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Dancer in the Dark: Part I
Chapter 1
My own Personal Hell
Bella point of view
“Bella honey, wake up. It's time for school. You don't want to be late on your first day back as a junior” my mom Renee said after she tapped lightly on my bedroom door.
Renee is my mother and we could not be more opposite. She is fun, lively and bubbly. I'm not fun, lively, or bubbly. She likes bright colours, I like dull colours. She is girly girl and I am tomboy Bella. Even though we do not have much in common I couldn't love her any less. We were like best friends.
“Mmmm okay” I muttered sleepily and rolled on to what I thought was the other side of my bed but rolled off the bed instead and let out a groan of frustration at which Renee gladly laughed at. I glared at her. She always thought my klutziness was funny.
I am extremely clumsy when I walk but when doing sports or stuff I would be fine. I'm incredibly graceful when I dance. It's like there is someone else inside of me. I love how I feel when I dance. Renee, Charlie, Melissa and Mrs. Cope knew I liked to dance but no one else knew and that was the way I wanted it. They had never actually seen me dance. If people at school knew I could dance they would most likely try and break my legs so I couldn't dance. I do all types of dancing. You name it I'll do it. I never had a single dance lesson. I taught myself. Whenever I would be walking and I seen kids jumping rope in the park I would copy their tricks but without the rope and make them into something of my own. I like to video cord the schools basketball, netball, football team and the cheerleading squad too. I also watch wrestling because it also has great moves. I then would load them into my computer and sort of customize them so they fit with me. I don't like the slutty kind of hooker dancing though I am most likely able to do it. Dancing is practically my life, but I won't really get a job anywhere because who hires dancers unless it's burlesque dancers or pole dancing. So even though dancing is on top of my list I can't do it. Second to dancing would be to write. I would love to be a writer, but I'll leave writing until it comes to my senior year. I'm only a junior.
Now back to me being clumsy, I don't know which side of the family I get it from because both Charlie and Renee have good coordination. I remember I asked them both before when I was younger if I was adopted because they both had good looks and I was an ugly duckling. I obviously wasn't adopted, thank god.
I have Charlie's brown eyes and brown hair. I have my mothers heart shaped face and I don't mean to sound big headed but I have a weird figure. I am extremely skinny. I also used to have big square glasses until I had enough of people pushing me around at school last year and then kicking them away so I couldn't get them so I decided to get contact lenses instead. I still wear my glasses at home though.
I also have a sister called Melissa. Melissa has natural blonde hair with darker bits of caramel through it that goes down her back. She had Renee's green eyes and she also had a great figure. We never got along with each other. She's part of the `popular' crowd. I didn't like any of them. Melissa has a boyfriend called Kyle who is also in the `popular' crowd. I hate that there is cliques in high school. I wish it was like kindergarten where anyone could be do whatever they wan and be friends with whoever they want.
I pulled back the comforters of off myself and sat up slowly. I yawned and stretched out my muscles. I walked over to my i-home and started the music up. Super massive black hole by Muse filled the room. This was one of my favourite songs to dance to. I liked to do some ballet in my dance for this song but I also liked to do other dances in this song combined with others.
I quickly spread out my comforter and smoothed it down on my bed. Then I started to dance to the music. I done a triple pirouette and then started to do hip hop.
“Bella stop dancing. You have school” my mum Renee shouted up from downstairs. I stopped what I was doing and went into my bathroom. I looked into the mirror at the mess on top of my head which was meant to be hair. I got into the shower and did my daily bathroom routine.
I came out and looked into the mirror again. My hair was now wet and hung limp down my back. I walked into my room and got dressed into my baggy jeans that hung low on my hips, a long sleeved red top and a black tank top over my red one along with my red flat pumps. I blow dried my hair and it was a big massive bush. I bent over and flung my hair forward and grabbed it into a ponytail. I applied some black eyeliner and I was ready. I grabbed my i-pod out of the i-home and made my way down the stairs.
I walked into the kitchen and had two bowls of cereal, four pieces of toast and then I grabbed a banana to eat on my way to school. Renee looked at me shocked. Renee had never seen me eat breakfast before because she was always away at work in the morning.
“How can you eat so much?” Renee asked with her mouth hanging open. Just then Melissa walked into the room wearing a bright pink boob tube top, denim jeans, a denim cropped jacket along with pink heels and make up plastered on her face.
“You'll soon be as fat as a whore” Melissa said giving me a fake smile.
“Barbie wants her clothes back and Michael Jackson wants his face back too” I said and got up to leave. I never understood why she just had to have a go at me all the time. I grabbed my car keys and walked out to my baby.
I had a black Porsche Cayman. I absolutely adored my car. Melissa had a Volkswagen Beetle. IT was a convertible and pink too. I know, who on earth would want a pink god damn car. No one unless it was Barbie….or Melissa.
I started the car up and I put my Muse cd into the cd player. I pulled out of the drive way and ate the banana while I drove. When I finished I threw the skin out the window. I pulled into the school parking lot within ten minutes. I pulled into the parking space nearest to the school. Welcome to forks high also known as my own personal hell. I didn't think about it I just parked, and guess what? I parked right in between Rosalie Hale's car and Edward Cullen's car.
