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Revolutionary Girl Utena
The Warlord of the White Rose
“Don't start crap with me Kozue,” the girl with dark purple hair said as she glared at the blue hair girl sitting across from her. “Hmph, don't think too highly of yourself Shiori. Besides, we're not here to argue over who got the better part of the land.” Kozue said with her arms crossed. They were both dressing in military outfit adorned with the rose emblem in perspective of its owner's color, blue for Kozue and Orange for Shiori. The two were seemingly having a glaring contest when the sound of light footsteps interrupted them.
Walking down the hall and toward them was a girl with her hair up, making her looks somewhat like an onion. “I see that you two are getting along well,” the brown hair stranger said stopping a distant away from the girls. She dresses comfortably in hunting clothes and worn leather boots, her bow and arrows rested on her back as the color of her outfit in a shade of dark green. However, her brown gloves were adorned with the green rose emblem on its back.
“I see that the master of the Green Rose was also summoned here as well,” Shiori said ruefully as she brushes a few strains of hair that was blocking her view. “I do frequent this place, so there's no need for her to have to summon me. I'm sure this must be important to have called for you guys as well,” the hunter said calmly. “Man, the long travel makes my body ache all over.” Kozue changes the subject rather innocent enough as she rubs her neck, as thought trying to chase away whatever it is that was bothering her. “Wakaba, can I borrow your bow and arrows?” Shiori asked eyeing Kozue. “If this is another urge you're having toward Kozue, then answer would be no. I swear to God, you two should really kiss and make up. It's not like you to be angry at each other so long like that,” Wakaba started to massage her temple praying the master of the household come quickly before she have to drag the girls out.
“I see that Shiori the Druid, Kozue the Thief, and Wakaba the Hunter are all here. Let us meet,” a clear voice echoed as a young girl in black outfit with white rose emblem adorned upon her shirt. “Utena,” the other three suddenly stand amazingly straight as though they're at attention. “It seems that the prince from Ohtori Kingdom underestimated us by raiding a few villages near the border, and those include from the province of the White Rose all the way to Blue Rose province. So I would like opinions on everyone first before the final decision to this taunting,” the pink hair lead the girls into the meeting room where the map lay ready on the large table.
“That's outright declaring war with us,” Wakaba said thoughtfully studying the map. Tracing the line along the border between the Kingdom of the Roses and the Kingdom of Ohtori, Kozue swiftly pulled out a dagger hidden somewhere on her body and stab it onto the castle of Ohtori with enough force that half the blade gone into the table itself. “Then a war we will give them,” Shiori flinched at the noises from Kozue's action. “It's decided then,” Utena said after looking at the other girls. “In four days, we will enter Ohtori in disguise. Once we're in, wait for my signal and we will take down the castle. Find the prince and bring him to me, I want to him to pay for what he did to our people. Prepare for battle,” Utena said firmly warning Shiori and Kozue as usual knowing how reckless those two can be.
Author's note: Sweet mother… I feel like making Utena bad since she's always a goody-two-shoes of a person( or do I?). Though somehow there's someone I can't think of making him good when he is ridiculously so much of a jerk that I just can't stand him. Yeah, yeah, there's grammar errors and whatnot, don't give me that crap since I know it but there's nothing I can do cuz English isn't my native language so don't bitch.