Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ Rinko is Captured ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Kinnikuman Nisei/Ultimate Muscle. I do, however, own the villains for this fic.
Oh yes, Osaka Japan, home to some of the finest attractions Japan has to offer. Here, many people lived their daily lives like normal people do.
But when people had time off from their busy schedules, they would watch pro wrestling, which seemed to be the most popular sport… at least in the anime this fic is based off of.
Here lives a teenaged wrestler named Kinniku Mantarou (Kid Muscle's Japanese name). This boy was very odd. He wore a mask with rather large lips and a nose similar to that of a pig. He also had a spike on his head, brown hair under his mask that only revealed a small tuft of it and he wore blue spandex… I'm not kidding.
He was the prince of Kinniku Planet and was the son of Kinniku Suguru, better known by many as Kinnikuman. His trainer was a small figure named Alexandra Meat (Yeah, that's actually his full name). He was rather short and wore a diaper and a cape, but don't blame his shortness and cute exterior on a physical condition. He was only 10. (Yes, English dub fans, he's not a 35-year-old in a 10-year-old's body, he's actually 10… though he might be 8. I'm sticking with 10)
Despite the age difference, Mantarou was kind of dumb when it came to anything not math-related while Meat was a genius. Mantarou would have never become a great fighter if not for Meat's guidance. I say Mantarou's kind of dumb because there were times over the past in which he would show a sign of intelligence, usually when odds were stacked against him.
Mantarou was enjoying a nice, average day. Nothing was really going wrong at the time.
“Mantarou, shouldn't we be training?” Meat asked while taking a stroll around Osaka.
Mantarou simply laughed and replied, “Meat, this is Osaka, the place where it's good to slack off and have fun.”
Meat felt a vein in his forehead. This was due to the fact that Mantarou was possibly the only superhero sent to protect earth who didn't take his job seriously. He wasn't big on the whole concept of hard work like the other heroes, and that made Meat disappointed a lot of the time.
Just as the kid was about to give Mantarou a lecture, Mantarou's gaze shifted towards a young girl with brown hair in pigtails and a nice, average build walking by. This girl was the apple of Mantarou's eye, Rinko. (Roxanne's Japanese name)
Mantarou's eyes filled with hearts as steam literally poured out of his head. The kid drooled and ran towards Rinko. Rinko heard the footsteps coming up from behind her and sent her leg back, kicking him square in the nuts.
Mantarou cringed as he fell to the ground, tears forming in his eyes due to the excruciating pain. (Seriously, if you women knew how it feels to be kicked in the balls… imagine being kicked in the breasts. It's the same feeling, at least according to one of my online friends)
Rinko blinked, looking at the downed man and said, “Sorry, I thought you were a lecher.”
`There's a difference?' Meat thought as he ran over.
But at this very moment, Mantarou's eyes widened when he looked up and noticed a dark figure looming behind Rinko. The man's face was hidden by a cloak, so it was impossible to tell who it was.
“Who are you!?” Meat spat as Mantarou grunted, “Whoever he is, he is not getting his hands on Rinko-chan!”
The man grinned wickedly and leapt right behind Rinko, placing an arm around her neck and said, “Stay back, or the girl gets it.”
Mantarou froze in response to this. He did not wish to see his beloved be killed before his very eyes.
Suddenly, the man's hands became tentacles that wrapped all around Rinko's body as the man laughed and said, “If you want her back, follow me!”
But it was impossible to follow the man as he leapt atop a building an continued to leap across them.
“How are we supposed to know where he went?” Meat asked as Mantarou fell to the ground, placing his hands against the cement and let down tears.
Meat looked with concern and tried to comfort Mantarou, but Mantarou rose his head high and shouted, “I'LL GET YOU BACK, RINKO!!!!”
Meat then noticed something rather odd. A slip of paper drifted into his hands as he looked at it, his eyes widening.
“Mantarou!” he exclaimed, “The man left his coordinates for us! We're supposed to meet him in the park.”
“You mean where my house is?” Mantarou asked, picking his nose while Meat nodded and said, “This might be a trap, though.”
Mantarou did not care. If Rinko's life was at stake, he would stand tall and face evil head-on.