I cut the engine, grabbed my bag and got out of the car. The so called `popular' crowd ―including Melissa― were around his car chatting amongst them selves. Well most of them apart from Tanya and Edward who looked like they were trying to see if the others head could go into the others mouth but they were just in a major make out session.
I slammed my car door shut and they all turned around to me staring. Melissa came stomping over to me angry but she tried to look cool while angry. She never came over to me in school.
“Like what the hell was that?” she said loud enough for everyone to hear.
“What was what this time?” I huffed rolling my eyes. She blamed me for the most ridiculous thing ever. One time she blamed me for stealing one of her thongs. I didn't though because I would never touch them. In the end she found out Tanya borrowed it, which in my case is just disgusting.
“Don't you like roll your eyes at me” she said a little louder then necessary.
“Fine I'll give you a right hook instead if you'd prefer that?”
“Like you took my parking space” she stated.
“Doesn't have your name on it”
“Like I always park here” she said her anger bubbling.
“Oh my god I'm like so sorry but your not like today so like ya piss off” I said imitating her and I walked off.
I walked into the building pleased with myself. I quickly went into the cafeteria and got a ham and tuna sandwich along with a coke, but it wasn't for me it was for Mrs. Cope. I get her, her food and she lets me use the use the gym after school to practice dancing in seeing as it is bigger then my bedroom and I also use it at lunch time.
I walked down the hall and into Mrs. Cope's office. Mrs. Cope and I had a good bond. We were friend's, she gave me advice on things sometimes. I wasn't a teachers pet or anything but we did get along. She had gotten me a copy of the gym key which I was grateful for.
“Good morning” I said to Mrs. Cope when I reached her desk “The usual”
“Morning to you too Bella. Thank you dear” we both nodded and I left the room. I needed to get to my locker before class so today I had to cut our conversation short.
When I got to my locker I grabbed the books I needed and put them in my bag. That's when someone got thrown against my locker. Great there's going to be a fight I thought sarcastically. I zipped up my bag and slung it up on my shoulder when someone got pushed on me and we both fell to the floor. I had landed on top of him somehow, whoever `him' was. There were different commentaries going on like `oh' and `burn' and some other crap. I realised then that it was a boy from my English class named Derek that had fallen on me or should I say pushed. I looked up to see Edward Cullen looking pretty smug. I knew this wasn't Derek's fault.
I got up and helped Derek up too. Edward walked over and once again started to slam Derek against the lockers. Edward's knuckles were white because of the strength he was using and then the pressure applied to his knuckles.
Everyone in the crowd that had gathered were all shouting “fight” repeatedly. Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale however weren't shouting fight, they were looking…..ashamed…was I seeing right? They were looking at Edward ashamed.
Edward was now punching Derek. I wonder what he did to deserve this because Derek was always nice to everyone. It was as if my prayers had been answered because I had just heard from some one that he didn't do anything. I walked through the crowd of people to where Edward and Derek were in the middle of the crowd.
I stood in between Derek and Edward so now Edward wouldn't be able to hit Derek unless he hit me, but I knew he wouldn't. I turned around and lifted Derek's bag up of the floor and slung it around my shoulder and helped him up off of the floor. Edward just walked away saying `I'll see you later' to Derek. The crowd that had gathered were now walking away disappointed that it didn't last longer. Derek tried to steady him self but he ended up stumbling until I caught him.
We made our way over to a bench that was up against the wall. His nose was bleeding but that was the only injury I could see but he was probably sore in his stomach from the punches he got from Edward. I dropped our bags on the floor and crouched down in front of him.
“You okay?” I asked.
He moaned and replied “Yeah, thanks Bella”
“No problem. Cullen's an asshole anyway. So why did he attack you?”
“I honestly don't know. I don't recall ever doing anything bad to him”
Just then the bell rang signalling for us to get to our first lesson.
“I'd better head on. Are you going to be okay?” I asked him again.
He got up, grabbed his bag and turned towards me “Yeah don't worry. Thanks again” and he walked off.
I grabbed my bag and headed of to English my first class of the day.
I walked into the classroom and I looked around for a spare seat. Everyone was already seated and the only seat left was in between Rosalie hale and Kate Denali. I groaned and shuffled my way to the seat.
I sat down and I earned a glare from both Rosalie and Kate. This was going to be a long class. Suddenly English wasn't my favourite subject anymore.
“What are you doing?” Kate asked coldly.
“Not in that seat you aren't”
“Well look around. Unless you find another empty seat for me to sit in please do tell me because I'm just as happy about sitting here as you are” I said sarcastically. I don't know why but I was being sarcastic all morning. Rosalie just snorted and then the teacher came in two minutes later.
Rosalie was probably the bitchiest out of the lot but Tanya Denali wouldn't be far behind. Rosalie practically hates everyone who wasn't in her group. Kate wasn't as bitchy as her but Kate loved to start rumours.
