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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Author's note: This is a one- shot story `Kay? One chapter per world…. Oh and I love Fai… even if he's really hyper and outgoing… I dunno… maybe it's he's smile…. I just… like him… And I think Kurogane is funny! Well… I think his expressions are cute… Well that's all I can say…
Disclaimer: Never have I owned TRC or Tsubasa Chronicles…. NEVER! *Boo hoo*…. *sniff*
“And yet another world…” A blonde says as he stood up, brushing his clothes. “Mokona, do you know where we are?” he asked to no one in particular.
Suddenly, a white… uhm… something, went out and said, “Mokona doesn't know!”
“Can't you take us to a world you know?” A black haired man said, emphasizing the words `you'.
“Kuro-puu's not in the mood again...” the blonde says sarcastically.
“Right!” the… erm… thing says…
((***Moko-chan: Mokona's not a thing! Mokona's Mokona!* Okay, okay!! [sweatdrops] Sheesh [T.T]***))
“Fai…” the thi- uhm… Mokona pointed to a girl and boy.
Fai looked at Sakura and Syaoran. They were looking at something… someone in particular… a girl.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++
“Oh… I see… you were… uhm… traveling?” a girl with long wavy black hair asked.
“Yes… and we were wondering if… well… there's any place we can stay?” Syaoran asks, embarrassed.
“Oh… you have no place to stay? W- why not stay at my place?” The girl asked nervously with red patches on her cheeks.
“Hmm… don't you mind? I mean we might be troublesome…” Fai asks.
“NO! I mean not at all….” The girl said, shaking her head.
“Okay… thank you uhm…” Syaoran asks.
“Sam… and you're Syaoran… and Sakura… and Mr. Kurogane… and Mr. Fai… ” Sam points at them one by one. “A- am I right? I- I hope I didn't mess up…”
“No need to call me mister… just Fai is alright,” Fai smiled.
The girl nodded.
“And Kuro-puu is no mister!”
The girl nodded.
“I told you not to call me names!” Kurogane yelled.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++
“Princess? How can I be so stupid? It's been 6 years of course he will really have someone that he would love…but… still…” a girl whispered to herself as she tried to sleep on her futon. “He didn't even notice me…” as some tears escaped from her eyes. She clutched her pillow and buried her face on her pillow and cried some more.
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++
“Mokona, can you sense some feathers?” Syaoran asks.
“Yup! But it's a little faint… but I'm sure there's one in this world.”
Syaoran smiled. “I'm glad… let's search now… Hime, please stay here okay?”
Sakura nodded.
“I'll be back by sunset.”
Again, Sakura nodded. “Be safe…” She whispered.
And so, Syaoran leaves with Mokona on his right shoulder. “Bye”
As Syaoran closed the door Fai entered the room.
“Ah… Sakura- chan… Did Syaoran-kun leave already?”
Sakura nodded.
“So… What do you want to do now?” Fai asked.
Sakura puts her index finger like someone thinking deeply. “Let's play poker…”
“Poker? Where are the cards?”
“Here…” Sakura took out a deck of cards from her pocket.
“Where'd you get this?”
“I got it from the other world…”
“Okay… let's start!”
Sakura nodded.
They played…
Guess who lost…
“Mou… You're good Sakura- chan!” Fai smiled.
“Thank you,” Sakura smiled.
Unknown to them there was someone watching them from outside.
“Syaoran- kun… You look worried… why?” Mokona asks.
“It's just that I kinda noticed Sam looked really frustrated as she looked at me and Sakura- hime… I don't know… but I think she's nice… I mean she let us stay at her place…. I dunno….” said Syaoran.
“hmm… don't worry…. Fai and Kurogane's there….” Mokona reassured.
“You called Kurogane-san with his name….”
“eheheh… Well… I just like teasing him….”
Syaoran let out a sigh than smiled at the cute thing. “When he hears that he'll get angrier…”
Mokona just smiles, then suddenly his eyes went big… you know… when he feels a feather… (Like this…. O.O)
“What is it, Mokona?”
“A feather!”
“Where?” Syaoran looks around.
Then Mokona's eyes became small again. His eyes now look concerned.
“Mokona, where?!” Syaoran asked, turning his gaze at Mokona.
“Oh no! It's lost,” Mokona said worriedly.
“Then, it means someone has got it already….”

“I'm back…” Syaoran enters the house.
