Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Mai Hime ( Chapter 81 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Mai Hime

“All right, Midori,” Natsuki Kuga scowled, the dark blue haired woman following as the group headed up the back street in Fuka. “What’s so special about this club, anyway?”

Midori Sugiura smiled, the redhead’s hair looking as rooster like as ever as she lead the way. “I’m working part time there for extra cash,” she explained, wearing her usual red shirt, jean jacket and pants, “and figured it’d be right up your alley.”

“Oh, a tea room?” Shizuru Fujino asked innocently, her red eyes half closed as she held on to Natsuki’s arm.

“Not quite,” Midori laughed.

“It isn’t one of those divergent sex clubs, is it?” Haruka Suzushiro asked, the blonde wearing a simple green dress that hugged the younger woman’s form.

“Deviant, Haruka,” Yukino Kikukawa corrected, blushing faintly as the reddish brown haired girl walked beside her.

“If it is, that’d be so exciting!” Aoi Senoh said excitedly, her long brown hair flowing around her. She walked while holding Chie’s arm, the two clearly a couple, both dressed casually for a night out with their friends.

Chie Harada grinned, her black hair cut boyishly short. “Yeah,” she agreed, “maybe we’ll get to see Natsuki and Shizuru making out like they did at the prom.”

Natsuki blushed while Shizuru smirked.

“It’s a nice club with food, drink and dancing,” Midori laughed, “I think you’ll all have a good time.” She looked over at her companion, “Right Yoko?”

Yoko Sagisawa rolled her eyes behind her fashionable glasses. “Why are you asking me?” she asked, “It’s the first time I’ve been there too.” She looked most unlike a school nurse in the tight pants and tube top, but the sexy style suited her.

As they came around a corner Midori grinned, “Here we go!”

The nightclub, set nearby an alley, was very busy, with women going inside in small groups, chattering happily. Above the door was a neon sign reading Arisugawa’s Locket, and beside it was a animated image of a locket opening up to reveal two women in a loving embrace.

“Hey Midori!” the woman watching the door waved, her red hair shorter than Midori’s and a bit brighter colored. She was dressed in a red shirt and black pants of Chinese design, snug fitting and kind of sexy.
“This is Ranma Saotome,” Midori smiled as she continued, “a absolute letch. Watch her hands, she’s been known to pinch.”

“Hey,” Ranma protested, “it was just the one time.”

“Oh really?” Yoko asked, the older woman looking surprisingly dangerous all of a sudden.

Ranma smiled winningly, “Ah, you’re her girlfriend?” She backed up a bit as she added, “Sorry, I didn’t know, really....”

Yoko eased off a bit, “It had better not happen again.”

With that, the group headed inside as Ranma breathed a sigh of relief. ‘Remind me not to annoy her,’ she mused, turning her attention to other flirting possibilities.

“Welcome back, Midori,” Alpha smiled, the green haired android taking a turn at hosting duties. She bowed to the others, “Can I take your coats or...?”

Aoi clutched Chie’s arm as she squealed excitedly, “She’s SO cute! Can we take her home with us?”

Midori laughed, “I think her girlfriend would object.” She lead the way in as she added, “Let’s find a table, shall we?”

The inside of the bar was surprisingly large, with a great deal of things going on. Towards the back of the large room was a busy bar, two women serving drinks, while to one side was a dance floor packed with people and a kareoke stage. On the other side was a set of tables for eating and taking, while just beside it was a library, rows of shelves and seats waiting for the interested.

“This is the first bar I’ve seen with a library,” Yukino murmured, looking with surprise at the reading area as they sat at a large table nearby.

Haruka smiled slightly, “We’ll go over and take a look later.”

“Thank you, Haruka,” Yukino smiled happily.

A waitress hurried over, her brown hair tied back in a long braid. “Hi, I’m Keiko,” she said, “what can I get you?”

“A beef sandwich,” Natsuki shrugged, still looking around the bar in awe, “with extra mayo.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Shizuru murmured, smiling at her lover fondly. Looking back at Keiko she said, “Could I have a salad? With extra green onions, too.”