English passed by slowly and Rosalie and Kate kept giving me glares. I had American history next. I was once again seated next to another `popular'. This time it was Jasper Hale. Jasper wasn't all that bad. He never got into fights, he wasn't as loud as the others and he actually gave me a smile when I sat down. He was most likely my favourite person in that group.
I had Spanish next and I was actually thankful I was seated next to Mike, but Emmet was behind me and so was Alice and the rest of the popular crowd were scattered about the classroom. Emmet and Alice were alright. They never glare at me so I thought they were okay.
I was currently listening to Mr. Vardner telling us about old Spanish sayings and phrases when I felt an arm wrap around my shoulders. I looked at the arm and to whom it belonged to. Obviously it was Mike. I now took back my earlier statement about being happy to be seated beside him. I grabbed his arm and threw it at him. I could hear some one giggle and then a boisterous laugh. It was coming from behind me. I turned around and it was Alice and Emmet laughing at Mike. They were lucky the teacher didn't hear them or else it would have been detention. Emmet grinned at me showing cute dimples and Alice smiled at me. Maybe they weren't too bad.
I was grateful when the bell rang for lunch. I needed my daily dose of dancing. I ran to my locker and switched my books about, threw my bag beside my locker and then I head to the cafeteria.
I walked into the cafeteria and bought a bottle of water, a burger with a salad, two pieces of pizza and sliced cucumber. I could eat whatever I wanted because with me dancing I always worked it off. I went and sat down at the usual table. Mike, Jessica, Lauren, Tyler, Eric, Lola, Ben and Angela. I preferred Angela and Ben the most. They were both really nice.
Once I sat down they all stared at my plate of food like the always do. They were surprised I could eat so much and not put on any weight. I ate my food quickly and contributed to some of the conversation before I was off to the gym to dance.
I only go to the gym at lunch time on Mondays and Wednesdays because those are the days that the basketball team have practice. Then on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I use it after school and not during lunch.
I put my cd into the cd player. It was a new one I put together. I cut out some bits of songs and mixed them together. I was going to do a new dance routine to it today. I then set up my video camcorder up so I could watch what it later on. I used the video to point out my mistakes and to help me memorize the routine.
I went into the centre of the gym and crouched down onto one knee with my hands behind my back and my head down and waited for the music to come on. When the music started I started with krumping. I did a chest pop along with two arm swings with three stomps. Then I switched from the krumping to the Harlem shake adding on my one moves after that and I started some snap dancing with a double hop and a triple shimmy, double quarter hop back ―my own move― the crip walk adding a double snap, a pirouette and a pop and lock.
I was so caught up in my own little bubble I forgot that the bell was going to ring so when it did ring I fell on my ass. I groaned and got up and turned of the cd player, grabbed my cd and camcorder and put them in my bag and headed of to that the bell was going to ring so when it did ring I fell on my ass. I groaned and got up and turned of the cd player, grabbed my cd and camcorder and put them in my bag and headed of towards biology.
I walked in a couple minutes late and Mr. Banner gave me a disappointed look and said “Nice of you to join us Ms. Swan. Now where were you coming from?”
“Oh you know a quick trip to the moon and back” People erupted in laughter. I walked down ―oh my god. God really has it in for me today doesn't he― and there was Edward Cullen sitting beside the only seat left in the classroom.
Mr. Banner knew me too well. I was really good at all my school work so he didn't really care if I was late just as long as my work was good.
I sat down in my seat and I heard Tanya Denali saying to Irina how it was so unfair I get to sit beside her teddy Eddie. I think I might be sick.
Tanya would drive anyone like me mad. Her voice is so nasally and high pitched its horrible. We went to kindergarten together and she even drove me mad then, I actually punched her for it and I cut her hair during nap time. It might have been tight but I think she deserved it.
Edward Cullen, where do I begin? Well he is the female fantasy, but not mine. Yeah I agree he is hot and good looking but it's not just the looks that count now is it? Angela and Ben had a great relationship they knew each other inside and out. I was never really into the boyfriend scene because I was always focused on my dancing. Edward and Tanya were like a couple from a teen movie. Cheerleader captain and football captain, it is so obvious isn't it? They were destined to be together.
I could feel Edward staring at me but I let it go. After another ten minutes he still didn't stop staring. I finally cracked.
“What are you staring at?” I snapped.
“Tanya” he smirked. I looked to my right and she was across from me at another table.
“Good” I sneered.
Surprisingly biology passed quickly and so did gym. I was now at my locker getting the books I would need for homework. I closed my locker and walked out of the building.
Once I reached the parking lot I caught a glimpse of Derek. I ran over to him.
“Hey Derek! How are you feeling?”
“Hi Bella. I'm good thanks for stopping it”
“Forget it. It was nothing” I smiled at him.
“Well I'll see you around”
“Yeah bye. See ya” I said and waved to him.
I walked over to my car and got in. I turned on the cd player in my car full blast and went speeding out of the parking lot to home.
Little did I know though later I would get a surprise. But not a good one.
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