Ultimate Muscle Fan Fiction ❯ Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin! ❯ Forestman's Final Act ( Chapter 13 )

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Rescue Rinko from the Demon Choujin
Mantarou just lay on the mat while Judas laughed maniacally at the top of his lungs. Had he actually defeated Kinniku Mantarou? All seemed lost now and there was nothing that could be done about it.
Now, Judas never knew his parents. See, they had been killed shortly after he was born and as a result, he was adopted by two humans. They weren't just any old married couple, either. These 2 were the ones responsible for his parents' death.
“Look, that kid is nothing more than a spawn of those monsters,” the husband said as the wife shook her head and stated, “We can't just leave a baby out to die in the cold.”
Judas grew up thinking these humans were his parents. When he asked why he looked nothing like them while the other kids did, they simply told him that he was born with a mutation, something that couldn't be changed.
Now, one might think his life ended up like Forestman and Pierson's did, in which he spent his life ridiculed for his appearance. Luckily, the kids where he lived weren't quite as judgmental and accepted him as an equal. They were raised not to judge one by appearance alone.
Judas lived 10 happy years making a good number of friends and showing love and compassion towards his family… until one day.
He was having trouble getting to sleep and walked down the steps in his pajamas with a yawn. Upon reaching the bottom step, he overheard something he really shouldn't have.
“I still don't know about all of this,” his father said to his wife while the two sat on the couch, “It all seems too good to last.”
“Now, Jared,” Judas' mother replied, “It's for the best that he doesn't know about his real parents.”
`Real parents?' Judas thought, `So I'm adopted?'
Judas' eyes were wide. Now, he had no problem with being adopted, but for his parents not to tell him… why wouldn't they? What they said next answered this very question.
“I guess you're right,” the father replied, “Just imagine how he'd take it if he found out that we were the ones who blew up his house with dynamite and killed his parents.”
The couple did go on, but Judas didn't care about what else they were saying. The second he heard that they had caused the death of his real parents when he didn't even know they existed, the young dragon was furious.
At that very moment, the couple heard snarling and slowly moved their eyes behind them and saw Judas standing there with rage all over his face.
“Judas…” the mother said, “What are you doing up?”
“You lied to me…” Judas remarked backing away from them, “YOU KILLED MY PARENTS!!!”
“Son, listen…” the father said, but Judas cut him off shouting, “YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER!!!!”
The mother's eyes widened as Judas' cheeks inflated releasing a flame into the father's face. The dragon's adopted father held onto his face as the flesh burned off.
Then Judas angrily turned to his mother and snapped, “YOU'LL BE THE FIRST TO GO!!!!”
The mother was too shocked to move as Judas leapt atop her and bit hard into her head. He continued to ram his teeth into her as blood dripped out until the mother finally lost too much blood and fell to the floor.
Meanwhile, the father was still trying to ignore the burning on his face, but it was too late as Judas picked up a butcher knife and rammed it into the man's back. The child dragon breathed heavily and said, “You've been avenged, mom and dad.”
Judas looked down at Mantarou's unconscious body and said, “Humans have brought me nothing but pain and misery. With their greatest hero gone, they will be defenseless against my wrath.”
This came as a surprise to Forestman. He'd never heard anything about that. He understood the dragon's pain, though. He had been wronged by humans in his past. But then he faced a teenager who taught him the value of friendship.
Checkmate examined Mantarou and shouted, “Mantarou! Mantarou!”
Forestman nodded and joined him shouting, “Mantarou! Mantarou!”
Rinko started to worry not only about her own life, but about the kid as well. She may have hidden it a lot, but she really did care about Mantarou.
Judas laughed shouting, “Why even bother trying? Your cheering will not bring him back! He's gone forever!”
After a while, it seemed true. Silence filled the area as everyone stopped chanting the kid's name. Forestman looked closely at the kid and lowered his head with a sad expression.
“There's no doubt about it,” the mutated plant said, “Kinniku Mantarou is dead.”
There was silence all throughout the area. There was just no way this could be true. Rinko tried her hardest not to cry and bit her lip while tears ran down her face.
At this moment, Meat's eyes started to slowly open as he finally regained consciousness. His vision was blurry for a second, but it wasn't long before he could see clearly again and he wished he hadn't.
“MANTAROU!!!” he screamed as Checkmate placed a hand on the child's shoulder shaking his head and saying, “He's dead, Meat-kun.”
Meat couldn't believe what he had just heard. He'd finally regained consciousness only to find that his student was dead.
“I have no choice,” Forestman said, sniffing, “I'm going to have to revive him.”
