Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Ohtori, Yami, the Hat and Book Travelers ( Chapter 32 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Ohtori, Yami, the Hat and Book Travelers

Hatsuki frowned as she lead the way through the crowds, the black haired girl scanning the people around them warily. “My, what a crowded world,” Lilith noted, the busty blonde staying close to Hazuki’s side, the eye on her witch’s hat blinking eerily.

“Ah, what sort of place is this?” Ken-chan complained, the yellow parakeet fluttering along beside them.

“It feels different than the other worlds we’ve traveled to,” Hatsuki noted as they followed a sidewalk across the grounds of the academy.

Around them a massive school rose up, mixed with elements of other places too. White stone buildings including several dorms were scattered about, but buildings of entirely different styles seemed to have been plopped down randomly around too. There were bustling food stands, tents with various services advertized and even some kind of mock dueling going on to the cheers of many viewers.

Lilith frowned cutely in thought then the nearly violet eyed girl said, “I think someone mixed the pages of many books here.”

“Is that even possible?!” Ken-chan burst out, waving his little wings in agitation.

With a remarkable swiftness Lilith snatched Ken-chan out of the air and gave him a look, “Who’s the expert here, Ken-chan?”

“You are,” Ken-chan squeaked, “big sister!”

“Good,” Lilith dropped him casually.

“So if this is several book-worlds in one,” Hazuki murmured as she looked around them thoughtfully, “it might be even more likely we’d find Hatsumi here.”

Lilith nodded thoughtfully, “You could be right. This isn’t a boring world, and boredom is the one thing Eve wants to avoid.”

“All right then,” Hazuki nodded, determination in the tall schoolgirl’s eyes, “let’s see if we can find her.”

“Yes, but,” Ken-chan spoke up, “where do we start?”

“ Right here,” Lilith shrugged. Waving a arm over her head to get attention she called out to the mob of people all around, “Hello everyone!”

“Oy,” Ken-chan groaned.

“Hi, I’m everyone’s idol, Lilith!” She waved again cheerfully, taking on a sexy pose to draw eyes in, “Have any of you seen a blonde haired girl around, with a large forehead and red tinted eyes?” She batted her eyes, “I’d be very greatfull if you can help!”

“I don’t think I’ve met her,” after a moment a blue haired young man spoke up, “but I do know who you might want to talk to.”

“And you are?” Hazuki asked him as she looked over the white and blue clad boy a bit suspiciously. It wasn’t that she objected to someone actually offering them help, but it didn’t hurt to be cautious too.

“My name is Miki Kaoru,” he nodded to her respectfully, “and I’m a member of the student council here.” A flash of smile and he added, “And I think our student council president might be able to help.”

“Really?” Lilith smiled, “What’s he like?”

“She’s pretty nice,” Miki smiled as he lead them off.

Previously, the Ohtori student council had met on a upper level of the school, on a small balcony overlooking the grounds. With all the changes that had recently struck the campus, however, the council had both expanded and moved to a larger, more fitting location. Now, amid the chaos a large hall had been erected not far from the dueling forest, with a almost roman look to the columns and decorations.

“Wow, pretty,” Lilith blinked.

“Hmph,” Hazuki muttered, still looking warily around her.

A brown haired young man was just finishing speaking, “...and the Motor and Mecha club has sufficient repaired vehicles for the staff and police.”

“Thank you, Keichii. All right,” the orange haired woman at the head of the table turned towards another council member, “how are we doing for housing currently, Nanami?”

A blonde woman with twin ponytails rose from her seat, her manner elegant except for the odd little cowbell she wore as a necklace. “The tent city is currently at a thousand students,” Nanami said as she checked her report, “but the recent arrival of the Hinata Inn is easing the pressure somewhat, Juri.”

Juri nodded, “Good.” She looked around the table, “Any other new business? No? Then meeting’s adjourned.”

“Come on, before she gets swamped by fangirls,” Miki said as he led them forward.
“Ah, Miki,” Juri looked up, “we missed you today.”

“Sorry,” Miki sighed as he explained, “I had to bail Kozue and Lum out of jail on a public indecency charge.”

“Again?” Juri blinked.

“Anyway,” Miki hurried to avoid going into any more embarrasing details, “we have some newcomers today.”

“As usual,” Juri said, quickly looking over the blonde and dark haired ladies. She smiled and said, “My name is Juri Arisugawa, nice to meet you.”

“My name is Lilith,” she reached out to shake Juri’s hand.

“Hazuki,” she nodded, keeping a firm grip on the katana she always carried. “Your friend here said you might be able to help us find Hatsumi...”

“Eve,” Lilith corrected.

“Whichever,” Hazuki said, not willing to argue about it.

“Tell me about it,” Juri said as she waved them towards the chairs.

With that Hazuki and Lilith proceeded to sketch in their story, taking turns explaining about Hatsumi’s disappearance, the revelation that she was the mysterious Eve and their quest to find her across the worlds.

“And here we are,” Lilith smiled perkily.

“Miki has somewhat exagerated ideas of my abilities,” Juri quietly mused, “but I think we can help. Can I have someone copy her picture off your phone?”

“I suppose,” Hazuki handed the phone over reluctantly.

Giving her a sympathetic look Juri said, “We’ll be very careful with it.” A bit more briskly she continued, “We’ll distribute it to the campus police, as well as various other interested parties. However, with the academy as crowded as it is....”

“I understand,” Hazuki nodded, watching as a minion arrived to take the phone and bring it over to a computer set up in the corner of the large hall. Within a few moments a print up had been made and the phone returned.

“So, Hazuki,” Lilith leaned over to pet the other girl’s arm lingeringly, “while we’re waiting, do you want to...?”

Hazuki shrugged her off, a bit uncomfortable under Juri’s gaze. “I think I’d like to take a look around,” she said firmly.

“Give us your cellphone number,” Juri suggested before they left, “that way we can call you once we learn anything.”

“Thank you,” Hazuki said quietly as they left.

“You’re welcome,” Juri smiled back as she watched them go.

“What do you think?” Miki asked after they had left.

“Lilith has it for Hazuki bad,” Juri noted.

“I mean,” Miki sighed, “our chances of finding this Eve?”

Juri shrugged slightly, “I think we have a chance, but it’s pretty low.” Seeing the printing out of the first batch of photo’s was done Juri rose, “Miki, can you see to it that the photos get distributed to Major Motoko, Natsuki and Miyuki?”

“Of course,” Miki nodded then asked, “and where will you be?”

“Spending some quality time with my girlfriend Ami,” Juri said with a grin.

Outside in the sun Lilith hurried after Hazuki as she cried, “Hazuki, wait up!”

Hazuki slowed reluctantly, “Sorry. It’s just... I can almost feel Hatsumi here, somewhere, and I want to find her.”

“I know,” Lilith took her arm, “I want to, too.”

“Arrgh,” Ken-chan flapped up, “you deserted me! And there was this odd thing chasing me going Puu! Puuu! I’m near my limit, damn it!”

Lilith chuckled softly as she looked up at Hazuki tenderly, “Let's go?”

“Right,” and the three continued their search.

To be continued....

Notes: Yami to Booshi to Hon no Tabibito is a anime based off of a computer game in which Hazuki’s adopted sister disappears, and Hazuki goes on a quest to find her. Making things more complicated is that Hazuki is in love with big sis, and is also the object of desire of many characters in the series.