Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Warlord of the White Rose ❯ Sneak Attack, Declaration of War ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1: Sneak Attack, Declaration of War!
“My Lord,” a young boy appeared in front of Utena from the shadow of the inn she's staying at. “Mitsuru,” Utena spoke softly to the young boy addressing him by his last name as she always does. “Everyone is in place; we're ready to attack upon your order.” Mitsuru said, his voice a bit muffled by the tight cloth that covered over his mouth. “We strike at midnight,” Utena said tighten her right hand into a fist. “I shall let the other Houses know of your order,” Mitsuru nodded his head while he's still in his kneeling position. “Go,” Utena ordered the young boy. “Mitsuru,” she paused. “Yes Milord?” Mitsuru asked but has yet to get up from his position. “Get some rest until then,” Utena said as her fist relaxes beside her.
As midnight approaches, shadows silently making its way toward the towering castle looming ahead. The guards were quickly disposed of, leaving only a few drops of blood behind as the shadows advanced. Leading them were the Rulers of the Roses and among them was the pink hair in shinning black armor with white rose emblem engraves upon the black mail. She wore not her helmet, unlike the usual warlords this warlord chose to never wear one and it has become her trademark. The only thing she wore upon her delicate face was a mask, a black mask carved to resemble a mystic beast with dark pink lines painted on it to make the mask stood out more.
By the time all the troops within the castle were alarmed, most had already fallen prey to the Houses of the Roses. The troops from the Houses of the Roses wore their outfit according to their leader, and only Utena's troops are the one that dress in black instead of white like the color of their rose emblem. Before long, the castle was set ablaze, and everyone knows who done it. A slight smug brace across Shiori's griming face as she moved about the castle easily making sure to kill every last person that serve the Ohtori Castle.
Flipping knives with her right hand, Kozue acted as though she's taking a stroll through the garden. Looking ahead, she only needs to flick her wrist and there will be people fallen under her incredibly accurate knife throwing skill. Unlike the other two Houses, Wakaba dashes from corridor to corridor and only kill when necessary otherwise she only knocked them out with her hands. Among the four girls, Wakaba would be considered as the least violent person.
And so, in a single night the Ohtori Kingdom fall and become part of the Roses Nation. Those that managed to escape made it south to a province on the coastal where young princess Himemiya Anthy reside, they come to bare the bad news as well as good news. The invasion was rather quick and successful, even though Ohtori Akio; the heir to the Ohtori throne managed to escape with the help of his loyal friend and servant: Tsuchiya Ruka. The Ohtori Kingdom changed ruler, the loots from the raid were split amongst the troops of the Houses, as the Kingdom itself will be ruled under the name of the Roses.
“Princess Himemiya…” a man with long flaming red hair said upon his appearance at the mansion the young princess was staying in. He looked worn and tired, as his clothes were torn and ragged from the escaping the castle to here. The few troops that were with him had left for refugee elsewhere within the mansion. “You look horrible Touga,” the woman with curly orange hair said standing next to the one with amethyst hair. “The Houses of the Roses attacked us in the dead of the night, and by the time we realized what is happening.” Touga paused to take in a deep breath before he continues. “Most of our troops were killed and the castle was set ablaze, and it is unfortunate to say that the King and Queen didn't make it out to safety. Prince Akio managed to escape with Ruka's help, but I have no idea to where they fled. I'm sorry to have failed you,” Touga said looking regrettable at the turn of event.
“You must be very tired; Miki will take you to your room so that you can get some rest.” Princess Himemiya smiled warmly at Touga. With that, she managed to get Touga out of her hair for the mean time as she gathers her thoughts and digest the news of the invasion. “That's not plausible, I know that the Houses of the Roses can be ruthless but…” the orange hair said thoughtfully just as the blue hair boy returned with a blonde hair behind him. “I know those bastards were no good,” the blonde hair grumbled. “Captain Kiryuu,” the orange hair nodded slightly at the younger girl. “Nanami, do calm yourself down.” Emerald eyes looked at the blonde calmly showing nothing within it. “Reasonably speaking, they raised to power only a few years ago. They were not from noble bloodline, but they managed to capture the lands and made it their own. Their leader, the House of the White Rose is known as the Dark Warlord.” Miki said as his brows knit together whenever he's deep in thought.
