Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Easter 2005 ( Chapter 65 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Happy Easter: Bunny Day 2005
"Hi," Hitomi beamed as the two women came in, the brown haired woman's bunny ears a bit floppy but still cute looking, "welcome to Arisugawa's Locket."
Aoi Futaba smiled, her police woman's uniform hugging her curves as she purred, "You look adorable!"
Yoriko nodded, her glasses gleaming as she noticed the basket of rabbit ears that sat beside Hitomi. She plucked out one for her and Aoi as she chuckled softly, "We might as well get into the spirit of the thing."
Hitomi chuckled softly as she confided, "We'll be having homemade chocolates later, Mahoro, Sasami and May have been busy."
"Oooh," Aoi grinned, "we're sticking around, then."
Yoriko had to fight as smile as they moved through the crowds, young women of many types crushing in around them, all wearing different types of bunny ears. Dressed in bathing suits, ears and tails the staff looked especially cute, even Hyatt wiggling her way across the floor.
"Hey," Minagi grinned, her long blue hair flowing over her shoulders as her breasts bounced in her red bathing suit. She raised an eyebrow, her twin facial scars making her look impish as she asked, "Are Miyuki and Natsumi working?"
"Yeah," Yoriko agreed, "but I understand they have some extra treats in their lunch."
Not far away the two older women stood out a bit from the crowd, both of them pushing their forties at least. The brown haired woman who was dressed in pants and button up shirt carried the drinks over to her partner, sitting down with a sigh as she set the glasses on the table.
"Thank you Marin, " the blonde smiled happily, her stylish dress giving her a much more feminine style.
"You're welcome Moe," Marin answered warmly. They looked comfortable with each other, sitting close as they watched the madness swirl around them, bunny ears currently sitting on the table between them.
"Hi there," Keiko beamed, her swimsuit slinging to her thin frame, Her one bunny ear flopped down adorably as she took their order then rushed off with a laugh, only to return a few moments later with two dinner specials.
"What are you thinking about?" Moe asked, recognizing the look on her love's face.
Marin chuckled softly, "The most romantic thing you ever said to me."
Moe blushed faintly, looking at Marin curiously, "What was that?"
Marin reached out to gently lay her hand over Moe's. "When we thought I would have to go back to Brigadoon," she said quietly, "you refused to say good-bye."
"I told you I'd wait for even a hundred years," Moe remembered that moment fondly, "if I could just see you again."
Marin nodded smiling as she said, "I think it was then that I really began to understand how you felt about me."
"You might have told me how you felt about me," Moe grumbled sweetly, "I still remember how you kept talking about finding someone like Melan Blue."
"I did," Marin smiled, "someone as strong and courageous, as well as beautiful."
Moe blushed when she realized Marin met her.
Arisugawa Juri turned from where she stood watching over by the library, the orange haired former duelist smiling to herself slightly. It felt good seeing a couple like that, two people who had managed to make it for so many years. The elegant woman took a drink of her usual ginger-ale, her black suit helping her blend into the shadows.
"Juri-sama!" the bezerkly kawaii tones rang out as a weight suddenly hit her in the back, nearly sending her crashing to the floor.
"Wakaba," Juri chuckled as she saw the beaming brown haired girl's face so close to her own, eyes twinkling. She helped the girl slide down to the ground as she asked her, "How are you doing tonight?"
"Pretty good," Wakaba smiled, pushing her curly hair back. The dress she wore was simple but cute, white with some red trim added on.
They walked up towards the bar together as Juri curiously asked the smaller woman, "And how's the dating thing going?"
Wakaba blushed faintly as she confessed, "I have a blind date, actually, something Keiko and May helped set up for me."
Juri thought about warning the girl about the kind of trouble you could get into on blind dates, but she decided to keep her mouth shut. Learning about blind dates was one of those many things you pretty much had to do yourself.
