Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Homecoming ( Chapter 82 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

In the deserted park in Tokyo the winter mists rolled and churned wildly near the ground as a ruby light flared brighter and brighter from midair. Finally in a burst of power the path between worlds was opened up and a very tanned and well rested looking Juri Arisugawa and Setsuna Meiou emerged from the rift.

“About time,” Haruka Tenoh muttered, the boyish looking blonde stamping her booted feet in the winter chill.

“Cold!” Setsuna squealed, the black haired woman hurrying with as much dignity as she could muster to grab a coat held out to her.

“Here you go,” Michiru Kaoru said with some amusement. The green haired woman looked at them with a bit of envy, “Was it warmer where you were?”

“It’s almost perpetually summer on Gaia,” Juri explained as the orange haired woman calmly grabbed at her coat, carried by Haruka.

“Damn,” Haruka muttered softly, “remind me to borrow that thing and go there with Michiru when it gets colder.”

Setsuna looked amused as they trooped towards the waiting car, “Just be prepared for a rather interesting trip.”

“Oh?” Michiru looked curious.

They reached the car, Juri and Haruka moving to politely open doors. “Well,” Juri took up the story, “first, Hitomi and Milerna arranged a false attack on us for fun. Then as we were traveling we were attacked by real pirates, and had to fight.”

“You obviously won,” Haruka said as she started up the car, Michiru putting on her seat belt in the passenger’s side.

“Yes, but things got interesting after the ship crashed,” Setsuna murmured as she tiredly rested her head on Juri’s shoulder.

“Long walk?” Michiru chuckled.

“Not too bad after we ran into the catgirl village,’ Juri grinned.

“Try and stay awake, by the way,” Haruka added, “I’m pretty sure Hotaru’s been waiting up for you.”

“I’ll do my best,” Setsuna promised even as she fought back a yawn. She looked over at her partner with an indulgent smile, “It’s okay, Juri.”

Juri jerked her hand away from her pocket guiltily, “Eh?”

Setsuna chuckled softly, “We’ve been away for weeks, it’s perfectly natural you want to check up on the bar.”

Juri took her cellphone out as she asked, “You don’t mind?”

“Go ahead.,” Setsuna nudged her, “I want to know too.”

Permission granted Juri dialed away. “It’s me,” she said as the phone was picked up. She paused, “What do you mean, who is it?”

Ryouko chuckled softly as she leaned up against the bar, “Just yanking your chain a bit.” The blue haired space pirate had been cleaning up in preperation for closing time, the rest of their staff busy as they tidied up. Covering the mouth piece she called to the others, “Juri’s back!”

“Is everything okay?” Juri asked, even though she felt in her gut it would be.

“The bar hasn’t burnt down,” Ryouko reassured her, “in fact, we’ve been as busy as ever. I really think May’s grown into the assistant manager’s job.”

“Maybe I’ll take days off more often,” Juri said, a smile pulling at her lips.

“That may be so,” Setsuna sounded amused, “but I doubt it.”

“Oh, Juri,” May’s voice came on the line, “welcome home.”

May was a beautiful, brown haired young woman who just happened to be fully cybernetic. That didn’t stop her from being a great host and a kind person, in fact Juri Occasionally thought those qualities enhanced it.

“It’s good to be back,” Juri admitted. “I’ve missed you guys.”

“We’ve missed you, too,” May agreed. With a smile she added, “Things have gone pretty well, though I suspect some of our longer clients have missed you as well.”

“Well,” Juri sat back, loving the feel of Setsuna by her side, “I should be back in a day or so, once I’ve caught up on my sleep.”

“Take your time,” Minagi jumped in, the twin of Ryouko sounding amused, “no need to cut short your honeymoon.”

“Thank you,” Setsuna chuckled, “we appreciate that.”

“Just about there,” Haruka called from the front.

“We’d better go,” Juri took the phone back, “but I promise to catch up in a few days.”

“See you then,” Excel jumped in, the blonde sounding as energetic as usual.

Juri chuckled as they pulled up the driveway, then climbed out of the car. “No yawning,” Michiru cautioned, “we’re tired too, and you’ll put us right out.”

“Right,” Juri said before muffling a yawn.

“Juri,” Setsuna gently punched her arm.

“We’re home,” Haruka yelled as she swung the now unlocked front door open.

“Mommy!” Hotaru Tomoe cried happily as the black haired girl hurried by Haruka to throw her arms around Setsuna, “I missed you.”

“Missed you too, little one,” Setsuna hugged Hotaru, feeling a surge of happiness. She loved Juri, but this young woman also held a piece of her heart.

“Juri,” Hotaru slipped free to hug a visibly startled Juri too.

Watching Juri stiffen then awkwardly hug Hotaru back, Haruka had to fight down the urge to chuckle. “Have you been eating sugar?” she wondered at Hotaru’s abnormally excited behavior.

Hotaru blushed faintly as she released Juri, “Just the last of my Halloween candy.”

“That would explain it,” Michiru agreed.

“If you’re too hyper to sleep,” Haruka warned, “you’re on your own.”

“Yes, Poppa,” Hotaru said, sounding just like any normal put upon teenager.

Juri had to grin at that, then fought back a yawn. “Sorry,” she said apologetically, “I think we’d better hit the hay.”

“But we will see you in the morning,” Setsuna promised.

“Just not very early in the morning,” Juri felt obligated to add.

Hotaru laughed, “Okay, I’ll see you then.”

“She really is scary when she’s that perky,” Juri mused to Setsuna later as they settled into their attached suite.

“She does that occasionally,” Setsuna agreed as she changed into her nightie. She gave Juri a amused look, “She really startled you with that hug.”

Juri stripped off her dress and grabbed her older nightie, one well worn and comfortable. “Sort of,” she agreed as they climbed into bed, “I knew Hotaru liked me, but....”

“You’re now one of her group of mommies,” Setsuna chuckled.

Juri lay back as she mused, “I suppose so.” She reached out to gently pull Setsuna close, “But since she comes along with you, I suppose it’s worth it.”

“Charmer,” Setsuna laughed as she snuggled close. Reaching out to turn off the lights they lay there in companionable silence, then she shifted a bit. “Juri?” she asked softly, letting her breath tickle her wife’s ear.

“Yes?” Juri asked, shivering a bit as Setsuna stroked her arm.

“How tired are you, really?” Setsuna cooed.

Juri grinned as she turned to face Setsuna, “Not that tired....”

To be continued...