“Syaoran- kun!” Sakura runs to him. “Did you find it?”
Syaoran shakes his head… “Gomen nasai…. Hime…. We lost it….”
“Lost?” Sakura asked cutely.
“We lost track of it….” Syaoran frowned.
“Oh…. Daijobu desuka….” Sakura smiled.
“Ah…. Syaoran- kun…. Sakura- san…. Dinner's served….” Sam says plainly and then left quickly.
Sakura and Syaoran looked at each other. “Okay…” Sakura said as she followed shortly at Sam.
As they ate Sam looks at everyone slowly, and then stopped at a certain guy. She looked at him with full of sadness and pain in her eyes. Sakura noticed this. “Is there something wrong?” she asked full of concern.
They looked at Sam, which made her blush a little. She shakes her head hardly. “n… nothing… I'm done…” She stood up quickly and took her plates with her.
Sakura looked at the direction of Sam… while the three, Fai, Syaoran and Kurogane, looked at each other. Fai wore his usual grin, Syaoran looked concerned, and Kurogane looked scary as usual. ((***ahaha… but true, he looks scary to me… *Kurogane: I do not!* yeah you do!! *Kuro: no! [Starts to chase me with a stick]* Aiieee!!! Heeelp!!*** ~just a little something that popped into my head~ ^^))
Sakura followed Sam in the kitchen to find her crying. Sakura ran to Sam with her face full of concern. “S... Sam… What's wrong?” Sakura asked a little loudly.
Sam looked at Sakura with a cold stare which made her, as in Sakura, back away.
Syaoran, Fai and Kurogane suddenly appear inside the kitchen. “What's wrong?” Syaoran asked.
Sam looked at Syaoran then back at Sakura. “No!” Sam shouted as she ran past Sakura and Syaoran.
The three looked at Sakura. “Sakura- hime… What happened?” Syaoran asked.
Sakura's face is still full of concern. “I… I don't know… when I came here following her… I found her crying… and I asked what was wrong….” Sakura said “and she looked at me painfully… maybe… maybe something happened to her… something that involves…” Sakura looked at Syaoran. “…us...”
“Why!?” Sam cried on her pillow. She was in her room, lying on her futon, crying. “Why?! You promised… you… promised…” Sam was shouting as she cried “You said you'll come back for me…. You promised!!!” She held her chest as if it was in pain.
Sakura gasped. “I know…” She heard it. She heard what Sam was shouting. She heard it. She came running to their room. The room where the four are staying in. “Wait…” Sakura said.
They were preparing to leave. It's obvious they weren't wanted there. Syaoran looked at Sakura. “What is it princess?”
“Wait… I think I know why she's acting like that…” Sakura said. Fai and Kurogane started to look at her. Sakura put her hand on her chest, not really looking at somebody… she was like talking to herself. “I think I know… I think… there's a man… a man that she loves. And that man might be like you.... Syaoran- kun…”
“Yeah… Now I remember…” Fai says. Everyone in the room started to look at him. “The witch… or Yuuko-san…”
“Yeah the bitch,” Kurogane cuts in.
“Ahem… anyway…” Fai continues. “…she said something like there would be someone that looks and acts exactly like you in the other world… right?”
“Yeah… That's right! Maybe… the man that Sam loves is the Syaoran in this world,” Mokona said. “And she must have been jealous at Sakura- chan,”
“So?” Kurogane asked. “How will you tell her? How will you tell her that you're not the one she was expecting you to be…?”
Syaoran shook his head. “I don't know… Hime...” Syaoran turned to face Sakura. “Hime?! Where is she?” Syaoran looked for her.
“I think I saw her go outside the room…” Fai said.
Syaoran ran quickly but stopped when he saw Sakura in front of Sam's room. She knocked and went inside. Syaoran sighed and stayed in front of the door of Sam's room. He tried to listen what was happening inside.
Sakura sat beside Sam. Sam looked at Sakura as she wiped her tears. “What do you want?” Sam said with a frustrated tone in her voice.
“I know…” Sakura said.
“Why should I care of what you know!?” Sam said as another tear escaped from her eyes. “Or are you here to tell me what kind of idiot I am to have believed his stupid promise?” She slapped Sakura.
Sakura touched her sore cheek.
On the other side of the door Syaoran was about to barge inside when Fai stopped him together with Kurogane behind him and Mokona on Fai's shoulder. Fai shook his head. “Let them be…” Kurogane said. Syaoran hesitated.
