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Dancer in the Dark: Part I
Chapter 2
Routines and Hide and Seek
Bella point of view
I quickly drove home in my car listening to the song `American idiot'. I swiftly pulled into the driveway and turned off the engine. I grabbed my stuff from the passenger seat, got out and locked the car before hurrying up the steps leading into the front porch that lead into our three storey house.
I know that Forks isn't that big of a town but there are some rich families that liver here. Like the Cullen's, the Hale's, the Denali's and well basically everybody who is in the popular crowd really. Yes my parents are rich too but I'm not in with there crowd for several reasons. Number one being that I can't stand most of them, number two is that they are predictable like a movie like the top cheerleader and the captain of the football team. And the other reasons being that I hate them, they hate me and we just don't have anything in common. At all.
I opened the door and dropped my bag beside the coat hanger, slipped my shoes off and walked through the hall and into the kitchen to see Renee cooking. I walked over to stand beside her after grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl and taking a bite out of it.
“Hey mom” I said looking over her shoulder to see her making lasagne. I don't mean to brag but Renee is good cook but I can cook better then her.
“Hey Bells! How was school?” she answered cheerfully. She was always bubbly.
“Same old same old” I shrugged “see ya” and then I left to go upstairs.
I walked up to the third floor which was practically mine since Melissa was too lazy to get up of her own ass and walk up to which I was grateful. I threw off my two tops and stood in the middle of my room in my jeans and bright yellow bra looking at myself in the mirror. Your probably thinking that I'm self obsessed with myself because I'm looking at myself in my mirror but I was actually looking at my stomach. I could eat like a horse and never put on weight but I looked a bit different today for some reason.
I walked into my bathroom and pulled my jeans off and stepped up onto the weighing scales. It showed that I had gained seven pounds over the past week. I was shocked but sure what could I expect. I didn't get much dancing done this week as I normally do but I needed to lose it fast. No, I'm not some girl that obsesses over weight a lot but I have to keep the weight off of myself for me to continue dancing. I headed out the bathroom and back into my bedroom.
I could hear cars and people talking outside so curiosity took the better of me and I walked over to my huge bedroom window and looked out and almost died of shock. Sitting there in the drive way were about four cars and sitting around them talking with my parents were none other then the fucking popular crowd, from now on I'm gonna call them pops because popular crowd is too much of a fucking handful. They were all there. Edward, Emmet, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, Alex, Tanya, Irina, Kate and Luke were all there. Then last but not least my bitch of a sister.
I hoped that they wouldn't stay long but then I heard Renee and Charlie call to them as they went into their car “Bye kids have fun with your sleepover”. It was like my whole world came crashing down on me with just those seven little words. They were staying over tonight and nobody even thought to think if I would like having them over or not. Some fucking family I have.
They continued to talk for another minute or two and Emmet turned and looked up and spotted me. I was still standing there in shock. He grinned, waved and started laughing his head off while pretending to massage his chest. I waved back and shrugged my shoulders as if to say `what'. Then he pointed to his chest then at me. I looked at my chest only realising that I was standing in my bra and jeans while he seen me.
I jumped away quickly from the window in time to see them walking to the front porch of my house. I planned on going for a run in our mini gym ―yes our own mini gym― and then working on the weights for a while. I put on my navy and light blue Nike tank top along with matching three quarter length trousers, threw my hair in a bun, grabbed my i-pod and left my room while slipping my phone out of its charger and in my pocket.
I thought Melissa is probably doing this to annoy me because I showed her up today in front of her so called friends so now instead of letting her know that it's annoying me I was going to continue on like normal but secretly avoid them and try to not get mad.
I walked down to through the second storey and onto into the hallway of the ground. I walked down the hall and turned left to open the door and I walked in. I was bout to vomit at what I was seeing. There making out on top of my treadmill that I always use was none other then fucking Melissa and Kyle.
I walked straight up to them and literally threw Melissa of Kyle and she fell to the ground. She looked at me with pure hatred. She got up with the help of Kyle and brushed herself off before walking up to me in which she thought was threatening and said “If you ever do tha-“ but I cut her off before she could finish.
“If I ever catch you like that again on my stuff, you'll be lucky if you can ever suck face again when I'm done with you” I threatened.