"Not a good idea, huh?" Wakaba quickly understood Juri's silence.
"You could get lucky," Juri offered hopefully.
"Isn't getting lucky the idea?" Wakaba chuckled and Juri rolled her eyes. Wakaba noticed a figure sitting at the corner table and gulped, "I think that's her!"
Juri looked up then blinked in surprise as she recognized the beautiful older woman. 'Nagisa?' she thought, watching the blue haired woman smoothly finish a drink. "I wouldn't advise going home with her on the first date," Juri said dryly.
"You know her?" Wakaba asked curiously.
"By reputation, at least," Juri answered with a sigh, giving the girl a wave as Wakaba headed off to meet her fate. A pair of familiar looking young women walked by and Juri nearly did a double take before realizing they were alternates of people she knew.
Minako Aino smiled as she looked around at the bar, her blonde hair glowing under the rose rabbit ears she wore. A matching bathing suit with a cute bunny's tail was combined with long white stockings and pink shoes to complete the outfit.
Hotaru Tomoe wore a black lace corset, combined with a leotard to preserve her modesty. Black gloves, boots and ash colored stockings went with the black and rose bunny ears she had chosen to wear, combining to make her look like some kind of Goth-bunny.
"Love, this outfit might just be a little bit too much," Hotaru murmured, gently but firmly holding on to Minako's arm.
Minako chuckled softly as they made their way to the bar and admitted, "I think I got a bit carried away." She smiled, "I think the looks you're getting are worth it, though."
Hotaru gave Minako a scolding look, "I'm not quite the show off you are, Mina."
"Hota-chan," Minako teased, stopping a moment to kiss her, "you have secret depths that even you don't know about." She smiled wickedly, "Though I'm certainly enjoying helping you to discover each and every one."
"You're a bad girl," Hotaru said, smiling happily as they resumed walking.
"Yo," Ryouko looked up from mixing drinks to grin, her two piece bathing suit leaving very little to the imagination.
"And you thought your costume was a bit much?" Minako teased Hotaru softly.
"I stand corrected," a blushing Hotaru said.
Ryouko laughed, her long hair tied up in two ponytails to resemble bunny ears. "Blame my girlfriend," she explained cheerfully, "so what can I get you two?"
Minako and Hotaru placed their orders and left, leaving Ryouko, Minagi and Mahoro to cover the length of the long bar. "Good evening," the voice seemed to resonate somewhere in Ryouko's memory, "is Ayeka here, too?"
"Who wants to know?" Ryouko turned to look at the woman only to stop in surprise.
Silvery hair flowed down her back, flowing against the traditional kimono she wore. She was almost agelessly beautiful, serene yet with a merry twinkle in her eyes. Tennyo, the sister of Tenchi Masaki and grand-niece to Ayeka herself smiled as she said, "I come bearing a message to both of you from Ayeka's grandmother."
To be continued....
The Staff: The bar's owner is Arisugawa Juri, from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Minagi, Ryouko and Sasami are from the series Tenchi Muyo. Keiko is also from Utena. Cyberdoll May is from Hand Maid May. Hyatt is from Excel Saga. Lastly, Hitomi is from Escaflowne, the movie.
Our Cast This Episode: Aoi and Yoriko are from You're Under Arrest. Marin and Moe are from Brigadoon. Wakaba is from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Nagisa is from Here is Greenwood. Hotaru and Minako are from Sailor Moon. And finally, Tennyo and Ayeka are from Tenchi Muyo.
Authors Notes: Moe and Marin from Brigadoon are described in this chapter as being 'pushing their forties' because Brigadoon is set in an alternate 1960s, more or less. I've been meaning to slip them in an episode, so here they are. Minako and Hotaru are a tip of the hat to 'starsinlove' a yahoo group based on that alternate pairing that I'm a member of. Finally, the character of Tennyo is from the new Tenchi Muyo ovas, a character I'm rather intrigued by. Heh.