Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ The Story of Forestman ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
Mantarou found himself in the area he expected to be placed. He figured the tree represented a forest of some kind.
He looked back and forth trekking through the forest while he thought, `Where is my opponent?'
Then he looked at a tree and grinned with excitement when he saw that the tree contained Karubi Don. For those of you unaware what this is, this is a delicacy quite popular as a form of fast food in Japan. Only worth 300 yen, which is, like, 30 US cents, it was very delicious. Karubi Don was a secondary name that translated to beef bowl. It's most often referred to as Gyuudon, but since this fic is based off of the sequel, I call it Karubi Don because that's what it's called in Nisei. In the English dub, it's known as Cow and Rice.
But wait, why would a tree be bearing this and not fruit? Well, Mantarou didn't care. He was suddenly hungry as he climbed into the tree and snatched himself a bowl.
Then he started to dance while singing, “With my rice, I like to have some cow-cow-cow! It tastes so very good, I don't know how-how-how! It's my favorite form of chow-chow-chow! Wow… wow… Eat now!”
But just as he was about to munch on his beloved food, a vine whipped out and grabbed it as it retracted towards a strange-looking man.
“HEY, GIVE ME BACK MY KARUBI DON!!!” Mantarou snapped as the man simply smirked and shattered the bowl to pieces, Mantarou's eyes wide open.
This man's body, which was a typical muscular wrestler's build, was green. He wore no clothing for he had leaves covering his private parts. He also had a head like a sunflower, only he had eyes and a mouth.
“Welcome,” the man said as Mantarou still couldn't get over the destruction of perfectly good Karubi Don, “I am Forestman.”
Mantarou blinked and narrowed his eyes saying, “Well, at least it's more inspired than Plantman or Flowerman.”
“Thank you,” Forestman replied, “Anyway, you have entered into my territory, so you must face me in combat.”
“Bring it on!” Mantarou snapped, holding up his fists. He had no problem fighting a guy who looked like a flower. This guy was nothing in the kid's eyes.
Forestman then changed his arm into a series of vines and whipped them at nearby trees. Mantarou was frightened when these mere vines managed to slice right through the trees and chopped them up seconds later. How could a rounded object do that?
Either way, the wood was used to create the ring as Forestman entered saying, “This is known as a wood mat. It is a bit harder than your usual mat and if you slam into it, it could give you a splinter.”
Mantarou was wetting himself now. It shot up like a sprinkle while the kid trembled.
“Come on,” Forestman said, “Where was that confidence? You are Kinniku Mantarou, aren't you? I've heard so many great things about you. Don't disappoint me.”
Mantarou then gulped and entered the ring, the ropes made from vines, and thought, `If Meat was here, he'd probably tell me that Forestman is trying to psyche me out. This guy's a flower… he can't possibly be that bad.'
Forestman reached his vine over towards a stump and slapped it, signaling that the match was to begin. Mantarou spared no time as he rushed at Forestman and punched the flower hard in the face.
Forestman attempted to grab Mantarou, but the kid easily leapt over his head, foot raised and slammed it right into Forestman's skull.
Sadly, the flower didn't seem to take much pain from this as he grinned saying, “The pedals surrounding my head help to soften the blow directed towards the areas where they are located. Your kick did next to nothing.”
Mantarou's eyes went wide again as Forestman transformed his arms into vines once again, wrapping them around Mantarou and squeezing him.
“I didn't think this match would end so quickly,” Forestman said, but then he noticed something odd. His vines started to wither as he quickly retracted them.
“Something damaged my vines,” he stated retracting them back to looking like hands, “The only things that can do that are extreme heat and noxious gas.”
Mantarou rubbed the back of his head, feeling rather embarrassed as he said, “Sorry, I farted.”
Forestman gritted his teeth and went in to get his vengeance, but Mantarou managed to find an opening and lifted up the flower for a German suplex. Forestman groaned as his neck slammed hard against the wood floor.
Mantarou grinned and said, “I knew there was no way a girly flower could defeat me.”
These very words tore through Forestman's soul. That remark hurt his feelings a lot.
His past came back to him as a flashback started up.
We now take you to Forestman when he was in Kindergarten. It was his first day in class and all seemed to go well until one kid stared at him strangely.
He pointed at the flower kid and said, “Nice costume.”
