Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Christmas 07 ( Chapter 83 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Christmas 2007

It hadn’t snowed this year, the weather alternating between slush and rain and Tendo Nabiki felt a flash of annoyance with the season as she finished with the accounting paperwork. The table she borrowed in the corner was secluded but not quiet, women rushing too and fro as the Christmas party continued. The roof and walls were hung with red, green and gold garlands and all the staff wore antlers along with their usual clothes.

“Hey, Nabiki,” Minagi dropped off a mug of spiked eggnog, her long blue hair shimmering as she gave a friendly smile. As usual she was wearing a simple dress, a soft blue green gown that highlighted her golden eyes.

“Thanks,” Nabiki took the cup, gesturing for Minagi to sit. “Things busy at the bar?” the black haired woman asked curiously, her black pants and vest giving her a sleek look.

“Ryouko and Mahoro are handling things,” Minagi informed her. Her lips twitched with a smile, “We tried Alpha behind the bar, but all she can make is coffee.”

Nabiki chuckled, “I can imagine.”

Minagi hesitated a moment, “I wanted to ask you something, but....”

Nabiki looked at her thoughtfully a moment, “Ayaka and I?”

“I haven’t seen her at the Locket in months,” Minagi looked a bit sheepish as she asked, “is something wrong?”

“You could say that.” In a very soft voice Nabiki said, “She gave me my ring back.”

“What?!” Minagi narrowed her eyes, looking at Nabiki in concern. “Why would she...?”

“I’d rather not talk about it,” Nabiki said flatly, her lips pressed into a hard line.

Minagi reached out to gently pat Nabiki’s arm, “Sorry.”

Nabiki forced a smile, “Not your fault.”

Minagi got up, smiling wryly as she lied, “I think things are getting busy at the bar, do you mind if I...?”

“Go ahead,” Nabiki answered as she drank a bit more eggnog.

Outside two young women hurried through the rain, one grumbling to the other. “If I had known it was going to rain,” Chiko murmured as the blonde lead the way to the lee side of the Locket’s building, “I’d have brought an umbrella.”

“They did forcast it earlier,” Bando noted, her short black hair falling into her eyes as she tried to shield her glasses from the rain.

“They were wrong before,” Chiko shrugged, the two of them heading towards the front door.

A tall, brown skinned woman guarded the door, watching the comings and goings with a flinty expression. “Identification?” Mana Tatsumiya asked flatly, dressed in a leather jacket over a one piece combat outfit, her long black hair shimmering.

“Here,” both Chiko and Bando passed over their cards.

“Hmm,” Mana studied them then handed them back. “Be careful not to cause a disturbance,” she added, “or you’ll be... dealt with.”

“Ah, right,” Bando blinked as they headed up the hall into the nightclub.

Chiko shook her head, “There’s something scary about that lady.”

“Welcome to Arisugawa’s locket!” the incredibly perky blonde smiled. “I’m Excel Excel, how can we serve you?”

Bando raised a eyebrow, “A seat would be nice.”

“I’ll get this one,” a busty brown haired woman smiled at Excel before bowing to the girls slightly, her black and white maid’s uniform swirling around her shaple legs. “My name is May,” she said as she lead them to a table, “shall I get you a drink?”

“A cola?” Chiko asked.

Bando nodded her agreement, “I’ll take the same.”

Taking their orders May hurried off, soon returning with their drinks in lightly frosted glasses. “Enjoy,” she said as she set them down, “and just wave if you need anything.”

“Thanks,” Chiko smiled as the older girl hurried away. Turning back to Bando she relaxed a little, “What a crazy few weeks.”

“It’s been pretty crazy since we found Task’s cellphone,” Bando agreed feelingly.

Task had organized a suicide club, a group of teens willing to kill themselves on the same day. Their only lifeline was a cell phone they had deliberately left at the train station, which would guide whoever found it to them. Chiko picked it up and originally didn’t believe the calls about a death... until she witnessed the first suicide. Bando at her side Chiko had raced across the city trying to stop the suicides, in the process learning a lot about herself and her fellows.

“Bando?” Chiko said as she sipped her drink, “did I ever tell you what I did when I gave you the phone and left for a while?”

“I figured you went home and changed,” Bando mused.