To say this bluntly is that Melissa is scared shitless of me. Hell, nearly all the female population in Forks high is afraid of me. So what I may have gotten into some fights but I wasn't like a monster or anything. There were all types of rumours going round about me like I killed someone and that I smoke, do drugs, I got pregnant and that I was adopted. Not one single one of them where true. I never killed anyone, I don't smoke or do drugs because it's bad for my health if I want to be a dancer, I never got pregnant because I was still a virgin and I wasn't adopted.
She grabbed Kyle's hand and stormed off and out of the room while I continued to start my workout.
I was halfway through my workout when I heard shouting and cheering. Then the door burst open and they all came in. Looks like I was going to have to cut my work out short today I thought.
They all stopped as soon as they saw me holding one of the heaviest dung bells in the room. Emmet's mouth about dropped to the floor in what looked like shock. They were still staring at me stupidly until I spoke.
“C'mon it's not like you never seen a girl work out before” then they all closed their mouths.
“What are you doing here?” Tanya said flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder while cuddling to Edward.
“I live here” I said coldly.
“Get out” Melissa ordered from where she stood beside Kyle. I set the dung bells back down and stood up folding my arms over my chest and raising one of my eyebrows up at her. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Edward's eyes widen as soon as I folded my arms. Great I thought sarcastically he's checking out my boobs.
“Why?” I asked and sent a glare to Edward who seemed to straighten up a bit and look at Melissa who was now talking.
“We need to practise the cheer routines and in order to do that we need to move things about, including that contraption” she said and the boys went and started to move things.
“Do it outside there wont be any room in here to do if you are throwing each other in the air”
“She does have a point” Rosalie pointed out and I was actually shocked. She was agreeing with me.
“Fine” Melissa and Tanya huffed and left. The boys put whatever they managed to move back again and left too. That was easy.
I started again with my work out but because of Melissa and her minions interrupting me I couldn't get back my focus. I decided to leave it and I left to go to the kitchen to get something to eat.
I grabbed a towel on the way out and slung it over my right shoulder after drying off a bit. I walked into the kitchen and through the sliding glass doors I could see Alice and Melissa in a heated argument. Alice was pointing her perfectly manicured nails at Melissa and Melissa then slapped Alice's finger away and pointed her fake nails at her instead.
I slid the glass doors opened and walked over to where they all were. Alice was now panting heavily and Melissa was in bitch fight mode. If Alice was lucky maybe she will just get a little slap of her.
I was now standing beside Emmet and asked “What's going on?”
“There fighting over their cheer routine. Stupid if you ask my opinion”
“No! It's meant to be a double flip and then a basket toss.” Alice shouted angrily at Melissa.
“You're wrong. It should be strut, strut and then splits” Melissa argued back.
I thought about what they were trying to do. Alice's suggestion about the double flip and basket toss would result in them losing out in four players and then a new routing would need to be designed so they would be able to do a stunt and be in time for the basket toss. It wasn't going to work. Melissa's idea would lose them points for her slut like moves and the fact that they wouldn't get to each other in time for the flyer to do the splits. So they were both wrong. I think I'll be nice just this once and tell them what to do.
“Shut up” I yelled and then there was silence.
“Alice your idea would result in the team learning a new routine just to fit in with the basket toss” I said to her and she thought about it for a minute and then nodded.
“See I told you but-” Melissa started but I cut her off.
“Your idea won't work either. You'll lose points for your slut like moves” Emmet roared with laugher along with everyone else chuckling and giggling apart from Melissa who looked livid “and the rest of the team wouldn't be there in time for the flyer to do the splits” I explained to her.
“How do you know so much?” Edward questioned looking at me curiously.
“Doesn't matter” I waved it off “You should try some jerkin to the front instead of the strut then pop your shoulders forward and then back while moving towards each other so you can get into position to send the flyer up to do a scorpion” I said and the girls had their mouths open in shock.
“Oh my god” Alice squealed running over to me “That's class. You're awesome” and then she tackled me in a bone crushing hug.
I froze while she kept hugging me and praising me not knowing what to do. She then let go and looked around at everyone else who had what-the-fuck-just-happened looks on their faces.
“What? Can't I hug a girl” she said annoyed “lets just get started now with what Bella said” then her and the girls started to practise. I said bye to Emmet who was still standing beside me and then left to go upstairs to my room.
