Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Artists and Others ( Chapter 86 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Artists’ and Others

Sae smiled as the black haired woman pushed her glasses up and finished explaining, “Would that be all right?”

May blinked, the brown haired cyberdoll looking at the young woman curiously. “To be concise, you want to sketch people in the bar?” she asked.

“That’s right,” Hiro agreed, the brown haired woman’s hair tied up on each side of her face. Despite her youth she had a almost motherly quality that was very endearing.

“I don’t see a problem,” May said after a moment’s thought as the woman in a maid’s uniform continued, “but ask permission, and if anyone objects stop.”

“Thank you very much!” both women bowed before walking off, sketch books in hand as they considered where to begin.

“They’re really cute, aren’t they?” Keiko had to chuckle, the brown haired woman’s arm still in a sling. She wore a dark T-shirt and black pants rather than a suit, and her hair was in a ponytail rather than braided.

“That they are,” May agreed before frowning gently at her lover, “Are you trying to help serve again? You know you need to go easy on that arm.”

Keiko laughed, “May, I have Alpha, Excel, Ryouko and Sasami all offering to get me things. If I wanted to, I’d never have to move again.”

“Getting a little tired of it?” May guessed.

“Exactly,” Keiko laughed.

At the entrance a red headed woman in a slinky dress smiled a little shyly at Alpha, “Hello, you’re new here.”

“My name is Alpha,” the green haired android bowed a bit, “I’ve been here for a few months, now.”

“Ah,” the other woman’s smile faltered a bit as she added, “it has been a while. My name is Ayaka Kisaragi.”

Alpha’s eyes widened a little, “You’re Nabiki’s ex.”

Ayaka sighed, “You could say that, yes. Do you know if she’s in?”

She hesitated then Alpha said diplomatically, “Why don’t we show you to a seat and someone can go check?”

“Of course,” Ayaka nodded as she let Alpha lead her to a table.

Ayaka sat down at the table, toying with the glass of water Alpha left her as the girl hurried up to the bar to have a whispered consultation with Ryouko. She looked around at the older members of the staff and nearly cringed, seeing most of them glaring right at her.

‘Which I can’t really blame them for,’ Ayaka silently conceded as she drank, ‘I did dump their friend after all.’

“Okay,” Midori Sugiura asked as she stopped up at the bar to pick up a order, “is the redhead a axe murderer or something?”

“She broke a friend of our’s heart,” Ryouko explained crossly as the blue haired alien woman poured drinks smoothly.

“Damn,” Midori murmured as she saw Keiko going upstairs to see if the bar’s accountant was in the manager’s office.

Keiko paused by the door then knocked firmly, “Anyone in there?”

“Yo,” Nabiki answered and Keiko used one arm and her shoulder to get the door open, looking in to see Nabiki Tendo hard at work, the black haired woman going over the nightclub’s finances with her usual care.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Keiko said wryly.

“Keiko,” Nabiki looked up with a smile and asked, “come up to get away from all the mothering down there?”

“Not exactly,” Keiko sighed and decided it might be best to be blunt. “Ayaka’s down there asking for you,” she said.

“She’s WHAT?” Nabiki blurted, looking at Keiko in surprise.

Keiko decided that was a rhetorical question and ignored it before asking gently, “Do you want me to tell her you’re not here?”

Nabiki sighed, running a hand through her hair. “I don’t know,” she admitted softly before asking, “was anyone with her?”

“From what I could see,” Keiko shrugged uncomfortably, “she was alone.”

“Well, that’s something,” Nabiki muttered quietly, looking down at the paperwork on her desk as if it held the answers.

“Do you want us to tell her you left?” Keiko offered gently, a little surprised to see how torn Nabiki looked.

Nabiki sighed, “No, I’d better go see her.”

Meanwhile, a group of young women were settling around the tables off to one side, all of them chatting happily. The blonde woman with glasses said firmly, “Iono, you can’t try to grab anyone here as sobame.”

“But Kyas!” Iono protested, the elegant black haired woman pouting cutely.

