Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ Incomplete Muscle Spark ( Chapter 14 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
Judas was frozen in place, eyes twitching and jaw dropped. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Why couldn't Mantarou have just stayed dead?
Mantarou noticed the others and smiled shouting, “OH MY GOD, YOU'RE ALIVE!!!”
“That's right,” Terry replied, “now stop worrying about us. You have a match to finish.”
Mantarou cried loud as the fire burning within him grew brighter and bigger. He then ran at Judas and landed a fierce kick to his gut. As Judas knelt down in pain, Mantarou leapt into the air and landed a drop kick to his head. This kick was enough to open up a wound on Judas' head as blood trickled down.
Judas cried in horror as the black skull atop his forehead was covered with blood. The blood dripping down seemed to block off the skull's effects, Judas' muscles returning to regular size and the demon tattoo on his back vanishing. Now the dragon was in trouble.
Mantarou placed his hands against Judas' shoulders and climbed up onto them with his legs now bound to them, leaning backwards and flipping Judas' head into the mat. As the dragon attempted to recover, the kid kicked the reptile hard in the back.
Judas breathed heavily and turned to Mantarou, tears in his eyes as he said, “I've learned my lesson, Mantarou-san. Please forgive me for all I've done.”
Mantarou blinked and smiled saying, “I figured you would. Now let Rinko-chan go.”
Judas got back to his feet and grinned wickedly shouting, “YOU THINK I'D COOPERATE WITH HUMANS!!!!??”
Mantarou's eyes went wide as Judas lifted Mantarou above his head, placing the boy in a splits formation saying, “Just like Kevin, you're going to fall victim to your own finishing move!”
Mantarou was frightened now as Judas leapt into the air. The kid wasn't prepared for the Kinniku Buster. How could he possibly get out of this?
“MANTAROU, TRY SPINNING YOUR BODY AND FREEING YOUR LEGS!!!” Meat shouted, everyone's eyes wide at the sound of this.
Was such a thing even possible? Well, Mantarou had no other options right now as he started to spin his body, creating a twister around the two choujins.
“I've heard of this,” Terry stated, “This is the Neo Kinniku Buster. It is a reversal of the move, but there must be a surface above Mantarou's head.”
“Really?” Gazelleman replied, “But hold on, there is no ceiling in this place.”
Meat grinned as Kevin stated, “There is a ceiling. That black sky that surrounds us is a ceiling in disguise.”
Rinko let down tears of joy as Mantarou's legs landed atop the gooey roof, Judas' body taking in damage. But as the ceiling was made of goo, it only had a portion of the strength of what a regular Kinniku Buster would have done.
As Judas descended, feeling helpless after taking in such a strong beating, Mantarou saw his opportunity and took it. He flipped his body over, going back-to-back with the dragon. With that, he held his arms back, holding Judas' arms in place. Then he locked Judas' legs with his own and pulled on the 4 parts, folding Judas' body.
With that, he rammed Judas' head and knees hard into the mat shouting, “MUSCLE SPARK!!!!”
Everyone in the area gasped. Mantarou had just performed his father's most powerful and difficult move, the Muscle Spark. This was not only a move used by Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman originally used a different version of it which simply involved him locking the opponent's neck with his leg and pulling on the opponent's arms. His brother, Sergeant Ataru Kinnikuman had used a different version.
Kinnikuman had earned himself quite the reputation when he did the impossible and fused both versions of the move to create a Muscle Spark that was twice as strong as the original. Mantarou had performed Ataru Kinnikuman's version of the move.
“He used the Muscle Spark,” Meat said with a joyful tear in his eyes, “It may have been incomplete, but he actually did it.”
Blood poured from the dragon as he just lay on the mat, eyes wide open and body unable to move. After coughing up one last bit of blood, he looked into Mantarou's eyes, tears forming and said, “Mantarou… why didn't you just end my life?”
“I don't believe in killing,” Mantarou replied as Judas sniffed, “I guess maybe I was wrong about my view of the world.”
