Vampire Hunter D Fan Fiction ❯ Silent Hunter ❯ Chapter 2

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NOTE: I do not own D. The other characters, are, however, mine. If you want to use them, all you need to do is ask.

D leans back in his chair, and props up a foot in a nearby chair. He nurses his ale some more, face thoughtful. After a while, he gets up, and approaches the innkeeper.
"Are you looking for a room tonight, my lord," the man asks cautiously, looking up at D to peer into his face. "We have some very good rooms, lord, perhaps..." the man leaves the question unfinished. D nods, and an eager look appears on the man's face.
"W...what can we do for you, my master? Come, allow me to show you to the rooms..." he is very clearly blubbering, perhaps hoping to get some extra money in a tip? The man practically dances towards the stairs, D following behind, not paying any attention to the man leading him.
Walking down the poor hallway, the innkeeper leads him to a door, which looks equally poor. Inside, however, the room is surprisingly clean, and a nice feather bed adorns one wall, and a cedar wardrobe on the opposite. D nods to the innkeeper, who leaves quickly, but not quietly. The man trips on something in the hallway, stumbles down the passage, and then seemingly rolls down the stairs.
However, D doesn't hear him. He is sitting on the edge of the bed, thinking. If it really is that small, then chances are that it is either using a clever illusion, or its form really is that of a young male. Either way, it could be dangerous...physical size doesn't have anything at all to do with a vampire's powers. After sitting for a while longer, D undresses, and goes to sleep.
The next morning, he awakens and hears the chirping of a single bird, outside of his window. Peering at it, D notices that it isn't a normal bird. It seems to be slightly misshapen, as if it had been maimed in some way. He approaches it slowly, so as not to startle it, and opens the window. The bird flutters in, and D realizes that its wing is broken. Taking the small creature in his hands, he puts it on the top of the wardrobe, and proceeds to wrap its wing.
After finishing, he dresses and takes the bird downstairs, to Mercy. She peers with amazement at the small being in the palm of her hand, and then looks up at D in wonder.
"Th... thank you, lord D. I'll not forget this..." she strokes the bird's head very soft and tender, and the bird chirrups back in response. D merely nods again. He turns, and seeks the innkeeper.
"Here is payment for allowing me to use your room last night." D hands him a few coins, and the man looks ready to shit on himself. He tries to talk, but all that comes out is stutters. Obviously, money must be a very rare thing in some places. Leaving the inn, D finds his horse, and saddles up. Riding from town, D glances back on whim. He sees Mercy looking after him, standing on the steps of the inn, waving.
He lifts a hand in silent farewell, and continues forth on his journey.