“I think it's better if we stay out of this.” Fai said.
Syaoran nodded. “Let's wait downstairs at the living room.”
“You don't understand how I feel! Of course you don't… you feel exactly the opposite of how I feel!!!” Sam shouted.
“No…” Sakura said. “I'm really sorry…” Sakura bowed.
Sam looked more frustrated. “Sorry?” Sam said as she cries harder. “I don't want to get this sick joke of yours!” Sam shouted as she ran downstairs.
Sakura ran after her. “Sam! Let me explain!”
“Let you explain of what?” Sam said. They were now in the living room with Syaoran, Fai and Kurogane. “Huh? Let you explain of what?!”
Syaoran stood up.
Fai, Kurogane and Mokona sat there quietly watching them.
“No… Don't explain anything to me! All I want is you four to get out of my house!” Sam opened the door to reveal a man outside the door. Sam screamed in surprise.
Fai and Kurogane stood up on their guard. Syaoran got Sam and Sakura at his back.
As the man came in the light to reveal his face Sam said “You are,”
“I'm back.” The man said as his face was fully seen.
Everyone gasped. The man looked exactly like Syaoran except that he looked a little older. “B…but…” Sam looked at Syaoran, the Syaoran we know, and then back at the Syaoran from this world. “I… I…” Sam fainted.
The other Syaoran, as in the one in this world ((Gosh, this is making me a little tired from typing!)), caught Sam just in time. `He' smiles at her and kisses her on the forehead. He carried Sam, bridal style, to her room. As he placed her on the futon he looked at Sakura and the others. “So… You are?” He asked.
Syaoran was still startled. He started to talk but when he made a sound, the man jumped to his feet. “Oh… Sorry… I didn't…. notice you. I thought I was looking at a mirror! Tell me; are you my lost brother or what?”
Everyone fell to the floor… you get the picture, I think. Sakura stood up. “Eh… Well… you might not understand us… but well… we were from another world…. And we were looking for something that's in this…” before Sakura finished her sentence Mokona jumped from Fai and pointed at Syaoran, the one from this world.
“Eh…?” Syaoran from this world looked at Mokona.
“What is it Mokona?” Sakura asked.
“I can sense a feather from him!” Mokona said.
Syaoran-from-this-world widened his eyes in shock. “So you know about it? Are you a spy? You are, right? To use this for evil… but you gotta…”
“No!” Syaoran-we-know said as he tried to explain.
“Then why are… you… here?” Syaoran-from-this-world said as he shivers when he looks at Syaoran-we-know.
“Li?!” Sam said as she sat up from bed when she gained consciousness. He looked at the both Syaoran. “Who… Which one of you is Li?”
“I am Li…” Syaoran-from-this-world said as he calmed Sam.
“Then… who are you?” Sam looked at Syaoran-we-know.
“I am Syaoran.”
“Did they do something to you? Why are they here?” Li looked at Sam.
Sam shook her head. “No… I invited them here…” Sam said as she looked at Li “I thought… I thought he was you…” She started to cry. Li placed his hands on Sam's shoulders. “And… I thought you forgot all about our promise.” Sam cried on Li's chest.
The others looked awed on them and decided to leave them. They shut the door.
Li raised Sam's chin so she looked at him. “How could I have forgotten all about our promise? I've been thinking it all over I was away. I never looked at someone else… Never.” Li kissed Sam on the lips lightly. “We're going to marry each other and have kids that we'll raise, right?”
“Of course…” Sam said. “I've been waiting… I've been worried how you were. And when I saw Syaoran on the fields I was really relieved. I thought you were alright… but I saw him with Sakura… and I thought that were you flirting with her. I doubted you, and you never did that to me… and…”
Sam was cut when Li kissed him again. “That's okay. That's a sign you still love me.” Li said. He hugged Sam again and laid her down. “Stay here… I'll talk to my twin and his companions there…”
Sam giggled as Li said the word twin. “You do look exactly the same.”
“Have you kissed him?” Li asked seriously.
“Well… no…” Sam said. “He was staying at the guest room and he was out all night. How could I?”
“Really…?” Li raised an eyebrow.
“You don't believe me do you?!” Sam pouted.
“Nah… I was just kidding…” Li laughed. “I was just testing you, besides who could blame you? He looks really good… He's very handsome and…”
“He is?” Sam said trying hard not to laugh.
