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Another Vampire Tale
Just to let you know before I go.

It had been the longest summer of my life. I greatly awaited the winter. Winter was the time of every year the I really loved. When ever it snowed, it was the time I really felt alive. I would go out side on top of the big hill at the edge of the farm. Standing there you could see for miles. Wonderful snow falling every were like twinkling diamonds of color.
My mother and father died when I was a little girl. I never really made any relationships with any one. Most people decided that after my parents deaths I fell into a deep depression. I never spoke, but rarely. To me I just never had any thing to say. I felt alone. Life really had no meaning. I just couldn't see the joy or reason for living.
Another reason I couldn't wait for that winter is because I would be moving to live with my only family. A sister that lived within Kansas City, in Missouri. I never got to know her. I have not seem her since we were very little. I think we were 3 years old. After my parents deaths we were separated and adopted by two different families. I will be leaving to see her at the first of the month. That is five days away from now. My sisters name is Theresa. She has long brown hair that's full of waves. Her eyes are like silver cascades of light blues and green.
Oh but wait how rude of me I have not introduced myself. My name is Alex. Alex is shot for Alexandria. There really is not that much special about me. I have dark brown hair that sits in little curls at the ends. My eyes are a golden brown. I'm tall and very lanky. Working on the farm kind a keeps you that way. The good side is the muscles it gives to you. Some times I can beat the boys at arm wrestling at school. The boys all ways make a great joke out of it. They all stand around the loser chanting. You got beat by a girl. I rather think it is funnier to see the boys faces that torte the other once when they lose.
Just than my, ah hum, "Mother" called me in. It was time to go in and eat supper. In side the house my mother always kept things very nice and in order. She cleaned almost every day. I walked into the dinning room were my, ah hum "father" was already sitting at the table. I took my place over in the corner by the wall. I didn't mind sitting in the corner because than I could lean against the wall. My mother walked in the room carrying three dishes with pictures of cats on them and set then in front of us. Than she returned back to the kitchen only to return with the big plate of food for supper. She had made meatloaf again "yeak". Dinner was never all that exciting. we would eat, that's it. After we ate I would leave.
After dinner I went up to my room. It was piled to the ceiling with boxes of my stuff to bring to my sisters. All that still looked nice was my bed. I don't think I can take it with me. I sat down on my bed and wished I could just go away to my sisters now. I really wanted to go, but its not just the fact that I want to leave that made me so anxious to leave. For the past couple days I keep hearing voices in my dreams. They will call out the name Omikoado and they'll be looking at me. These two figures in the dark will be but outlines of people. There but dark shadows of what I think to be two men. One of them will reach out there hand to me as if wanting me to go with them. I so fare have not excepted the invitation. Now the real part that bothers me is that I am now hearing there voices every were I go. I am hoping when I go to my sisters that the voices will stop by the change of scenery.
It took me a long time to fall asleep that night because I could hear the voices again in my head. After I finally did fall asleep I had an even more disturbing dream that night. I was up in a small room. I'm guessing I was in the attic. I was sitting upon the window sill. I could see two girls down below looking frantically up at me. The look of horror upon there faces. They were wearing black dresses with silver linings. There hair flowed to the ground with beautiful black waves that the mood caste a silver shimmer on as well. It looked like they were trying to tell me some thing. I could see in mood shinning above me out the window. Now that I think of it. I think it had a red tint around it as well. The two girls dashed for the door. After they had run inside, I turned around only to be greeted by a man that looked as if he was the one from my other dreams that always offered me his hand. The man came closer to me. The detail on his face got more clear the closer he got. The only fixation more strange was that I seemed to feel no dread against the man. Instead as the man got closer I felt more calm as if I wanted what was coming. He came up and grabbed my arm. He turned me around and said:
"Here I'm giving you a choice. Either die now or join me. You have an amazing gift that you are not even aware of. I can teach you. So join me or die."
Before I could answer him I awake in a cold sweat. My heart was beating a thousand miles per hour. I could feel it pounding against my chest. A cold breeze came in from the open window beside me. I sat in horror looking out as in if something were going to come in the get me. Than I looked up to notice the moon. It was almost full and shining with the same horrible glow of red as in my dream. I lie awake the rest of the night thinking about what had happened. I couldn't go back to sleep. Not after what had just happened to me. What if it were real. What if this horrible thing was really out there waiting for me. What was it in the first place.
The next morning I went down stairs for breakfast. I sat down in my corner and waited for my mother to come serve it. I could smell the eggs and bacon that had been cooking all morning. When my mother finally walked in with the food she first served my father than me. She took off some for her self set the plate in the middle and took her seat. At first it seemed like a normal morning with breakfast until my mother asked me.
"Alex are you ok."
"yes mother, I'm fine, I'm always fine."
"Are you sure, Last night you kept screaming."
"Really I didn't know, maybe I just had a bad dream."
This satisfied her. I was amazed that she took interest. Usually she didn't take an interest in me. Father didn't even act as though he heard what we were saying. I was just wanting the week to go away.