“Diplomatically speaking, the House of the Green Rose takes that spot. Magic is specialized by the House of the Orange Rose; stealth belongs to the House of the Blue Rose, and finally the strategic warfare belongs to the Warlord of the White Rose. Who is also the Ruler of the Roses,” Miki said like he knew of it like the back of his hand. “You sure know a lot Miki,” the orange hair said with a light smile on her lips, something she seldom shown. “It is an honor to be praise by you, Commander Arisugawa.” Miki bowed slightly as his cheeks turning a light shade of pink.
There is however, a reason as to why Miki seemed to know more than he let on. Juri Arisugawa always has some kind of doubt towards the shy young man, and sometimes she wondered if he should be a girl or not since he is rather feminine in almost every way. Now with the new revelation of things, Juri's suspicion rose slightly higher than before, as the young woman was always a cautious person. Though the situation made her ponder about the Houses of the Roses, she would've never imagined anyone could come up with such a devious plan in taken over the castle within one night. It seemed that the Warlord of the White Rose is not someone to take lightly of, Juri mentally noted to herself.
“I assume you knew them at some point,” the princess point out the fact to Miki. “Yes, the late King once hired a band of mercenaries a few years prior to keep our border safe from the warring nations of Atras, Marlis, and Trizelas. The fact that they took the offer, and with a handful of them making their way to the border and keep the enemies at bay.” Miki paused for a moment. “However, it wasn't long that they saw the rulers of those three nations were incompetent and so with amount of people they have, they took over all three castles without much effort. It was then reformed under the name of the Roses, and then they develop a far more efficient military plan in increasing it in strength instead of numbers. Until last year, there was no House of the White Rose even though they expanded their borders much more by that time. The leader give the three nations they captured to her three friends, and she finally captured a smaller nation last year and claimed it her own.”
“She sure knows how to keep her subjects' loyalty,” Juri said thoughtfully. “The Houses of the Roses had expanded its territory since the fall of the three nations, they now ruled over many other nations with a very strong suit of followers. Thousands of millions are willing to die for the Roses,” Miki finished. “So it seems that we're part of that expansion of land also,” Nanami said with her brows knit together. It surprised the others that the blonde actually uses her head for once and not her brawn. It truly is a pleasant surprise and the young Princess couldn't help but giggled quietly, trying hard to hide the smile that grace her lovely lips.
Back at the castle, it has been quite a number of days and they managed to put the flame out. “What the hell was that for?” Kozue was literally screaming at the purple hair girl. “Whatever do you mean?” Shiori played coil as usual when trouble finds her. “Don't play dumb with me; you set the damn place ablaze the other night.” Kozue scowled. “And you slid the throat of everyone you see,” Shiori fired back before rolling her eyes. Wakaba said nothing as she stood next to Utena who was slouching on the throne listening to her friends fighting over the mess they made.
“Enough! Both of you,” Utena finally said hinting danger in her voice and the girls hush up immediately. “Report to me what you found so far,” Utena said calmly. “It seemed that the prince escaped to the Forest of Black Roses, and the Diplomat man covered his tracks well though we know that he's heading south of here.” Wakaba reported. “We found a strange room deep in the dungeon of the castle; it was sealed by some kind of magic. So there's no way I could open it,” Kozue said with a light shrug. “Shiori?” Utena raised a brow as the other girl. “Fine, I'll open the damn thing.” Shiori said with a disgruntle grunt accompany it. “Let us get going then,” the pink hair said getting up from the throne and took the lead in heading for the depth of the dungeon.