Li looked at her.
“ha ha…. Just kidding…” Sam sticks her tongue out to him.
“Okay, okay…” Li stood up. “Just lie there, okay?”
“yeah…” Sam said.
As Li closed the door of the room he turned his back and faced Syaoran and the others. “So what are your real purposes to the magical feather?”
“Let me explain…” Syaoran said. “This feather contains Sakura- hime's memories. We need it, please just give it to us.”
“And how do I know you are not going to use it for evil?” Li asked, his hands clutched, “We will do our best to destroy this thing. I've been away for six years to track this…”
“Please… just believe us…” Syaoran tried to say.
“But… how could I…?… especially when that bloodthirsty looking guy is here with you?” He pointed to Kurogane.
((***hehehe… gomen ne Kuro…* Kurogane: forgive this, you brat! [takes a big fat bat.. you know for baseball.. and chases me (again)* I'm soooo sorry… you're the only one who is… well… like that in the group… eek!… that came out wrong…Ah!! No, no, no!!! Don't kill me Kuro… please!!! I'm still young! Aaaah!!* Kuro: Eat this!!! Hiyaaa- eh?!* Fai: Tsk, tsk, tsk [shakes his head]… be nice Kuro- tan… [Grabs Kurogane's colar]* Kuro: hmph… I told you not to call me weird names!* hey! How come you don't chase him?! Maybe you're scared Fai-kun will beat you up!!* Fai and me: Kuro- puu scared!!! Ahahaha!!! [Fai and I high-fived]* Kuro: grrr…. Stupid, idiotic, little author***))
“You, little…” Kurogane said but Fai stopped him “hmph… Just get it done, fast… before I loose my temper.” Kurogane said.
Syaoran looked at Kurogane, and then back at Li.
“Li- kun….” Sakura said facing Li. “Please believe us. If we were to do any harm we would have hurt Sam… but we didn't. We only need the feather.”
“hmph…” Li said. “Fine.”
“Thank you…” Syaoran said, smiling.
“But—I will give it tomorrow morning.” Li said. “I have to clear things out before I give it.”
Syaoran looked at Sakura. Sakura nodded. Syaoran looked back at Li. “Fine. Tomorrow, then.”
“You can stay here for another night.” Li said. “Your last night here.”
Syaoran nodded. “And we thank you for letting us.”
“hmm…” Li looked at Syaoran. “Whatever…” he said as he went back inside the room.
The others did the same thing. They went inside the room where they were staying at.
Li changed his clothes and lied down beside Sam. He clutched the bag he was carrying a while ago.
Li woke up to find that Sam was not there. “Sam?!” Li looked around.
“Sam?!” He looked around. He quickly went to Syaoran and the others' room. He opened the door to reveal no one there. He became more worried. Did they kidnap her for the feather?! Li thought. He went downstairs to find someone in the kitchen. “Sam… You got me worried sick!”
“Why?” Sam asked as she looked at Li. She was cooking food. “Oh and the others are already awake. They are in the dining room.”
“Oh… really?” Li looked inside the dining room to see the others there. Sakura, Fai and Syaoran are trying to read some magazines from the world. And Kurogane was looking at the others bored-ly. Mokona was singing on the table.
Li gave out a sigh of relief. Oh no! The feather!! Li ran again. He found the feather in the bag. “So… I think they are nice… they mean no harm.” Li took out the feather from the bag and walked to the others. Sam saw the feather and was awed at it. She followed Li to the dining room. As he walked inside Sakura was the first to look up. Syaoran, Fai, Kurogane and Mokona noticed this and looked at Li. Syaoran stood up. “That's it! That's the feather…” Syaoran said.
Li smiled at him and gave him the feather. “Here… you deserve this.” Li gave him the feather and Syaoran took it. Syaoran gave it to Sakura's body, it like absorbs it. Sam and Li looked awed. Sakura lay there unconscious on Syaoran's arms. “You know… you two look like a really good couple.” Sam said. “Well… except that you look exactly like Li…”
Syaoran blushed. “Even so… We can't be.”
“Never mind… well… I think we gotta get going…” Syaoran stood up.
“Well… I think that can wait. First let's eat…” Sam said. “And you can bring food with you guys too, in case you got hungry,”
Syaoran looked at the others. “Sure… and thanks again.”
The end…