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Ch.2 My Sister

The week had past by very slowly. Finally I was going down to the station to see my sister. Instead of me meeting her there she came here to meet me. We were to meet than travel back together. I was so nerves the whole way there. My mother drove me there. She kept telling me to try and settle down, but I could not. I was just to excited. It seemed like hours before we finally pulled up to the old train station. I saw a girl standing there beside a trash can. I know right away it had to be her. She looked even more amazing than I had pictured her. She was very tall and skinny just like me. She was wearing a black dress with sleeves that covered her hands like a goddesses dress. It glowed as if splattered with silver. Her skin glowed as well almost making her really look like a goddess.
I jumped out of the car and ran up to her. I asked her if her name was Theresa. Instead of answering she grabbed my in a big hug.
"Oh sister I have waited so long to see you" said cried out as she embraced me.
I didn't know what to say, I started to cry. I was filled with so many emotions at once. I was so happy to finally be meeting her. When my mother walked over I stepped back. Mom asked me if I needed any thing else. I said no. My sister helped me unload my stuff out of the car. We had the people at the desk when we checked in have it put in the baggage compartment. Side be side we walk onto the train. I was finally leaving.
After we found our seats I filled with disbelief. I couldn't believe it was finally happening. I was leaving this horrible place and I was with my sister.
I trip was very long. It took 3 days before we would get there. Three days that to me were three very long days. The first night me and my sister sat and talked about many things. The main subject being our mother. We both have very small memories of her. I could remember the way she would always pick me up and carry me every were we went. She would say she did it because I was extra special to her. She didn't want to lose me. rest of the time we just talked about the things we did growing up. The way we lived, how we did things, our high school friends and so on.
It was on the second night though that some thing happened. My sister had gone up to the front the see if she could get more blankets. When she had been gone for about 5 minutes. I think I feel asleep. I'm not very sure. I could swear I didn't. All I remember is a feeling that I couldn't breath or move. I wanted to scream out for help but could not. In my mind I could still hear every thing going on around me. It was as if I was trapped in my body with nothing I could do. Than I heard it. It was his voice again calling out to me. Only this time it sounded as if there were more people there as well. They were saying that name again over and over, "Omikoado". I couldn't stand it. I had to move and get help. I started screaming in my head. Than all of the sudden I could feel my sisters hand on mine. I could move and breath. I stood up showing no signs of what had just happened to me. My sister gave me a funny look and asked me if there was something wrong. I looked at her unable to speak. She was still wearing that dress from before. Slowly I stuttered out my famous saying, "I'm fine, I'm always fine." She gave me another look. Than she sat me down.
"That's not true, she started to say calmly, nobody can be fine all the time." I looked back over at her. She looked so indescribable. Her eyes were fixed right on me. It gave me the creeps. I assured her I was fine. After that I sleep the rest of the night.

When we arrived in Kansas City I looked out my window at all the lights. It was amazing. I had never seen so many people in all my life.