The cage around Rinko vanished as the girl fell. Mantarou's eyes went wide as he dove down and attempted to catch her only to fall flat on his face, Kevin rushing in and catching her, the girl blushing.
Mantarou grumbled a bunch of curses under his breath as Kevin shrugged and set the girl down as she walked over to Mantarou and shook his hand saying, “Thank you for rescuing me, Mantarou-san.”
Mantarou hung his head, ashamed of himself for once again not receiving a kiss from his beloved. Then he noticed something horrifying, a wrinkled mess that resembled a flower far past its prime lying on the ground unconscious.
“Forestman!” Mantarou shouted, “What happened!?”
“He gave his life to revive the others,” Meat replied as Mantarou let down tears. He knew his friends' return didn't make sense, but he'd have rather it been a simple miracle than the result of a sacrifice. While his other friends were back, he had lost his new friend.
“He died for my sake…” Mantarou sniffed, “If I hadn't lost my life, he wouldn't have given up his soul.”
“That's not true,” Checkmate replied, “Before he made the ultimate sacrifice, he told us that he would have done it even if you had lived through your match with Judas. You are not to blame for this.”
Rinko placed a hand on the kid's shoulder and coaxed, “It was his decision. He felt it was the only way to redeem himself.”
Mantarou wiped the tears from his eyes and nodded in understanding. Judas then let down tears of his own.
“I'm so sorry,” the dragon wept, “All of this is my fault. I don't deserve to live. Like my parents, I'm a monster. I deserve to suffer the same fate as them.”
Mantarou looked over at the dragon with a serious look in his eyes and walked over slowly. He then knelt down next to the dragon and said, “A real monster would not admit to being one.”
Judas let down more tears and smiled upon hearing that. These were the same words Mantarou had told Pierson. Perhaps Judas could turn his life around.
At that very moment, a door opened revealing Mantarou's back yard. Everyone smiled realizing that this was the way back.
Everyone ran to the exit except for Meat and Rinko who noticed that Mantarou hadn't taken advantage of this.
“Mantarou, come on!” Rinko exclaimed as Meat nodded saying, “The door might close if we wait too long!”
Mantarou nodded and held Judas up, the dragon asking, “What are you doing?”
“I'm not leaving you here,” Mantarou said with a grin, and with that, he sprinted towards the door.
Meat and Rinko sighed with relief until they turned around and noticed that, as Meat had predicted, the door was closing, and at a rather alarming rate. Meat and Rinko tried their hardest but just couldn't seem to make it.
Mantarou couldn't bear to see them remain trapped here with him, so he rammed his shoulders into their backs sending them flying through the door thinking, `Sorry, Rinko-chan.'
Rinko rubbed her back cursing, “Damn! Why did he have to his us so hard?”
“Is he going to make it?” Seiuchin asked, then Meat and Rinko's eyes went wide. The door was almost completely closed.
“We need to keep it open!” Kevin snapped, but unlike the entrance, this one wasn't so hard to keep open.
Try as they may, all 7 pulled hard on the door trying to keep it from vanishing. Mantarou realized there was only one way he'd make it in time.
“Judas, hold your breath!” he shouted as he focused hard releasing a large cloud of gas from his bowels. Sadly, what normally was the key element to him flying didn't seem to cut it (No pun intended) as he didn't seem to be going faster.
“I'm wearing you down,” Judas said, “Let go or we'll both be trapped here forever.”
“I'm not leaving you behind!” Mantarou snapped as Judas sighed and used the last of his strength to kick Mantarou in the back, sending the kid flying through the door and flat on his face.
His friends cheered for him as the door sealed up completely, Mantarou looking down. Meat put on a look of concern and placed a hand on his shoulder saying, “It's not your fault, Mantarou-san.”
Mantarou sighed as Rinko stated, “Maybe he'll escape some other way. It is his world, after all.”
That was true. Mantarou's look of sadness was replaced with a smile as hope filled his body. Perhaps Rinko was right. Maybe Judas had escaped.
(For the record, I might be continuing this in another fic. I haven't truly decided on that yet. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this.)