Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Chapter 6

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

We can be heroes...

The Five Power Rangers teleported in front of the fearsome creature, stopped and posed their mightiest. The monster gaze them a calm gaze, and fired once. Five sets of color coded books flopped over, smoking.

"Would anyone else like to fill their shoes?" the monster growled softly. A few moments later, it's question was answered.

Sailor Moon tripped, fell on her butt and began to cry, very loudly. Sailor Mars growled out "You're embarrassing us." Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus all looked like they wanted to be elsewhere.

"But Mars, it's mean!" Sailor Moon whined, pointing at the monster. All the scouts sighed. Sailor Saturn and Chibi-Moon had found their friends Sakura and Tomoyo in the crowd and were having an enjoyable conversation, pointedly ignoring the battle. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto hadn't made their enterance yet.

Utena was sitting on a bench and watching the show, when she felt a light tapping on her shoulder. "Excuse me," the pretty young girl asked in worried tones, "would you say that thing over there is a devil?"

Utena blinked at the oddly dressed young woman beside her. Why does she have a yin and yang symbol on her chest, she wondered. "Ah, no, I think it's one of Sailor Moon's typically lame-ass monsters."

"Oh, good," Devil Hunter Yohko said happily, "then it's not my problem!" She plops down by Utena and produces a tub of popcorn out of thin air. "Would you like some?" she offered Utena cheerfully.

Suddenly, the light seemed to fade, and a ringing voice came from the sudden pitch darkness. "The shadow of evil threatens the delicate flower!" the woman's voice boldly declared. Sailor Moon and the Scouts looked around, then up to a nearby building, and a silhouetted female figure standing heroically there. "But I will not let the flower fall!" She leaps down, her sword shining in front of her. "I, the masked maiden, Pollylina!"

"That speech was almost as bad as one of Tuxedo Mask's." Sailor Uranus said to Sailor Neptune as the two of them emerged from the shadows. Neptune nodded, sweatdropping. Pluto just looked very amused.

Yuna, in the nearby crowd, is seen bouncing up and down with joy. "It's Pollylina! She's really, really here! She's so incredibly cool! Hey, Pollylina!" she yells sweetly and waves, catching the masked figure's attention, "it's me, Yuna, you're biggest fan!"

Pollylina sweatdrops.

Before anyone can react, three armored figures dropped to the ground in front of them, posing expertly. The blue Knight Sabre pointed it's gun arm, the white readied it's arm-mounted blades, and the green extended long cutting cables. They wait a moment, as if they are expecting someone else.

After a few minutes pass, one of them speaks up. "Where's Sabre Pink?" Sabre Blue finally asks the others in a resigned tone of voice, as if she's dreading hearing the answer. They look around a moment, then up to where a pink armored figure has somehow managed to tangle itself up in a dangling banner.

"I'm sorry!" Sabre Pink yells down kawaiily, struggling to free herself and only getting more tangled.

Sabre White managed to visibly sweatdrop, even in her armor. "Green, go get her down," she said in a pained tone of voice.

Nearby, a figure dropped almost silently into the crowd from above and, generating a lot of reactions, began to quickly make her way to the front, and the monster. Juri, as soon as she spotted her, covered Miki's eyes with one hand. The costume did make sense, Juri mused as she stared at her, the mask did cover her face, the gloves prevented anyone from getting fingerprints, and the books looked comfortable and easy to move in. Not that anyone payed any atention, considering she wasn't wearing anything else.

Kekko Kamen looked around the crowd curiously as she asked them, "What's everybody staring at?"

While the various heroes were distracted, the monster clearly realized it was very badly outnumbered as well as outgunned, and therefore exercised the better part of valor. It ran away from them, very fast.

"After it!" Sailor Mars yelled. A few moments later, and all the heroes stampeeded off in hot persuit!

Appearing in this Episode: A readily disposable group of Power Rangers. Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn and Chibi-Moon. Yohko is from Devil hunter Yohko. Yuna and Pollylina are from Galaxy Frauline Yuna. The Knight Sabers are from Bubblegum Crisis. Juri, Miki and Utena are from Revolutionary Girl Utena. And finally, Kekko Kamen is from Kekko Kamen.