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Wedding Bells

Arisugawa Juri took a deep breath, the orange haired woman honestly looking more than a little frightened. “She’s here, right?” she asked softly, her black suit clinging to her form, “Something didn’t call her away?”

“Calm down,” the similarly tuxedo clad Haruka Tenoh said, her sandy blonde hair falling into her eyes, “she’ll be out here soon.”

“Are you all right, Arisugawa-san?” the Goddess Belldandy asked gently, standing there beside them in front of the bar of Arisugawa’s Locket. Her long brown hair flowed down her back in a shimmering wave and her robes gave her a formal air that went well with the ceremony they were about to do.

“Just nerves, ma’am,” Juri admitted.

“It’ll be fine,” Belldandy reassured her, somehow carrying pure confidence just in her tone of voice.

“How come Haruka gets to be best man?” Keiko softly asked from one of the front seats in the rows of chairs that had been set up for guests. Her brown hair was in it’s usual braid, but this time she wore a dress in a soft blue.

“Keiko,” May quietly scolded, the brown haired cyberdoll hitting her lover in the shoulder gently. “She’s known Haruka for years.”

“Not for my sake,” Keiko whispered back, ”but Utena’s.”

May smiled slightly, “I’m not sure Utena would be all that comfortable with the job, honestly. You yourself told me that Juri hit on Utena that time.”

“Point,” Keiko conceded.

“Do you think Shiori will cause trouble?” Hyatt asked from May’s other side.

“Juri invited her?!” Keiko paled.

“Shhh!” both May, Hyatt and Excel shushed her. “I heard she got a invitation,” Excel nodded, “you know she and Juri have been keeping in touch, sorta.”

“Still,” Keiko shook her head with a sigh.

“I don’t think she’d cause trouble,” Sasami offered from where the little princess sat beside Minagi, “I’m sure she just wants Juri to be happy.”

“Occasionally, love,” Minagi murmured, “I think you’re too kind.”

Nabiki Tendo nodded, “I’m glad Utena and the others are sitting with Shiori. That ought to stop anything from happening.”

Ayeka and Ryouko sat a few chairs over, along with several residents of the Misaki shrine. “So,” Ayeka murmured as she adjusted her formal Jurai robes looked up at Ryouko, “when are you planning to make a honest woman out of me, pirate?”

“Whenever you want, wench,” Ryouko teased, wearing a more formal version of her battle suit, a cape and armor added to the one piece.

“A wedding?” Mihoshi squealed, eyes widening happily.

“Not now, damn it,” Kiyone whacked her girlfriend and partner over the head.

“Kiyone, you’re so mean,” Mihoshi’s eyes grew large with tears.

“Shhh,” Kiyone leaned forward to kiss her gently, “don’t cry, love.”

“I was pleasantly surprised to be invited,” Yosho admitted, still disguised in his old, grandfatherly form.

“Me too,” Tenchi Masaki admitted, his black hair flowing down his back in a ponytail. He smiled slightly, “Juri may have relaxed her no males rule, but there’s just us, Mamoru, Touga, Miki, Saionji, Saotome-san and Tendo-san.”

“One other,” Tenchi’s grandfather added calmly.

“Huh?” Tenchi blinked.

“Brown haired woman, third row, middle seat. That’s a woman,” Grandfather pointed out to him calmly.

Tenchi tried not to look astonished as he took in the elegant beauty sitting in another row. “I can’t believe it,” he shook his head.

“You’re being watched,” Yoriko said with some amusement as the smaller woman pushed up her glasses, “slightly stunned guy two rows back.”

Aoi shook her head as the taller woman sighed, “I assume that someone told the poor soul about me.”

Yoriko leaned her head on Aoi’s shoulder, “From what you told me I expected Juri to be the last person to get married.”
“She’s grown up a lot since I first met her,” Aoi conceded. She smiled, “But from what I’ve seen, Setsuna will make her happy.”

“I’m glad I threw the Tarot before we came,” Hitomi murmured, the brown haired girl sitting beside her lover.

“Oh?” Milerna asked, the taller woman smiling down at her.

“Things are changing,” Hitomi smiled, “but they’ll be fine.”

Standing over in the curtained off library Setsuna Meiou took a nervous breath even as she made the final adjustments the white gown she wore. “I have never been this terrified in my life,“ she smiled weakly.

Michiru smiled reassuringly, “You look gorgeous, SEtsuna. I’m sure that Juri won’t know what hit her.”

“Really,” Hotaru agreed, the black haired teen smiling up at her adopted mother.

“Thank you,” Setsuna took a steadying breath.

Minako grinned from where the blonde was sitting in one of the library chairs, “And Juri looks hot in that suit.”