“Wait, if you could revive him, why didn't you revive everyone else?” Checkmate asked as Forestman shook his head and said, “I can only use this power once. You see, all of us Demon choujins have the power to resurrect one who has fallen, but sadly, it costs us our own lives to do it. I would have done this sooner, but I wasn't certain if Mantarou would survive his fight against Judas.”
“What are you saying?” Meat asked as Forestman stated, “Unlike the others, while I still lose my life in the process, I can bring back more than one. I wanted to wait until the end of Mantarou's match to use that power otherwise it would have been in vain.”
“Wait!” Rinko snapped, “What is this all about!?”
That's right. Rinko didn't know that Terry the Kid, Seiuchin, Gazelleman and Kevin had also shown up to help Mantarou save her.
Meat sighed and stated, “Rinko, there were 4 others who came with us and all 4 of them died in the process.”
Rinko couldn't believe it. All of this had happened because she had been kidnapped. She couldn't help feeling responsible for all of this.
“I can bring them back,” Forestman reminded them, “Don't worry about it.”
Checkmate nodded in understanding as Meat let down tears saying, “Forestman, you don't have to do this.”
“But I must,” the mutated plant said, “I have spent these last couple of years as a villain. This I feel is the only way to truly redeem myself.”
With that, Forestman transformed his fingers into vines and shoved them down his throat, pulling out a seed. This seed was his heart.
Forestman smiled and broke off a segment saying, “This piece is for Terry the Kid.”
Breaking off another couple, he stated, “These pieces are for Gazelleman and Seiuchin.”
All 3 shot up into the air as he split the bottom half of the seed in two saying, “These last two are for Kinniku Mantarou and Kevin Mask.”
The segments then shot out of his hand. One sunk into the gooey ceiling as Kevin body came out, the flesh around his heart glowing.
Meanwhile, in the pyramid, Gazelleman's eyes opened wide when something touched his heart and caused it to start pumping again. Upon seeing that his heart was out to his flesh, he started to panic, but when his flesh started to repair itself and merge with the heart, he was more surprised than frightened.
Seiuchin's eyes opened when he saw a glow near his heart. He simply blinked and thought, `How did I survive the 50-story drop?'
Terry was the most surprised as his body floated up out of the quicksand assisted by a strange light near his heart.
All 4 previous victims had returned to Judas' realm as the dragon stood there in shock. He didn't think that Forestman could actually possess such a power.
“We're alive,” Gazelleman said, still in shock while Terry simply grinned and said, “I knew there was no way a buffalo was going to keep me down!”
Meat let down tears and embraced Terry shouting, “WE THOUGHT YOU WERE GONE FOR GOOD!!!”
While Terry tried his best to pry Meat off of him, Gazelleman and Seiuchin blinked, noticing that even Checkmate was letting down tears and advancing towards them with his arms out.
“OH, GOOD GOD, STAY AWAY FROM US!!!!” they snapped as Checkmate rubbed the back of his head and said, “I was only kidding.”
“How are we still alive?” Kevin asked, “All of us died.”
“WE REALLY DID DIE!!!??” Seiuchin spat, panic once again filling his body as Meat pointed at Forestman whose face was now wrinkled.
“It's good to see you guys alive and well…” he said with a smile, “It's good to know that my sacrifice wasn't in vain.”
But Rinko was still upset, and it wasn't hard to see why. Though Mantarou's heart had a glow around it, he wasn't moving. He was still unconscious and his heart refused to beat.
“But why?” Meat asked as Judas laughed, “Well, it's nice that all of you are back, but unless Mantarou can still fight me, I'm afraid this victory still belongs to me and Rinko will remain my prisoner!”
“NO, MANTAROU!!!” Rinko cried as the others just stared, shocked expressions on their faces.
Mantarou found himself in a world full of darkness. Everywhere, it was dark. And he himself was running from who else but the Grim Reaper.
“Come back here, Kinniku Mantarou,” the reaper said, holding his scythe, “It's not worth it to resist me!”
Mantarou let down tears when suddenly six orbs of light came in and sent the grim reaper packing. Mantarou was shocked when these orbs turned into the faces of his friends.
“Get up, you big crybaby,” Terry said, “You still have a match to fight.”
“It's not over yet,” Seiuchin stated as Gazelleman added, “We didn't come all this way for failure.”
Checkmate simply nodded as Kevin said, “There is no way my most worthy opponent is going to lose! I will not allow it!”
Forestman's head simply said, “Good luck, Kinniku Mantarou,” and shattered while a hole appeared in the sky and Mantarou rose up towards it.
Meat's look of sadness changed to a smile when Mantarou's pupils reappeared. The kid's eyes went wide as he slowly got to his feet, breathing heavily.
“I don't think we're done yet,” the kid said with a grin as Judas simply stared, wide-eyed while the Kin mark appeared on the kid's forehead.