Vampire Hunter D Fan Fiction ❯ Silent Hunter ❯ Chapter 3

[ A - All Readers ]
Days have passed since D came through the small town, and it is beginning to show in his ration sack. He peers down into it, and spies only a block or so of cheese, and a half loaf of bread. Sighing, he stares out into the horizon, where the spires of an ancient castle lie. They pierce the sky like spears, and they seem to be black, and clouded with darkness.
As night falls, D camps in a small clearing next to the road, and spirals into sleep quickly. His sleep, however, was not to be. Howls scream through the night's air, and D jerks awake, his hand instantly on his sword, drawn. Pads can be heard hitting the earth outside of the clearing, not many, but a several large.
As they come closer, D's extraordinary vision can see that they're huge werewolves, the smallest the size of a Great Dane. Holding his sword in front of him, D can feel the vampire inside of him awaken and stir. His fangs begin to elongate, and his eyes turn blood red and slitted. He bares his teeth at the weres, but they pay no heed. He can feel Left Hand trying to talk to him, but the battle rage is too much, even for the demonic being within his hand.
Faster than sight, D is upon the wolves, battling as fiercely and ferociously as they. They are more, but D is faster and has a better weapon...a longer weapon. From a distance that their speed cannot close, D's sword begins to mince the beasts, slicing a leg off here, the tip of a nose off there. Soon, the wolves realize that they cannot battle such a foe, and fall back.
It is too late for them, however. D is beyond reason, and his vampiric rage is roaring full force through his mind and body. He closes quarters with the werewolves, and begins his deadly work with the sword. Slice here, pierce there, and one wolf is headless and with cold steel through its heart. The same for the others, and one even tries to flee, but D is faster. He swings his sword, and at the last moment the wolf veers, but not enough. The sword slices through it with ethereal ease, making it now a corpse, cut in two, blood spurting pitifully.
After a while of staring at the dead monsters, D returns to his senses. His eyes cool back off to their normal shade of green, and his body relaxes. Sighing, he finally gives in to the demon in his hand, and listens to it berate him as he removes the glove.
"Dammit D, you know you shouldn't do that. You idiot, do you realize what would have happened if anyone had seen you? They'd have probably tried to kill you, and you so wrapped up in those damned wolves, its no wonder no one DID take a shot at you..." It calms down a little, and then starts to speak again.
"What do you think would happen to me, if you went off and got yourself killed, huh? I'd be stuck here in your hand, and have one hell of a time trying to get out. I'd probably die, how would you like that?" Its voice becomes muffled again, as D pulls his glove back on.
"Sorry," is all he says. Left Hand mumbles something through the glove, and D nods. "I agree, its time to get moving again. I suppose our host already knows we're coming by now."
Again, mounting his horse, which had all the while stood calmly where it had been tethered, D rides off towards the castle again, this time in the middle of the night, with his demon friend still cursing him every few moments.