“Minako,” Usagi chided as she carried the veil over to Setsuna, her golden hair falling down in twin streams.

“Hey, I’d do her,” Minako winked.

“I swear,” Michiru laughed, “Natsuna should keep you on a leash.”

“Who says she doesn’t?” Minako asked impishly.

“Oooh,” Usagi visibly shuddered as she carefully put the veil on Setsuna’s head, “mental image I did NOT need, thank you.”

“I’m not sure I ever expected this to happen,” Touga Kiryuu wryly admitted from where they sat in the crowd, his white suit gleaming, red hair flowing down his back.

“Big brother,” Nanami scolded, the smaller blonde giving him a disapproving look.

“He does have a point,” Miki Kaoru reached out to squeeze her hand gently.

Saionji smiled, his dark green hair tied back, a wooden boken over his shoulders. “I think it was almost worth breaking my training regimen for this,” he noted.
“Thank you all for letting me sit with you,” Shiori said quietly, the purple haired woman looking lovely in a stylish dress.

“It was no trouble,” Utena Tenjou answerd, her pink hair shining on the simple pant suit she wore.

“Besides,” her lover Anthy added wryly, “we wanted to keep an eye on you, too.”

Shiori chuckled, “Thank you for the honesty.”

Priss Asagiri saw Belldandy nod, and knew it was time. “Okay Nene,” she ordered her friend on the keyboards.

“Right,” Nene Romanova nodded, her blonde hair neat and AD Police uniform crisp. Her hands flew across the keyboard as Linna Yamazaki set the beat on the drums.

“This rose is our destiny,” Priss sang as Sylia backed her up on guitar, “michibikare.Futari wa ima, mou ichido deau.”

Juri felt her heart skip a beat as Setsuna emerged from the library, a shimmering vision in white that nearly took her breath away. Following the path that had been set up through the many guest she, Hotaru and Chibi-Usa walked up to the bar, the girls spreading roses as they went and cameras flashing as guest caught the moment on film.

“Are you all right?” Setsuna asked softly as she reached Juri’s side.

“I am now,” Juri smiled at her warmly.

“Beloved friends and family,” Belldandy said, “we are gathered here today to celebrate the joining of two hearts.” A sunny smile, “Despite different backgrounds and circumstances these women discovered one another, and in each they found the mirror of their soul.”

“Aww,” Ami Mizuno sniffled softly as she dabbed at her eyes, Rei Hino sitting beside her with an arm over her shoulders.

“Juri Arisugawa,” Belldandy looked over at her, “like many here you are a person of destiny. Do you choose to wed your fate and life to Setsuna Meiou?”

“I do,” Juri asked, not letting her surprise show. ‘Person of destiny?” she thought wildly.
Turning to Setsuna Belldandy said, “Setsuna, guardian of time and defender of the ages, do you wish to join your fate and life to Juri?”

“I do,” Setsuna declared.

“Then by my power and the higher authority I represent,” Belldandy smiled, “you may kiss the brides.”

Juri stepped close and flipped up Setsuna’s veil, meeting those loving eyes. Bending close she kissed her gently at first, then as Setsuna firmly pulled her close kissed her again much, much more thoroughly.

“Should we really be here?” Ran Mizuno asked, the tall, blue haired young woman watching as Setsuna tossed the flowers then she and Juri being swamped by well wishers.

Erica Tenoh smiled, her sandy blonde hair giving her a even greater resemblance to her ‘father’ Haruka. “I couldn’t resist,” she said, “even if Setsuna’s going to be annoyed we went joyriding with a time-key.”

To be continued....

The Staff: Arisugawa Juri from Utena, May from Hand Maid May, Setsuna Meiou from Sailor Moon, Keiko from Utena, Minagi, Ryouko and Sasami from Tenchi Muyo, Hyatt and Excel are from Excel Saga, Nabiki from Ranma 1/2 and finally Hitomi from Escaflowne the movie.

Our Cast this Episode: Tenoh Haruka, Michiru, Ami, Rei, Usagi, Minako, Natsuna, Chibi Usa and Hotaru are all from Sailor Moon. Belldandy is from Oh My Goddess. Ayeka, Mihoshi, Kiyone, Tenchi and Yosho are from Tenchi Muyo. Aoi and Yoriko are from You’re Under Arrest. Milerna is from Escaflowne the movie. Utena, Anthy, Touga, Miki, Saionji, Nanami and Shiori are all from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Priss, Nene, Linna and Sylia are from Bubblegum Crisis 2040. And finally Ran Mizuno and Erica Tenoh are from Eternal City Crystal Tokyo.