Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Arisugawa's Locket ❯ Kendo ( Chapter 90 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Arisugawa Juri felt a odd mix of emotions as the tall, orange haired woman walked through the training hall. While kendo was not her specialty she was still quite familiar with the sport, and when called on by the local community center felt a obligation to help out.

'Though if they're desperate enough to call in a notorious lesbian,' Juri mused wryly, 'they must really be in trouble.'

Young men and women practiced strikes with their bamboo blades, some in the correct form others rather less so. Juri moved through the group, correcting forms and giving advice then officiating over a few matches. The kids were generally pretty poor, though a few volunteers from a local high school helped guide them to improve.

“Come on, then,” Ryoko Mitsurugi smiled beneath the protective gear, the redhead taking a guarded stance. She inched forward in the heavy protective gear, then called, “Men!”

The other fighter tried to move to block the strike to the head but wasn't fast enough. “Point to Ryoko,” the judge called, “you win!”

“Once again the fearsome Samurai Girl wins again,” the teacher murmured. Toraji Ishida taught at Muroe High, as well as being the teacher in charge of that school's kendo club. He didn't strike Juri as the most dedicated person, but on the other hand, he was there helping out.

“Samurai girl?” Juri raised a eyebrow.

“She's out of Daimon High,” Toraji told her, “one of their K-Fight champs.”

Juri grimaced almost involuntarily. While she knew the K-Fight brawls as Daimon High were nothing like the Duels at Ohtori, it still struck a uncomfortable chord within her. “I guess she's very good?” she asked.

“Longest unbeaten champion,” Toraji nodded. He smiled wryly, “Has a army of fangirls too.”

“I noticed,” Juri nodded to the stands, packed with various groups of cheering girls.

Toraji smiled wryly, “Well, some of them are fans of a few other girl's too. Like Tamaki Kawazoe from my high school team.”

Tamaki's short brown hair fell around a face that would normally be called shy, but her eyes were alive as the small girl talked to a competetor. She seemed to come alive carrying her sword, and more than one girl in the crowd followed her with her eyes.

The third woman everyone focused on was a black haired older teen, one whom Juri felt she should recognize. Her long black hair flowed down her back as she practiced with the sword, a much smaller blond girl standing nearby.

“That's Hazuki Azuma,” Toraji said wryly, “and that's her adopted sister Hatsumi.”

Juri felt her eyes widen. The reason she hadn't recognized the girl was that when Juri met her she was a little older, traveling through her bar in search of her sister. Juri was tempted to talk to the girl, maybe give her a warning or two, but then she remembered Washu's warnings about time tampering. No matter what your good intentions, things rarely went well.

“Hyaa!” Tamaki cried as she charged, striking swiftly as she struck her foe in the side.

“Point!” Juri called, having been watching over that fight. 'Glad I caught that,' she admitted to herself ruefully.

The hours raced onward as they helped the kids train, then finally it was over. Juri watched Hazuki and Harsumi walk away, the mute blonde signing away to her younger sister. The other kids tricked off as they closed up and put away the equipment.

“Thanks for your help,” Toraji smiled as he shook Juri's hand. “Any chance you could help out again?”

“Sure that's a good idea?” Juri cautioned. “I'm rather notorious.”

Toraji shrugged, “You're a reasonably successful small business woman. And to be honest, I think some of these kids could use a... certain kind of positive role model.”

Juri raised a single eyebrow, “Oh?”

Toraji actually blushed a bit as he said gruffly, “Anyone who thinks there are no lesbians in girl's sport is deluding themselves.”

“I'll think about it,” Juri agreed as they finished locking up.

Back at the house, Haruka Tenoh looked rather amused as the sandy blonde haired woman relaxed on the couch after a hard day's promotions. As a race car driver a large part of her work was public appearances and preforming in advertisements. It was a pain, but it also helped her make a very good living.

“I have to admit,” Haruka admitted, “you'd make a good role model, now. Not like your younger days, of course....”

“We all have to sow our wild oats sometime,” Juri smiled slightly.

“Are you ever going to tell me more about that?” Setsuna asked teasingly as the tall black haired woman emerged from the kitchen. Juri's wife casually cuddled beside Juri in the love seat, resting her head on her shoulder.

Juri hugged her as she mused, “It's mostly pretty boring stuff, honestly Haruka rather likes exaggerating.”

“Don't let her fool you,” Michiru noted as she sat down beside Haruka and cuddled too, “Juri was a wild one.”

“I'm trying to save my reputation,” Juri sighed as all three women laughed.

Giving in to Juri's blushes Setsuna asked, “Do you really think the kids need a role model?”

“Well, a few of them look to be having the sort of problems I had in school,” Juri admitted.

“Attracting mobs of fangirls?” Haruka nodded.

“Yup,” Juri agreed. “And two of them had that sort of unconscious boyishness about them, too...,” she mused.

“Baby dyke's are so cute when they're clueless,” Michiru remembered. She looked at Haruka, “Not that you ever went through that phase.”

“Oh?” Haruka looked offended, “I”ve had plenty of girls call me cute.”

Michiru chuckled softly, “But you never went through that innocent phase.”

Haruka gave a wicked grin, “So true.” She looked up at Juri as she admitted, “I had lady teachers charmed when I was just fourteen.”

“I don't doubt it,” Juri admitted.

“I'm home!” a voice called as they heard the front door open. In a few moments Hotaru walked in to the living room, still dressed in her school uniform. “Juri-papa,” she laughed, “you made some new fans.”

“Oh?” Juri asked.

“A bunch of our school kendo club were down at the rec center today,” Hotaru said cheerfully as she wandered into the kitchen for some juice, “and I heard a few of them talking about you on the way home. They're very impressed.”

“Don't tell them she lives here,” Setsuna laughed, “we'll never hear the end of it.”

“I won't,” Hotaru teased, “if I get that new lamp I want.”

“Blackmailer!” Juri laughed.

“Do you think you'll be helping out there again?” Hotaru asked as she sat down. “I think a few more girls were going to go next week.”

“If so, I'm coming too,” Setsuna laughed, “gotta keep a eye on the competition.”

“Trust me,” Juri murmured into her ear, “no one could compete against you.”

To be continued....

Our Cast: Arisugawa Juri is from Revolutionary girl Utena, Washu is from Tenchi Muyo, Haruka Tenoh. Michiru Kaoru, Hotaru and Setsuna are from Sailor Moon.

Characters: Ryoko Mitsurugi is from Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School. Toraji Ishida and Tamaki Kawazoe are both from Bamboo Blade. Hazuki and Hatsumi are from Yami to Boshi to Hon no Tabibito.