Raising her hand in front of her, Shiori recited a simple incantation and the seals on door fizzled. Just as the door opened up, a beasty hand from within lounge out and nearly caught Shiori with its claws. The pink hair was quick on her feet and uses her sword as a mean to smack the hand away from Shiori, since it was still in it scabbard, it only hurt the beast enough to cause it to withdraw its hand as fast as it has extended.
“Beast, can't you tell those who captured you and those who are here to free you?” Shiori scowled. “You people are all alike,” a rough voice returned from within the room. “Saionji, is that you?” Wakaba spoke softly. “Shinohara-san,” the voice seems to loosen its roughness. “I set you free and you ended up caught,” Wakaba said feeling her forehead. “It's kind of hard to outrun magic,” Saionji said in a low and shameful tone.
Aside from that fact that the beast is covered in green fur, it's hard to tell what species he is. Saionji Kyouichi was once a human, and for whatever reason it was that turned him into a mess of unmanning thing of green fur with a head of a wolf and body of something like an ape or maybe yeti. Standing in the cell with special chains on his hands and feet, he really does tower over everyone and looks slightly ferocious. One look at the chains and Shiori could feel the dark magic oozing from it, it seemed that a dark binding spell was put upon it but luckily the purple hair girl is an expert in that field.
“I owe you my thanks,” Saionji got down on one knee once he was freed from the chains. “Yeah, yeah… You can follow the Onion Queen over there; I'm not interest in lugging a green beast around. Make me look bad, my subordinates going to think I just created a walking alga.” Shiori said wave her hand while looking away. The sight of the green fluff of fur made her swoon, and there's no way in hell she let Kozue see her weak side. Kozue was too lost in feeling the fur on Saionji's shoulder to bothered looking at the other girl's reaction.
“Shiori, is there a way to return him back to his original form?” Wakaba asked signaling for the green beast to stand that caused Kozue to jump a bit. “I can't remove the curse that was put on him, the only thing I could do is to cast a spell that would only temporary lift the spell.” Shiori replied after a long period of thinking. “On second thought, that would require so much ingredients and since most of it will be ridiculously hard to get. There's something I have that might help ease the curse slightly,” Shiori said pulling something out from her pocket (one have to really wonder just how many hidden pockets this chick have). “Kozue, can I borrow your knife?” for once, Shiori was being polite to the blue hair girl.
Shiori took the knife and proceed on taking Saionji's amazingly large hand, using the knife she prick one of the fingers letting the blood drip onto a rose medallion and then taking a tiny bit of his fur placing on top of the blood stained piece of metal. Casting her black magic, everyone around could see the darkness seep from her hands into the rose medallion turning it along with the blood and fur into a green looking rose crest. Kozue watches with great curiosity, while Utena and Wakaba was used to it that they just patiently wait silently. Saionji, however, his eyes seem to widen then shrink and then widen yet again at the sight of Shiori working her craft.
“Put this on,” Shiori said once her magic was done and handed the now green glowing rose crest over to Saionji. As soon as Saionji accepted the thing, Shiori was quick enough and clamped a golden earring onto his left ear. The crest quickly spread its vines and become a necklace around the green beast, like miracle the fluffy green fur and scary looking face slowly changes into human features. Soon he was more or less naked, but naked nonetheless and so servant was quicken called for spare clothes. Dressing in rawhide, the beast looks stunning handsome with long locks of evergreen hair flowing down his back and a few blocking his eyes.
“We rode south at dawn tomorrow, that man will lead us to the others that we didn't get to during the raid. Kozue, as much as I would like you to come with us...” Utena paused for a moment and the blue hair knows exactly where this is going. “I do not wish for things to go south between you and Miki, so you will remain here and oversee the reconstruction of this castle. I promise that no harm will come to Miki,” the pink hair said with a stern face and her voice was full of seriousness that Kozue couldn't help but have to agree with her decision. “I understand,” Kozue said standing in attention position with her right hand holding onto the dagger in front of her as her sign of honoree.
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