Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Chapter 20

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More Communication, please...

Excel knocked on the nurses' office door softly, and impatiently shifted back and forth as she waited fpr an answer.

Wakaba popped open the door, looking very frighteningly genki, "Good morning!" The nurse's uniform she was wearing had been modified somewhat, very tight and clingly, with a very exposed clevage.

Excel sweatdropped a bit. "Were you wearing that outfit the last time we were here?" she asked as she carried her burden inside, putting her down on the bed gently.

"This is the new uniform approved by Akio-sama himself," Wakaba explained to both of them cheerfully. "Hyatt, again?" she asked, looking down at the dark hared girl on the bed. Hyatt's face was an odd blue color, matching her costume nicely.

"Yeah," Excel said sadly, "and we were just about to have some HLS, too."

"HLS?" Wakaba echoed questioningly.

"Hot Lesbian Sex," Excel elaborated mournfully.

Wakaba sweatdropped a bit, and decided she wasn't going to ask anything else.

The silver armored figure leapt, blades extended, and was met in the air by a leather clad figure bearing a katana. Blades clashed, and they both returned to the earth. The woman slid a high tech pair of sunglasses up, revealing her violet eyes.

"Nicely done," Angela said with a little smile, "you are a worthy opponent." The android slid her blade home with a steely snap.

Sylia Stingray slid her visor up, her silver hair framinng her expressive face. "Not bad at all," she said admiringly. "Want to try again?"

Angela grinned ferally, "Why not."

"How long do you think they'll keep this up?" Haruka asked Linna quietly.

"Who knows," Linna said with a little sigh. She looked over at the girl thoughtfully, she was kind of cute, with long brown hair and a gentle voice. A bit odd, but nice. Linna asked her "How are you adapting to being around human beings, again?"

"I'm more used to robots," Haruka admitted a bit shyly. She looked over at Angela, and a faint blush appeared on her cheeks.

Linna's eyes widened, and a little smile appeared on her face. "Maybe Angela will get some ideas hanging around human beings," she suggested softly.

Haruka blushed neon. "I.. how..." she stuttered.

"It's all right," Lina said gently, putting her hand on Haruka's arm. "You may have noticed that two girls together are pretty common around here."

"That's not quite the problem," Haruka said, still blushing fiercely, "in this case it's girl and robot." She was a bit surprised at Linna's soft chuckle.

Linna discretely pointed to where Nene and Mackie were laying in the grass together. "Girl and robot," she said with a little smile.

Haruka looked at the two of them with an odd expression on her face. "I didn't realize," she said thoughtfully.

Even as Angela fought Sylia, she kept an eye on Haruka. The girl had been surrounded by robots all her life, and she wanted to make sure she was all right.

It had been strange, stepping out of their transport and discovering they were surrounded by humans. Spike and the others were overjoyed, but Haruka had almost been afraid, clinging to Angela's side. A faint blush appeared on her cheeks, remembering how pleasant it had been holding Haruka safe with her arm across her shoulders.

Haruka stood up to wave at her, so with a single leap she disengaged from Sylia. "Maybe another time," Angela nodded to Sylia, then she walked to Haruka's side.

Linna watched the two walk away, the robot hovering protectively over the girl "Do you think they're a couple?"

Sylia shrugged, "It's certainly possible." She looked over at Linna thoughtfully, "Why, were you interested in the girl, too?"

Linna blushed under Sylia's teasing tone, "Sorry, she's way too young for me. Besides, I'm happily coupled, thank you."

Sylia laughed, "You and Priss have fun tonight." She stripped off her hardsuit quite casually, before stretching out in her skin tight leotard, her long silvery hair flowing down her back. "Just keep the noise down," she added over her shoulder.

A blushing Linna decided not to comment on that.

Haruka and Angela stood in the doorway, looking around them in awe. The halls were almost completely filled with people of all shapes and sizes, and most of them dressed quite outrageously. Skin tight body suits, cute little sailor fukus, boys and girl's school uniforms and many other types of clothing were in evidence.

"I guess we start looking for an empty room," Angela said softly.

Haruka nodded a bit nervously, quietly asking her, "Could we share one?"

Angela smiled down at her, sounding a bit relieved herself as she said, "Of course."

A room along the outside wall was soon selected, and they both settled in for the night. Spike and the other two robots had chosen to stay outside with their vehicle, but Angela was determined to watch over Haruka.

The single bed was too small for them both, so Angela took a guard position at the end of the bed, facing the door. Haruka changed into her night clothes and crawled beneath the covers, turning out the bedside lamp.

All was silent for a few moments, then Angela heard Haruka quietly ask her, "Can robots fall in love?"

Angela's eyes widened beneath her visor. "Yes, I think so," she said quietly, "a fellow gladiator robot I knew, she fell in love with and fought for a young girl."

"Did that bother you?" was asked of her hesitantly from the darkness.

"I didn't understand it at first," Angela admitted to her softly, "but now I think I can understand her better."

"Why is that?" her voice asked Angela quietly.

"Because I find myself loving and fighting for someone as well, Haruka," Angela said after a moment of silence. "I fight for you," she started, but she couldn't finish what she wanted to say. The words just didn't seem to want to come out.

Gentle fingers pushed up her visor, and Angela found herself looking into Haruka's eyes, glittering with tears. "I love you, Angela," Haruka said softly.

A small smile gently stretched Angela's lips, "I love you, too." She reached out, and gently pulled her into a kiss.

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