Forestman, not really taking any offense to this, smiled and replied, “Thanks, but it's not a costume.”
He wished he hadn't said that as these very words started an uproar from his classmates. From that moment on, all throughout grade school, he was picked on for being different. He wasn't allowed to play games with other kids or even socialize because he was just `too weird'.
One day, during the third grade, he sighed and thought, `Maybe I should just kill myself and help rid the world of freaks like me.'
Suddenly, a little girl sat next to him crying. She didn't seem to notice Forestman there.
Forestman didn't want her to see him, but he couldn't handle to see a girl cry.
“What's wrong?” he asked as the girl looked up, ignoring his odd appearance completely and replied, “My jumping rope scraped against a jagged piece of wood and snapped in half!”
Forestman thought about what he could do about this, then he smiled and transformed his index finger into a vine.
“You could use my finger as a jump rope,” he suggested as the girl's eyes sparkled.
Unexpectedly, she embraced him and sniffed, “Thank you so much!”
After an hour of playing jump rope using Forestman's finger, the two sat by a Cliffside looking at the sunset.
“I'm Jenny,” the girl said as Forestman looked at her and asked, “Are you at all afraid of my appearance?”
Jenny shook her head and replied, “I was taught not to judge one by how he looks on the outside. You may look weird on the outside, but you're very nice on the inside. Besides, I like sunflowers.”
Forestman let down tears of joy and said, “My name is Forestman.”
And their happiness lasted all throughout Elementary into Middle school and even made it all the way to high school. No one had a problem with the two being together and their great friendship was becoming a romantic relationship.
“Just imagine it,” Forestman said, just a day before the finals, “We'll be in college soon together…”
Jenny nodded and simply smiled under Forestman abruptly said, “Let's get married when we're 18.”
Jenny's eyes were wide from shock. Was Forestman serious about this?
“Wow, I didn't know you felt that way about me,” she replied as Forestman placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “You're the only one who ever cared about me. You gave me a reason to live. You make me the happiest mutant on earth.”
How could Jenny say no to such nice words? She wiped a tear from her eye and said, “Yes, once we're done college, we'll get married.”
Forestman had no idea how it happened, but as Jenny crossed the street to head on home to study for the finals, some trucker was driving along, obviously too drunk to be driving. He failed to notice the girl in front of him and rather than slowing down, he continued.
All that was heard from Jenny was a scream seconds before the truck smashed into her and she was rushed to the hospital.
The doctors did all they could to try and bring her back to health, but after 5 days, Jenny died and the doctors hadn't even come close to making a breakthrough.
Forestman's world had ended, at least in his mind. How could life be so cruel to him? Jenny was the only human being who accepted him for what he was, a mutated plant creature.
If he couldn't have a friend in the world, what was the point of treating people with respect? It was from this point on that Forestman forgot all about a high-paying job and a nice future and redirected his goal to making mankind suffer for all its cruelty.
Now that our flashback is over, let's get back to what all Ultimate Muscle fans want to see.
“DON'T EVER INSULT MY APPEARANCE!!!!” Forestman snapped as his body started to transform. It had changed from that of a sunflower to that of a rose. It was still green, only now his body had thorns all over it. His head was also that of a rose, only it was sideways so you could actually see his face.
Mantarou was now frightened again as fire burned within Forestman.
“I am going to make you suffer beyond all imagination!!!” he shouted as he wrapped his arms and legs around Mantarou's body.
Mantarou screamed in agonizing pain while the thorns just jammed themselves into his flesh. What was the kid to do about this? He was trapped… how could he get out of this without Meat's advice?
But as it seemed like he was simply being stabbed to death, Forestman continued his assault as he leapt high into the air, releasing his grip while blood poured from Mantarou's body.
He then clutched onto the kid, flipping him upside down, jamming thorns into Mantarou's lower body and legs with the held of his torso and arms. He also trapped Mantarou's head between his knees, forcing thorns into the side of his mask, creating small holes in it.
“THORN PILEDRIVER!!!!” Forestman screamed as he slammed Mantarou's head hard into the mat.
He then released his hold on Mantarou and breathed heavily, blood trickling down Mantarou's body. This was some of the worst pain the kid had ever felt as he just lay there, barely conscious enough to breathe.