Vampire Hunter D Fan Fiction ❯ Silent Hunter ❯ Awakening ( Chapter 1 )

[ A - All Readers ]
A horse is walking along an old cobblestone road. On its back, is its dark clothed rider. On his back, a sword almost as tall as the figure himself is protruding from under his cloak to the side.
In the distance, evidence of a town can be seen in the sky. Smoke from cook fires, the very tips of roofs, and the baying of dogs occasionally. As the rider comes closer to the town, we can see that it is rather dilapidated, many of the houses in very poor condition.
The only building in any sort of repair is a two-story inn. Smoke rises from its chimney healthily, and some even through the windows, from oldsters smoking their pipes up a storm. As the rider approaches closer, some of the old men stop smoking and turn to appraise this visitor, and then return to puffing.
The man tethers the horse next to the few others there, and then enters the inn. Inside is what seems to be most of the village men, most drunk or getting there fast. In one corner, a table sits empty, and he sits. As the barmaid approaches, she looks at the strangers face, balks, and then comes closer.
"My lord, how may I serve you," the girl asks.
"Some food would be nice, as well as a little ale if you have it," comes the monotonous reply.
The girl dips an unpracticed curtsey, and then hastily retreats as a man walks towards the table.
"Hello stranger, my name is Jarod. I've never seen you around here before, so may I request your name?"
"I am called D."
"Just D? Well, anyway, welcome to our town...what little is left at any rate."
D nods, and gestures to the seat in front of him. Jarod sits, and begins to talk again.
"You wouldn't happen to be a vampire hunter, would you D?"
No answer.
"You see, we've been having problems with the local count lately...he's started raising the tithe and we can't pay. That's why our town looks so poor, we can barely pay what he asks, and we've not enough left over to fix our own homes." Jarod looks down at the table, his face coloring with shame.
"I'll take the job, but I'm going to need more information than that if you expect me to rid you of the count."
Jarod looks up, his face full of gratitude.
"Thank you hunter, thank you so very much," he gets up and runs out the door, to one of the few other houses that look stable, which must be the mayor's house.
After a few more minutes, the girl brings him his food; D nods to her, and begins to eat with slow, deliberate movements. The meat isn't fully cooked, so it makes his fangs elongate some. Forcing his mind away from the blood, he finishes the little bit of venison, and then leans back to nurse the ale. The girl returns after a few moments of being back in the kitchen or wherever.
"Sir, would you like anything else," she asks, her voice almost trembling with fear.
D looks up at her, studies her face. She seems to shrink back some, and then D smiles at her.
"Sit, girl. Tell me why you are so full of fear."
He pushes one of the chairs out with his foot, and motions her to sit. She does, apprehensively, and stares at the table.
"I...I'm sorry my lord, I'm not meaning to be scared...honest. I've just never seen many other people dressed the same, except the vampire lord...I saw him once you know."
D nods, and motions her to continue her story.
"He came to town, and went into the mayor's house. He had all kinds of monsters with him, and one even attacked a villager. The person survived, but he's been blind ever since." The girl seems to be loosening up now, ready to tell her story. "As he was leaving, he came very near to me, and I got a good look at him. He was very pale, even paler than you, my lord."
D frowns, and scratches his chin thoughtfully.
"I wish you wouldn't call me makes me feel old. My name is D, and you are?"
"They call me Mercy...D."
"Continue with your story please, Mercy."
"Yes...anyway, he was very small up close. He seemed so large when he was far away, but when he came near to me, he was no bigger than maybe a boy my age."
"Hmmm... thank you."
Mercy nods, and then hears her name called from the back room.
"Excuse me, my lord...I mean, D. I have to go."