I walked into the house, up the stairs to my room and got started on my homework.
When I finished with my homework I decided to take a shower. I grabbed some towels and walked into my bathroom. I got into the shower and quickly massaged the shampoo into my hair, rinsed it out and repeated it again with the conditioner. I climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body and one around my hair.
I walked back to my bedroom and changed into my pyjama shorts and top. I pulled on a pair of fluffy socks and then put on my slipper ugg boots. I quickly brushed through my hair and threw it up into a messy bun.
I walked over to my i-home and was about to turn it on when I heard my stomach growl. I stopped what I was about to do and left my room and headed downstairs.
When I was halfway down I could hear laughter and chatting then it died down and then a squeal and then everyone left the sitting room which I could see now that I was down. Every one went their separate ways all over the place and I could hear someone counting in the sitting room. I guess they're playing hide and seek.
I walked into the kitchen and started to make myself some toast. I noticed a note left stuck to the fridge and pulled it off and read it. It was from Renee.
Lasagne is in the oven
Love Mom
P.S Bella try and behave
I scoffed at the letter, scrunched it up and binned it. Once I made the toast and had eaten it I poured myself a pint of water and left the kitchen.
I was walking up the stairs when I heard someone shouting “I found you” it kinda sounded like Alice but I wasn't too sure.
I got to my floor and walked into my room and I got a weird feeling. It was like I could feel a pair of eyes on me. I ignored it and turned on my i-home and speak to angels started up. I was about to start doing some stretching when I heard a strange noise coming from my wardrobe. It sounded like giggling and a mix of snorting.
I walked over to my wardrobe and swung the door open. Sitting on the floor in my closet were Emmet and Luke holding a black tankini sports bra of mine while laughing.
Luke stopped laughing as soon as he seen me and while Emmet was still pissing himself while laughing. Then he turned and caught sight of me and he immediately threw my bra at Luke and said “It was him! It was all him! I swear! I was forced to do it!!” Emmet pleaded like a child. I found it a bit hard to stay mad because he was so funny pleading but I Bella Swan do not let anyone get away with invading my personal stuff.
I leaned forward and grabbed them both by the ears and they started a round of “Ows” and I lead them out of room and dragged them down the stairs and outside to where the pool was.
They were too busy moaning about how sore it was that I pushed them in and Emmet let a scream which you could mistaken as a female.
I wiped my hands against each other while everyone else came running out. As soon as they caught sight of what happened they started to laugh apart from Melissa who glared at me and said “We need to talk now”
“Fine” I said smugly.
We walked back into the house while the rest were trying to calm down outside.
“Why are you trying to ruin my life? No, no wait. Why are you such a freak?” Melissa asked.
“I'm not trying to ruin your life you will probably do it yourself which will make all the more joyful to watch. Oh and me a freak? I don't cover myself in crap or have these silly short skirts that you could probably use for belts!”
After I had finished my little rant Melissa was left standing there speechless.
After about a minute or so everyone came in while Luke and Emmet ran upstairs straight away to probably get changed out of their now wet clothes.
“I have a good figure. I like to flaunt it off. Just because you're fat there is no need to complain about how I am thin and like to show it”
“Just shut up why don't you? You never stop going on and on about the most idiotic things”
“Uuugghh” she shouted angrily.
“Looks like someone's PMSing” I sang sweetly at her.
“C'mon lets go watch a movie” she said to everyone.
“I'm going to bed now so keep the noise down” I called after them while heading upstairs.
I was walking through the hallway not looking where I was going and bumped into Edward. It was that hard that I would have fallen but I stumbled a bit and he steadied me by holding my shoulders.
“Watch it there you might hurt yourself” he smirked.
“Whatever” I said and walked away but turned around again quickly and shouted to him “Hey! Why did you start on Derek today? From what I've heard he didn't do anything”
He walked up to me and said “Tanya told me he was eyeing her up and touching her. She told him to stop but he wouldn't leave her alone so she came to me to sort him out” he said coldly.
I rolled my eyes and said “And you believed that?”
“Yes. Why? Are you trying to make her out to be some sort of liar?” he snapped.
“Nope I'm not she's done that herself” I said and before he could say something back I sang innocently “Good night Edward”
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