Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Battle Angels ( Chapter 67 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Battle Angels
Cybersix watched with amusement as the two teens walked up to the bar, the line melting away as they passed. Both were beautiful, of course, but the real reason people were getting out of the way was the dangerous aura around the two of them. Both were warriors, put simply, and few if any customers wanted to mess with them.
"Would you please try to be serious?" the blue haired girl asked, her right eye covered with a eyepatch. Oddly she was dressed in something resembling a maid's uniform, though one designed to be sexier than most.
"But Mou-chan," the blonde protested.
"Ryomou, damn it," the blue haired girl growled, "is it that hard to get, Hakufu?"
Hakufu batted her blue eyes, "Is that a trick question?"
Ryomou growled softly, shaking her head. "You drive me nuts, you know that?" she complained to Hakufu.
"But you still like me, don't you?" Hakufu asked quietly.
Ryomou puffed out a sigh, "Yes, I still like you."
"Oh good!" Hakufu nearly knocked Ryomou off her feet with a flying hug.
"Get off me," Ryomou struggled weakly, but clearly she wasn't that bothered. The powerful girl could have thrown her off, but instead she held the other girl close.
'Remind me to keep an eye on the two of them tonight,' Cybersix thought as they reached the head of the line, 'they're both gorgeous but trouble.' Aloud she nodded to them, "Evening, ladies. Could I see some ID?"
"Yes, ma'am," Hakufu beamed, handing hers over.
Ryomou felt a flash of relief that they both had legit ID, just knowing that Hakufu probably couldn't lie worth a damn. "How crowded is it tonight?" she asked Cybersix curiously.
"Not too bad," Cybersix handed back the IDs. "Have a good time," she waved them inside, "just try not to start anything."
"Hey!" Hakufu protested but Ryomou hustled her down the hall.
Meanwhile a tall, black haired young woman set a impressively long katana on the top of the bar. "Don't worry," Ryouko reassured the young woman as the tall, blue haired woman set the blade behind the bar, "we'll treat it with respect."
"It'll be all right, Se-chan," the dark brown haired girl said, gently taking her hand.
Setsuna's cheeks colored faintly, the warrior meeting her companion's eyes. "I just don't want to be unarmed," she answered softly, "I need to defend you, Konoka."
Konoka hugged her, drawing her back towards the table. "With everyone here I think I'm safe," she reassured her.
The tan skinned priestess looked up as they neared the table, her glossy black hair falling around her. "Glad I checked in my pistols earlier," Mana smirked.
"So you've been here before?" Setsuna asked as she held out a chair for Konoka, then tucking it in behind her.
"Oh, once or twice," Mana said evasively.
"Hi Mana-chan," Excel beamed as the blonde bustled by, hauling Hyatt after her, "it's nice to see you again!"
"Often enough that they know your name?" Konoka chuckled.
Kaede walked over to the table carrying a tray of drinks, setting it down before sitting beside them. "What I'd like to know," she smiled, her long brown ponytail flowing down her back, "how we got in here considering we're underage?"
"Speak for yourself," Evangeline said from her seat, the pale, blonde haired little girls smiling slightly.
"More tea, mistress?" Chachamaru asked as she offered the cup, the tall android looking at her mistress respectfully.
"Thanks," Eva took the cup as she ruefully remarked, "I'd drink, but this child's body of mine can't handle booze."
"Too bad we couldn't drag Negi-sensei in here," Kaede commented. She turned to the other occupant of the table, "I was a bit surprised you came along, Baka-leader."
"Someone has to come along and try to keep you out of trouble," Yue commented, the nearly expressionless young woman careful to sip at her drink. Obviously she had regretted her drunkenness at the head temple of the Kansai magic association and intended not to do it again. "So," she looked around at the group, "what do you think of Negi-sensei and Asuna-san?"
"Just because they have a contract doesn't mean they'll be lovers," Eva said to them bluntly, tossing back some tea.
"But they would make a good couple," Konoka pointed out eagerly, "especially with how their personalities and talents mesh."
"Like you and Setsuna?" Mana asked impishly.
"Hey!" Setsuna protested, blushing.
"Yue," Kaede dropped her voice so that only the other girl could hear, "you're supporting Nodoka in this?"
"Well, yes," Yue acknowledged.
"That's good," Kaede flashed one of her gentle smiles as she continued, "I know that Nodoka is your very close... friend."
Yue blinked, "It's not like that."
"I like Negi-sensei," Chachamaru commented, pouring another cup of tea with her usual grace, "he reminds me of what I've heard about his father."
A faint blush colored Eva's cheeks, "He's not bad."
"Too bad there's so many people competing for Negi-kun," Konoka commented, thinking of a few of their interested classmates..
"Well, I suspect most of us at this table aren't," Mana noted, She rose smoothly as a song started, "Excuse me." With a surprising degree of boldness she strode over to talk to a young woman, then the two of them walked over to the dance floor.
"Wow," Setsuna murmured.
Chachamaru rose , offering her hand to Evangeline, "Mistress?"
Eva blinked at her then smiled slightly. "When in Rome," she agreed as she morphed, growing into her adult state as they headed off to dance too.
"Se-chan, look," Konoka pointed excitedly, "there's kareoke!" She all but dragged Setsuna off, the two disappearing into the crowds.
"Are you going to ask someone to dance?" Yue asked Kaede, surprised to see the other girl remaining there comfortably with her.
"I was thinking about it," Kaede smiled down at Yue, giving the other girl a moment to get her meaning.
"But," Yue stammered, "I thought that you liked Negi-kun?"
"I like Negi-kun," Kaede agreed, "but that's as far as it goes, Yue-dono." Yue took her hand, the two of them rising to join the other dancers.
Over on the kareoke stage Konoka sang happily, clearly enjoying the fierce blush on Setsuna's cheeks. "I caught an angel, in my pocket,." she sang, "I caught an angel and she'll be with me till the end of time!"
To be continued....
The Staff: Cybersix is from the tv show of the same name, Ryouko is from the series Tenchi Muyo and Excel and Hyatt are from Excel Saga.
Our Cast This Episode: Hakufu Sonsaku and Ryomou Shimei are from Battle Vixens aka Ikki Tousen and Konoka, Setsuna, Mana, Yue, Kaede, Evangeline and Chachamaru are all from the anime and manga Negima.
Authors Notes: Hakufu and Ryomou are not a couple in Ikki Tousen, but they do have a very close relationship by the end of the series. In Negima, Konoka and Setsuna are nearly a canon couple, though the other couplings are the product of my imagination.