Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Halloween 05 ( Chapter 68 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Halloween, '05
"How do you think Arisugawa will take it?" Milerna asked as the two women walked through the green fields together. She was a bit taller than her companion, reddish brown hair flowing down the fighter's muscled back, but there was a gentleness around her, too.
Hitomi Kanzaki smiled up at her, her short brown hair falling into her eyes, "That I'm moving to Gaea full time?" Her white and red robes flowed around her, giving her the look of a fairy princess as they walked together, "I think Juri and the others will be okay with it."
"It's not like you plan to quit," Milerna added with a laugh.
"No," Hitomi agreed cheerfully. She looked down at her watch and added, "We'd better get going, we don't want to be late."
"Ready," Milerna reached down to take Hitomi's hand, squeezing it comfortingly.
Looking up at her lovingly Hitomi focused her will, and suddenly wings of pure supernatural force manifested. They swept back dramatically, light dancing around the two women... then in a blink they were gone.
Later that night at the Locket Halloween party, Setsuna Meiou adjusted the rose in the pocket of her suit nervously. "I'm still not quite sure about doing drag," she conceded, the red tuxedo hugging her breasts and hips.
"You look beautiful," Juri Arisugawa answered reassuringly, her green gown flowing over her body. Along with the red rose in her orange hair she looked the vision of femininity, a image she had been downplaying a little the last few years.
Setsuna laughed softly, reaching to hold her lover's hand, "You always know just what to say." She looked amused and added, "Did you see the look on Haruka's face when you came to pick me up? You stunned her."
Juri actually blushed faintly, but she was still smiling. "It had been a while since she's seen me in full war-paint and wearing a dress," she conceded, "she's just lucky that Michiru didn't notice her reaction."
"Oh, she did," Setsuna said cheerfully, "she just doesn't mind." At Juri's questioning look she explained, "Michiru knows that Haruka may look but she never strays."
A grinning Ryouko swept up the bar, her school-girl's uniform hugging her body, the skirt way too short for a real school outfit. The other twin Minagi wore a samurai based costume, her blue hair tied back in a ponytail and a plastic katana resting at her side.
"Not a bad turnout," Ryouko commented as she wiped the bar, "though I hope that new bunch doesn't start anything."
"I noticed them," Juri conceded, covertly taking in the women who were sitting around one of the back tables. They all wore turn of the century costume, though she suspected they weren't doing it for the holiday.
Minagi offered her opinion, "I think I'll keep an eye on the fighter, she's the sort that would get offended if someone approached the wrong girl."
"True enough," Setsuna nodded. She dropped her voice as she gently spoke to Juri alone, "Have you decided on a replacement for Bones?"
Juri winced slightly, then she sighed, "Both Ranma and Cybersix have agreed to do bouncer duties part-time."
Recently the club's long time bouncer Bones had decided to return to school, and as her course load had build up she was forced to cut down on her hours at the Locket. Finally Bones had regretfully had to quit her job, deciding that she couldn't balance all her school work with her obligations to the club.
Intellectually Juri knew that she had been lucky to have such a stable staff for the past few years, but it still felt odd having one of them finally leave. The farewell party that she and the staff had organized for Bones had been pretty apocalyptic in scope, a gentle sorrow mixed with the joy for their friend's bright future.
"Incoming," Minagi softly warned them as two figures walked up through the press of people to the bar.
The blonde woman could only be described as handsome, her short hair falling about her face as she stood protectively beside the black haired younger woman. "Excuse me," Maria Tachibana nodded to Juri and Setsuna before turning towards Minagi, "I was told we needed to check in our weapons?"
"If you could," Minagi smiled, the scars of her cheeks giving her an almost whimsical air.
With smooth grace Maria set her pistol on the counter, only reluctantly pulling her hand back. "Sakura?" she looked down at the black haired woman.
Sakura Shinguji set her katana on the counter, her rose colored kimono flowing around her. "Please take good care of it," she met Minagi's eyes, "it's very important to me."
"Of course," Minagi handled the blade with reverence as she set it down with the pistol behind the counter.
Juri took the opportunity to do the introductions then asked with a smile, "So, is this your first time at our club?"
"Our friend Kanna has been here before," Maria explained coolly, "she invited the rest of us out for a celebratory dinner."
Sakura smiled as she added, "This place is incredible."
"I hope you have fun," Juri said as the two women returned to their table.
Standing nearby the table Hyatt looked adorable with devil horns in her hair and cute little bat wings attached to the back of her normal costume. "Is there anything else?" she asked as she finished her notes, the young woman listing oddly sideways.
Kanna smiled, the tall fighter looking amused as she said, "No, I think that's about it."
Sumire Kanzaki shook her head as Hyatt left, "I can't believe you would bring us to such a crude place as this."
"Then you should fit right in," Kanna smirked.
"What was that!" Sumire demanded, eyes flashing.
"We are in a public place," Maria cut them off, "try to keep in mind the dignity of the Imperial Theater, if nothing else."
"Hmph," Sumire raised her chin, looking every inch the elegant young lady.
Sakura fought back a smile, knowing how much the two women enjoyed their feud. "So why is everyone dressed so strangely?" she asked.
Kanna leaned forward, "I asked Hitomi about it when we came in, it's for a western holiday called Halloween."
"Considering your usual clothes, you probably fit right in," Sumire murmured to Kanna, who pointedly ignored it.
Instead Kanna smoothly rose, her tunic and pants giving her a boyish air as she offered her hand to Sumire, "There's a slower song starting, though I still don't know where it's coming from. Shall we show these people what real dancing looks like?"
Dress flowing Sumire rose, taking Kanna's hand as she mused, "I suppose it might be well to set an example." Gracefully they flowed together, their dancing watched in a certain degree of awe by the costumed revelers.
"They dance so beautifully," Sakura murmured softly.
"That they do," Maria agreed, "though how they believe their fighting covers up their being a couple is beyond me."
"They're a couple?' Sakura squeaked.
Maria looked amused, "At least tell me you've noticed that Ensign Ogami likes you."
"I'm not completely blind," Sakura blushed.
Maria chuckled softly as she took another drink, then studied Sakura thoughtfully over the rim of her glass. "You haven't danced up on stage as often as Sumire has, correct?" she asked.
"Well, no," Sakura conceded,
Maria rose and went over to Sakura's side, offering her hand gentlemanly as she asked, "Would you care to try?"
Sakura took that hand, letting Maria gently tug her to her feet as she smiled, "I'd love to."
Up on the kareoke stage Milerna sang beautifully, the warrior's voice remarkably beautiful as she sang a ballad from Gaea's past.
"I'll be there when you need,
We will live together
Nothing in our way
with trust in our soul.
We will seek together destiny
troubles have an end.
We will carry on hand in hand
We won't forget we have each other.
Love is in the hearts of all men
You're not alone."
The Staff: Hitomi is from Escaflowne the movie, Juri is from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Ryouko and Minagi are from Tenchi Muyo, Bones is from coolcatstudio.com and Hyatt is from Excel Saga.
Our Cast This Episode: Setsuna, Haruka and Michiru are from Sailor Moon, Milerna is also from Escaflowne and Kanna, Maria, Sakura and Sumire all are from Sakura Taisen aka Sakura Wars.
Notes: I kind of lost track of Hitomi and Milerna so I thought I should touch on them again. The song Milerna is signing if from the Escaflowe movie soundtrack. As far as Bones goes... I really don't think I've been comfortable using her to the fullest extent, in part because she's a webcomic character who was VERY straight. Therefore I'm phasing her out...