“No buts,” Kyas said, “we’re already over the number you promised earlier.”

The taller woman in sunglasses looked around warily as she reported, “There’s a number of unusual individuals here, but no immediate threats.”

“Thank you Fletch,” Aida chuckled, her boyish cut hair falling around her face as she urged Kyas to sit, too. She looked amused, “Shouldn’t you be seeing to your girlfriend?”

“Aida!” Fletch blushed.

Arata Tagoto blushed too, the younger soba chef still staying close to Fletch’s side. Since joining Iono’s sobane she had made her interest in Fletch clear, and to all outside observers it was clear that she was wearing the other woman down.

“Don’t worry mom,” Arujent told Fletch seriously, “I’ll keep an eye on the perverted queen while you two dance.”

“Hey!” Iono protested the insult.

“Thank you very much,” Arata smiled at Aru, glad the young girl had become her unofficial ally.

Iono chuckled softly as they watched the two of them walk off to where other couples were dancing slowly. “They do make a cute couple, don’t they?” she said, smiling at the black haired woman with glasses beside her.

“They’re adorable,” Eto Hachibe had to concede, even tho her gaze was most focused on Iono herself.

Iono smiled, “Not as adorable as you, Eto.”

“Iono!” Eto blushed cutely, looking away.
Nabiki had to smile slightly as she passed the table and wished she could linger a bit. But no, she stiffened her back and headed to the table where Ayaka waited. ‘God, she’s as beautiful as ever,’ Nabiki thought, feeling once again the twisting pain she’d experienced when Ayaka gave her the ring back.

Ayaka looked up, her expression oddly gently as she said “Nabiki, it’s good to see you.”

Nabiki pressed her lips together as she rested her hands on the chair, looking down at her scornfully. “What do you want, Ayaka?” she asked flatly.

Ayaka sighed, “I’m sorry, Nabiki. I was a fool.”

Nabiki gave her a look as she asked, “You drop out of my life for months then show up to tell me that?”

“Could you please sit down?” Ayaka asked with a blush, “You’re making a scene.”

Nabiki nodded curtly as she pulled out the chair, sitting down as the air between them practically shimmered with tension. Completely ignoring the tension Midori breezed in, “Can I get you anything, Nabiki? Refill, Ayaka?”

“Something strong,” Nabiki sighed as Ayaka also ordered.

“Be right back,” Midori nodded as she headed off.

Ayaka looked at Nabiki sadly, “I don’t remember you being this hard.”

Nabiki gave her a pained look, “Ayaka, I thought we had something good. Then you gave me my ring and told me you needed time... and the onje time I tried to see you I found out from you secretary you were out with a guy.”

“I... needed to get that out of my system,” Ayaka responded weakly.

Nabiki sighed, “Ayaka, I just don’t trust you anymore.”

Midori arrived with their drinks, setting a cocktail in front of Ayaka and a dangerously bubbling mug in front of Nabiki. “Here you go,” she said cheerfully.

“What is that?” Nabiki asked, looking at her mug warily.

“According to Ryouko,” Midori looked thoughtful, “it’s a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.” She shrugged, “I guess it’s strong.”

“Thanks,” Nabiki answered, nearly fainting from the fumes.

Ayaka fiddled with her drink, “You know, I had this whole scenario planned out in my head... you’d forgive me, I’d buy you the best dinner Sasami can make then we’d go upstairs... I guess I was dreaming.”

“I...” Nabiki trailed off, not knowing what to say.

Ayaka tossed down her drink and got up, “It’s all right, Nabiki.” She gave her a sad smile, “I hope we can be friends... someday.”

To be continued....

The Staff: Ryouko and Sasamii are from Tenchi Muyo, Keiko is from Revolutionary Girl Utena, May is from Hand Maid May, Alpha is from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Midori is from Mai Hime, and Nabiki is from Ranma 1/2.

Our Cast this Episode: Sae and Hiro are from Hidamari (Sunshine) Sketch, and Iono, Kyas, Fletch, Aru, Arata, Aida and Eto are all from Iono-sama Fanatics..