“Yoko?” Midori asked, and the doctor waved that she could order for them both. “Burgers and fries, please,” she grinned.

“You act like such a teenager,” Yoko growled even as Haruka, Yukino, Chie and Aoi all gave their orders, the waitress then hurrying off.

“I am seventeen,” Midori winked. Everyone groaned at that and she pouted, “I am!”

“You know,” Natsuki mused, “I could always hire Yamada to hack the school database. I bet I could find out your real age that way.”

“Don’t you dare,” Midori frowned.

“Bad Natsuki,” Shizuru leaned close to purr into her ear, making the other girl blush.

“So,” Minagi asked as the blue haired alien poured drinks for the table, “what do you think of ‘em?”

“Nice kids,” Keiko admitted, “but I get a interesting vibe from two of them, the blue haired girl and the one from Kyoto.”

“Oh?” MInagi raised her eyebrow.

“I’m not sure why,” Kelko added the drinks to the food trays as she mused, “but I think they’re dangerous.”

The food was quickly delivered, and as Midori had promised it was as good if not better than any of the places around Fuka. “I wonder if we could kidnap the cook and take her back with us?” Chie mused as they ate happily.

“What we really should do is get Mai cooking for the school cafeteria,” Aoi pointed out. She frowned, “Too bad she couldn’t come along today.”

Natsuki snickered softly, “She’s busy.” As everyone looked at her she explained, “She, Tate, Shiho, Reito and Mikoto are all having dinner, probably with Reito and Tate glaring suspiciously at each other, Shiho watching Mai suspiciously and Mikoto trying to keep them all away from her Mai.”

“Mai certainly is populous,” Haruka noted.

“That’s popular,” Yukino corrected. She smiled as she took Haruka’s hand then looked at the table, “Could you excuse us?”

“Those two look good together,” Chie noted as Yukino and Haruka walked over to the library together, talking softly.

“Take a photo,” Aoi added as Chie pulled her phone out, “it’d make good blackmail material if Haruka starts getting cranky.”

Midori laughed softly as she asked them, “I wonder how long it’ll take Haruka to realize all the books there are lesbian novels?”

“Seriously?” Natsuki blinked.

“Why,” Shizuru asked innocently, “does my Natsuki want to borrow a few?”

“Shizuru!” Natsuki blushed.

“Come on, Chie,” Aoi said after a moment, “I want to go do kareoke, and someone just quit.” Chie willingly followed as they hurried off, the rest of them gazing after in amusement.

“Is it me, or are they scarily perky?” Midori mused.

Yoko sighed as she ate a french fry off Midori’s plate, “If you and I weren’t the supervising teachers for the Fuka Gay Society, I’d never put up with them.”

Shizuru chuckled, “They’re charming, in a innocent sort of way.” A slow song came on and she smiled, “Natsuki, you promised me a dance.”

Natsuki looked surprised, then smiled in realization. “So I did,” she took Shizuru’s hand and they both headed off, disappearing into the crowds.

“What was that about?” Midori asked.

“Excuse me,” the waitress returned. Keiko set down the bill for the food and asked, “How will you be paying?”

“Heh,” Yoko chuckled, “they stuck you with the bill!”

“Shizuru, Haruka,” Midori yelled irritably, “get your rich butts back here!”

“Midori,” Keiko scolded, “keep it down.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Midori reluctantly got out her wallet as she vowed, “I’m taking the cost of this meal out of their hides later.”

To be continued....

The Staff: Ranma is from Ranma ½, Alpha is from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Minagi if from Tenchi Muyo and Keiko is from Revolutionary Girl Utena

Our Cast this Episode: Shizuru, Natsuki, Haruka, Yukino, Chie, Aoi, Midori and Yoko are all from Mai Hime.

Notes: I couldn’t recall if I had done a Mai Hime invade Arisugawa’s fic, so here you go. The only non-canon lesbians in this fic are Midori and Yoko, tho I suppose they might have had a school girl romance, once. Heh.