“Not quite,” Chiko flashed a smile, “I went to a kareoke place with our classmates until my conscience made me rejoin you.” She leaned a bit closer to Bando, “They told mt something interesting about you.”

“Oh?” Bando tried to look casual.

Chiko reached out to squeeze her hand comfortingly. “Why do you seem to watch me so much?” she asked quietly.

Bando looked down, blushing a bit. “You’re interesting,” she admitted, “I’ve been trying to figure you out for a while now.”

“Trying to see beneath the party girl exterior?” Chiko said gently.

“Something like that,” Bando agreed.

Chiko stroked the skin of Bando’s hand, enjoying watching the blush spread over her skin. “Just that?” she asked warmly.

“Chiko....” Bando’s voice had a warning edge to it as she said, “are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Chiko picked up Bando’s hand and kissed the back softly, “I think so.”

Meanwhile Arisugawa Juri was up at the bar drinking some sparkling ginger ale, a frown on the orange haired woman’s face. “Damn,” she muttered to Minagi, “I never heard about it, either. I thought they were happy together.”

Setsuna nodded, the raven haired woman wearing a green colored gown. “I feel kind of guilty we didn’t notice, with the wedding and all,” she admitted.

Alpha looked at both women earnestly from where the green haired android was sorting a drink tray. “Don’t take this on yourselves,” she advised, “I don’t know Miss Nabiki well but if she wanted to tell you she would have.”

“She’s got a point,” Ryouko agreed, Minagi’s twin looking fierce in her standard black and red one piece garb. “However,” she added with a scowl, “I think we should look into this...”

“Descretely,” Juri quickly said, “Nabiki’d get very upset if she found out.”

“Will do,” Minagi nodded firmly.

Two women strode in, both grown women and dressed in fine clothing. The taller black haired woman shrugged off her coat to reveal creamy shoulders in a low cut dress. “Michiko, take my coat,” she ordered, nearly tossing it to her companion.

The purple haired woman caught it, resentment vibrating from every pour as Michiko submissively answered, “Yes, ma’am.”

“You can call me Keiko in public,” the tall black haired woman smirked as they strode to a empty table. Keiko sat first, taking a seat in a commanding way while Michiko sat down a bit more nervously. Keiko had a mysterious smile as she looked at Michiko, “Scared I was going to use you as a chair in public?”

Michiko blushed pink, looking away as horrid memories boiled up. Shortly after Keiko took her job as a Weather Report girl she had humiliated Michiko on the air, nearly destroying her career and putting her at Keiko’s mercy. Keiko had hired Michiko as her assistant, then proceeded to treat her as a virtual slave, even using her in place of a chair!

“What can I get you?” Hyatt asked weakly, the black haired girl swaying weakly.

“Long Island iced tea,” Keiko calmly replied.

“Just a beer,” Michiko sighed.

Hyatt collapsed as both women watched her snake the way to the bar, have the order set on her tray and then snake her way back over. “Anything else?” Hyatt asked.

“We might order later,” Keiko shrugged.

“I can’t believe you dragged me here,” Michiko muttered to herself softly, “are you a pervert as well as a sex maniac?”

“I’m perverted?” Keiko reached out and pushed up Michiko’s eyes to meet hers, “I’m just doing what you want me to.”

“You’re joking,” Michiko protested weakly.

Keiko smiled back as she leaned over and purred, “I’ve never been more serious, my little masochist.” She looked into Michiko’s eyes, “Don’t try to deny you got wet when I used you as a chair... or dressed you up sluty on camera. I could SMELL it on you.”

“I’m not like that,” Michiko protested softly.

“Just keep telling yourself that,” Keiko smirked.

To be continued....

The Staff: Nabiki is from Ranma ½, Juri is from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Alpha is from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Setsuna is from Sailor Moon, Minagi and Ryouko are from Tenchi Muyo, May is from Hand Maid May, Mana is from Negima and Excel and Hyatt are from Excel Saga.

Our Cast this Episode: Ayaka is from Phantom Quest Corp, Chiko and Bando are from the one-shot manga Line by Yua Kotegawa from ADV Manga and lastly Keiko and Michiko are from Weather Report Girl.

Notes: Weather Report Girl is VERY dark and more than a bit perverted, but it's also rather funny. No canon yuri except in my twisted mind. *lol*