Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Superheroes ( Chapter 87 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“This all feels very weird,” Sistah Spooky admitted, the brown skinned woman in the black cloak, tight top, shorts and mask sitting uncomfortably at one of the busy club’s tables.

Mindf**k smiled at her girlfriend wryly, the lovely blonde reaching out to pat her hand. “Geing out in public?” she asked gently, “Or recovering from losing your powers?”

“A bit of both,” Sistah Spooky admitted, taking that hand and squeezing it gently. She looked at Mindf**k tenderly, “Is the inhibitor working?”

“Oh yes,” Mindf**k said with a smile, “if it wasn’t blocking my telepathy, I couldn’t even stand to be here.”

“If it starts to hurt, let me know,” Sistah Spooky said firmly, “I love you, and I don’t want you to be hurt.”

Mindf**k reached out to stroke her cheek, “I love you too.”

Empowered watched with a dubious look as the blonde in a shimmering black bodysuit headed up to the bar with her date. “Man, is it creepy seeing Spooky being nice like that,” she murmured.

“Tell me about it,” Ninjette agreed, the slim Asian dressed in her usual tiny top and biker shorts, her name written across her ass.

“Hey,” Mahoro smiled cheerfully as the black haired maid hurried down the bar, “what can I get you?”

‘She reminds me of Maid-man,’ Empowered found herself thinking. “Ah, two beers?” she managed to ask.

“Coming right up!” Mahoro smiled as she smoothly grabbed the beers and tossed them over as Ninjette put the money on the bar.

“Thanks,” Ninjette gratefully caught the beers, passing one to Empowered and keeping one for herself.

“Thanks, ‘Jette,” Empowered said as she kissed the other woman on the cheek.

“That’s not much of a thanks,” Ninjette pouted as they reached their corner table.

Empowered wrapped her arms around Ninjette, “Let me do better.” This time she pulled Ninjette into a lingering kiss, their bodies pressed together hotly.

“Now that’s,” Ninjette said huskily, “more like it.”

Femifist shook her head wryly as she scanned the crowd, her red hair flowing down her back, a mask covering her eyes. ‘I can’t believe I ended up here.” she muttered.

“And what’s wrong with a bar?” Ocelotina smiled, her skimpy costume barely containing her breasts.

“It’s not exactly the best place for a meeting of female superheroines,” Femifist shook her head, “people will get the wrong idea.”

“What’s that?” Ocelotina asked as she stroked a gloved hand along Femifist’s well muscled arm.

“You too?” Femifist blushed.

“Here’s your food,” Keiko said as the boyish young women dropped off their order, sliding a plate in front of each of them.

“But I didn’t order...?” Femifist looked confused.

“Capt’ Rivet paid,” Keiko explained, “and left orders that everyone’s meals are free.” She paused, “Alcohol isn’t covered, regretfully.”

“Darn,” Ocelotina pouted cutely.

“We don’t need to drink that much,” Femifist said virtuously.

Ocelotina laughed as she purred, “Speak for yourself, rowr.”

Meanwhile, May hurried over to where several young women sat comfortably, listening to someone sing on stage. Jenny Quarks sang a song of love and loss, the Asian woman beautiful and sad as she gazed at her friends.

“Could we get some finger food?” Swift asked, her wings folded against her back as she smiled, “and another round of beers?”

“Please,” Engineer nodded, her body coated by a shimmering steel skin, “and make it a dark ale for me.”

Rose Tattoo just nodded slightly, the enigmatic woman smiling. Her red hair shimmered and her body was lush, revealed by the simple one piece body suit she wore.

“Are you all right, Miss?” May asked, strangely drawn to the young woman.

“She’s mute,” Swift quickly jumped in before Rose could seduce the poor woman, “but trust me, she’s fine.”

“Oh, right,” May shook her head to clear it then headed off.

“We’ve got to keep her on a tighter leash,” Engineer sighed as she watched her teammate Rose scanning the crowd like a huntress looking for prey.

