Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ I Want You Bad ❯ Prologue ( Prologue )

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All characters are called by their English dub names, as I haven't seen the Japanese version of Ultimate Muscle, and I'm not familiar with the Japanese names.
Roxanne grimaced as the crushing armour Cranky Doodle Craw Daddy had placed on her tore at her clothing.
“Kid!” she cried desperately, as she sighted Kid lying in the centre of the ring, seemingly defeated. “Kid Muscle!”
“Your pathetic cries of help are no use now!' Cranky Doodle shouted at her. `And now, it's time to finish this off!”
“No!” Roxanne squealed.
She struggled some more, trying her best to free her arms; but her struggle was in vain.
“Kid, you have to get up!” she screamed at Kid Muscle. “Please, Kid! I promise I'll go on a date with you if you beat this jerk!”
As if by a miracle, Kid leapt to his feet, ready to fight on. Roxanne sighed with relief, watching on as Kid and Cranky Doodle grabbed hands in a test of strength.
As she watched Kid fight, Roxanne found herself smiling. Sure, he was the biggest goof she had ever met, but she could not help but find his eagerness to please her endearing. He had been trying so hard to win her affections, and although most would have seen his efforts as desperate or even disturbed, Roxanne thought it was actually quite cute and sweet of the prince.
But just as Roxanne was drifting into a deeper daydream about Kid Muscle, she was brought abruptly back to the match at hand as Cranky Doodle managed to wrap up Kid in the same unforgiving straight jacket armour he had enslaved Roxanne in.
“Kid Muscle!” she called out, as Cranky Doodle began to get the upper hand. “Come on, Kid, fight back! Kick his ass!”
Cranky Doodle glanced at Roxanne from the corner of his eye as he held Kid in his claw.
“I'm getting tired of the sound of your annoying voice!” he yelled, before launching Kid at Roxanne.
Roxanne opened her mouth to scream, but all that escaped her throat was a gust of air as Kid's body slammed into her midsection. The restricting device Cranky Doodle had locked Roxanne up with tightened suddenly, and the resulting pain and restriction on her lungs caused Roxanne to pass out.
When Roxanne awoke, she was lying looking up at the sky. She blinked a few times to focus against the glare of the sun in her face, but was eventually able to make out Kid's face above her. He was cradling her upper body in his arms, resting her head in the crook of one elbow as he waited for her to come round.
“Roxanne!” Marie gasped, kneeling down by her side.
“Are you alright, Roxanne?” Meat asked, frowning at her over Marie's shoulder.
Roxanne looked at them both for a moment, before turning to look up at Kid. He smiled softly as their eyes met, brushing a stray lock of hair from her cheek with one finger. Roxanne smiled back at him, reaching out a hand to touch his as it fell from her cheek.
“I'm alright now,” she whispered, winking at Kid.
Next Chapter: Roxanne suggests her two friends date members of the Muscle League too, but after much discussion, she and Trixie decide that perhaps a Chojin boyfriend is not such a good idea for Kiki. Chapter 1 - No Hope for Kiki!