sleeves like Kurogane had and following him.
Kurogane turned his head down again and grinned when he saw Fai catching up. “Your not half bad, Fai!” Fai looked up at him. “Just wait till we're on solid ground again!” he shouted up. Kurogane laughed.
Fai glared at Kurogane when he was able to sit down again. “Was that necessary?” he asked. Kurogane grinned. “Yeah. Don't worry. We won't have to climb down.” He stated, pointing to a path. Fai stared. “The path's too steep to walk upwards. But we should be able to go down.” Fai glared again.
Kurogane turned and walked forward. “Come on.” He shouted. Fai sighed before picking his way to his feet and following the boy. He walked behind Kurogane, watching his feet so he didn't trip on anything.
Because he was so focused on his feet he ran into Kurogane's back when he stopped. “Eh? What's wrong?” he asked, looking up at him. Kurogane smiled and stepped aside. “Look.”
Fai's eyes widened as he looked at the scene. Large trees arched to the sky with long branches and vines sweeping the ground. Small pink flowers rested on every surface of the trees. Dotting the ground were medium sized blue flowers that seemed to glow. Fai breathed out slowly. “This world is so beautiful.” He whispered with gentle eyes.
Kurogane smiled at him and pulled him into the ring of trees. Fai dropped down in front of one of the blue flowers. “What are these?” he asked. Kurogane looked down at him. “Lunalisics. They only bloom on a full moon.” Fai looked up at him with a grin. “And the pink ones?”
“Cherry Blossoms.” Kurogane answered. Fai nodded and stood. He turned his head and smiled softly when he noticed a bag lying on the ground. “You planned this earlier, didn't you?”
Kurogane looked away with a blush. “Um, maybe.” He looked back up at the blonde. “So, was it worth the climb?” Fai smiled fully. “Yeah.”
================================================================= ===
They spent the day there, letting the flowers fall over them. Fai didn't think he'd ever been so content before. He'd never been able to just sit and relax completely. It made him so happy.
Fai smiled as he helped clean up the food. “Thank you.” He whispered. Kurogane rolled his eyes. “Stop thanking me. I had fun too.” Fai grinned. “Okay, Kurogane!” he stated.
Fai kept glancing around at all the trees and wildlife as they walked back down the trail. “Fai, keep your eyes on the path. You'll trip and fall if you don't.” Kurogane warned. Fai nodded, not really listening. “You are so lucky, being surrounded by all these plants. I'm going to miss it when I go back to Celes.” He spoke absent-mindedly as he walked.
He should have listened to Kurogane. Fai let out a small gasp as his foot caught on one of the overgrown roots and he fell forward. Kurogane spun to look at him, eyes wide. To try and lessen the landing Fai twisted, his eyes squeezing shut for impact.
His eyes snapped back open however when he kept falling. He'd forgotten just how narrow and steep the path was. His twist had put him over the edge. He was falling.
“FAI!!!” Kurogane shouted.