“She’s the spirit of life,” Swift shrugged, “and she seems to mostly like expressing it through having sex.”

“Tell me about it,” Engineer blushed.

“What happened now?” Jenny asked them as she returned to her seat with a bounce in her step, grabbing a glass of water and chugging it.

“Rose nearly seduced that poor waitress,” Swift sighed.

Jenny nodded glumly, “One of us needs to take Rose upstairs and tire her out.” She looked around, “Who’s turn is it now?”

“I did it last time,” Swift said quickly.

“I suppose I can take a turn,” Engineer offered, “but can I al least get some food first? I’ll need the energy.”

“Too much information,” Jenny sighed.

Jane Vasco shook her head, the redhead listening in to the conversation from a table nearby. Known as ‘Painkiller Jane’ she was a adventurer and occasional hitwoman for her friends the 22 brides. ‘This is a very strange bar,’ she noted, seeing everything from future women to knights in armor walking, drinking and even dancing.

“Jane,” the familiar voice sent a chill down her spine, “how good to see you.”

Jane turned to see the black haired woman sauntering up to her table, the pale woman dressed in a revealing one piece bikini split down the middle to reveal her cleavage. “Vampirella?” Jane said weakly.

“You remembered,” Vampirella purred as she took a seat at Jane’s table. She casually called, “Waiter!”

“Yes?” Alpha hurried over, the green haired young woman smiling in a friendly way.

“I’d like a Bloody Mary with real blood,” Vampirella said casually then looked at her companion, “Jane?”

Jane looked a bit startled but recovered fast. “A Screwdriver, please,” she said, “and nachos if you have them.”

“No problem,” Alpha nodded then looked at Vampirella, “anything for you, Miss?”

Vampirella smiled slightly, barely revealing her fangs as she cooed, “I don’t eat... food.”

“Oh,” Alpha blinked then cheerfully hurried off.

“That girl’s not quite normal,” Vampirella frowned, surprised the girl was unaffected by her supernatural powers.

“I don’t think anyone in this bar is exactly normal,” Jane pointed out dryly.

Vampirella chuckled softly, “Good point.” She studied Jane thoughtfully, “I remember when I was hurt....”

“I offered you my blood,” Jane nodded slightly.

“It was delicious,” Vampirella leaned forward to rest her hand on Jane’s arm, “and I’ve always wanted to repay you.”

“I don’t really need....,” Jane blushed.

Vampirella smiled and gave her a saucy wink, “Please, I think I can come up with something to do for you.”

Jane blushed as Alpha delivered the food, “Let’s talk about it.”

Meanwhile, up at the bar Juri Arisugawa nodded as the orange haired woman talked to a teen, “So you’re not sure how you feel about her?”

Cassie Hack nodded, her black hair falling around her face as she admitted, “I like Georgia a lot, but....”

“Take it slow,” Setsuna Meiou offered gently, “you have time.”

“I fight undead serial killers for a hobby,” Cassie said dryly, “I dunno how much time I really have.”

“I’ve heard of crazier hobbies,” Juri admitted, remembering her year as a duelist.

To be continued....

The Staff: Mahoro is from Mahororomantic, Keiko is from Revolutionary Girl Utena, May is from Hand Maid May, Alpha is from Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Juri is from Utena and Setsuna is from Sailor Moon.

Our Cast this Episode: Empowered, Ninjette, Mindf**k, Sistah Spooky, Femifist, Ocelotina and Capt. Rivet are all from Empowered, Jenny Quark, Swift, Engineer and Rose Tattoo are from the Authority, Jane Vasco is from Painkiller Jane, Vampirella is from Vampirella, and finally Cassie Hack is from Hack/Slash.

Notes: Sistah Spooky, Mindf**k and Ocelotina all have had canon bisexual/lesbian moments, Swift is stated to be bisexual, Painkiller Jane had a lesbian fling in her latest series and Cassie Hack has a canon romance with a striper named Georgia.