They rushed to the park where Mantarou's house was located. See, when Mantarou first arrived on Earth, he was only assigned a small part of Osaka, a small area that wasn't highly populated. There he lived in a house similar to a dog house, but it was designed to look similar to his mask, the door being his teeth.
Upon entering the area, they noticed that their ally, a hero who was a cross between a gazelle and a man was standing before the cloaked figure who was still holding Rinko, only now she was unconscious.
This was Gazelleman (Dik Dik's Japanese name), the top student at the Hercules Factory, which was where the heroes had been trained.
“You release the girl,” he said with a grimace as the cloaked figure smiled and said, “Mantarou-san, nice to see you found your way here.”
“What's going on!?” Gazelleman asked as Mantarou replied, “That man stole Rinko! I'm here to get her back!”
The cloaked man laughed and opened up a dark portal in the air. Mantarou, Meat and Gazelleman freaked out as the man entered the portal and said, “Follow me if you wish to see your soul mate again.”
Mantarou gritted his teeth and shouted, “BRING IT, YOU SICK MONSTER!!!!” and was about to enter the portal after him as Gazelleman tugged on the back of his collar and said, “Since this is obviously a trap, you might need some backup.”
Mantarou looked at the dik dik with admiration as tears filled his eyes and a smile crossed his face.
“It means a lot that you would help me in my time of need,” he said, “but I must do this alone.”
“No, Mantarou!” Meat snapped, “You're going to need all the help you can get!”
The kid shook his head and said, “Take care of Osaka while I'm away,” entering the portal.
“We must go in after him,” Meat stated as Gazelleman nodded and said, “You go in first. I'll gather Terry and Seiuchin (Wally's Japanese name).”
But just as this was said, Meat noticed the portal starting to close. The two freaked out as Gazelleman clutched onto the side of the portal, prying it open with his strong arms and said, “I'll keep it open as long as I can! Go find help!”
Meat hesitated a bit, but understood the situation running off in search of Mantarou's other allies. One was a young Texan boy named Terry the Kid. (Kenyon is just “the Kid” in the original version) He was the son of Terryman, one of the former justice Choujin. Choujin translates to “superman”, so that's what the heroes and villains were called.
Terry the Kid was like his father in terms of abilities, but due to his rashness, he wasn't willing to admit it. He had blond hair and a mullet at the back. He had a rather muscular build and wore a grey T-shirt with blue elbow, arm and knee pads.
Seiuchin was a walrus that stood on two legs. Yeah, I can't imagine more ways to really describe his facial features. He was a bit round body-wise, but that was natural for walruses. He also wore bandages on his arms because god-knows-why and blue boots in combat. He also wore a headband and had a rather hard-to-describe way of styling the hair atop his head.
But these characters are saved for a later time in the story. Let's get back to Mantarou.
Mantarou found himself in a dark dimension. The sky was nothing but darkness and all Mantarou had to stand on was a single platform in the middle of it all.
“Good to see that you actually came,” said the cloaked figure who stood before the kid who snapped, “YOU GIVE BACK RINKO RIGHT NOW!!!”
“I'm afraid I can't do that,” said the cloaked figure as a bit of the darkness formed into a cage and the cloaked figure threw Rinko into it.
Mantarou's eyes were wide as the cage disappeared into the darkness and the cloaked figure said, “Don't worry, all you have to do is defeat us and your girlfriend will be spared.”
“What do you mean by us!?” Mantarou asked as the man in the cloak laughed and remarked, “You didn't think it was just me, did you?”
Mantarou was even more frightened when 5 doors appeared in the darkness. The cloaked figure smiled and explained, “These doors hide my partners behind them. You must defeat all 4 if you are to save your girlfriend.”
Suddenly, the platform below Mantarou's feet formed into 5 paths, each one leading to a respective door. Mantarou noticed some odd emblems appear on the top of each door. One had a skull surrounded by sand above it. Another had the Milky Way above it. A tree represented another door while a lightning rod did another. The fifth door had an eyeball above it.
Mantarou decided the tree looked most harmless and said, “I pick door number 3!” running through the door as the cloaked man laughed and said, “Kinniku Mantarou, you have a lot of bravery to choose that door.”