Vampire Knight Fan Fiction ❯ For You-repost #2 ❯ Chapter 1

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Author Note:
The characters will more than likely be out of character. Don’t expect the story to follow the manga. This is the prequel to Sunset, Amethyst, and Burgundy.  Rating may change after I      add later chapters.

One more note: I apologize for taking so long to continue with this story. Due to the length of time that has passed I’m redoing all of the chapters.  I only changed minor things about this chapter.


Chapter 1

The cries and screams of the Day Class were deafening; they’d already lined up in front of the Moon Dormitory gates and it was only early morning. Akatsuki Kain frowned slightly as he climbed out of bed to see what all of the fuss was about. He glanced over at his cousin to find the blonde sleeping like a baby completely unaware of all the noise. Well, he won’t be sleeping for long. His frown morphed into a tiny smirk as he pulled open the heavy curtains that shielded their room from the bright sunlight. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to the irritating, bright light that hit him square in the face; but once they made the adjustment, he stared at the sight in front of him in slight confusion.

Seeing the Day Class girls (and a few guys) grouped in front of their dormitory was a normal sight. Seeing them standing there this early, however, wasn’t normal. Even from where he stood with the window and walls of the building between him and them, Akatsuki could hear Yuki shout at the mob trying to maintain some semblance of order. He wasn’t surprised when the mob ignored the girl just like they did every evening. He didn’t know of anyone who would be afraid of her. There was a reason why the Day Class was so psychotic today, but he couldn’t seem to remember why-the reason nagged at him teasing his mind by staying just out of reach. The flame haired male spared an unsympathetic glance at his cousin as the blonde woke up and began complaining about the light.

He ignored Hanabusa’s complaints and whining in favor of watching the chaos outside. Any minute now, he fully expected one of the Day Class girls to try and climb the wall. He didn’t have to wait too much longer. He heard Yuki’s voice raise in alarm as a light haired girl poked her head over the wall; however apparently, the foolish girl didn’t have a good enough grip or foothold because she suddenly fell backwards. Yuki’s panicked voice was accompanied by the yells of other students before silence suddenly descended. Judging from the sudden relief of tension in Yuki’s shoulders Akatsuki guessed that Zero showed up just in time to catch the poor girl.

He ruthlessly squashed the slight flare up of jealousy at the thought of Zero holding someone else. Voices were soon heard again but this time from discontent. He must have said something rude to them, he thought in amusement. The disturbance quieted down with the silver haired male’s arrival prompting Akatsuki to finally give in to his cousin’s whining about shutting the curtains. As he climbed back into bed it finally occurred to him what today was-it was St. Xocolatl’s Day.  While Hanabusa might be looking forward to the chaos later, Akatsuki wasn’t.

The only person’s attention he wanted was the hunter’s.

His was the only acknowledgement he needed.


It was normal for the Night class to be fawned over by the Day Class girls, but this was ridiculous even for them. He vaguely wondered whose idea it was for them to set up gates like this. Behind him, he could hear girls wondering why he wasn’t coming over to the other side where his cousin was eagerly flirting with every girl that handed him chocolate; while in front of him he could hear a few of the girls wondering why Hanabusa wasn’t over here with him.

According to their logic the two of them weren’t supposed to be separated from each other—ever. Akatsuki bet that some of these girls thought that he and Hanabusa were lovers, never mind that they were cousins.

 He stared at the growing pile of chocolates in his arms and tried to push back the unreasonable disappointment that he wouldn’t be receiving anything from the one he wanted. A bright pink box was thrust into his hands causing him to sigh. Why the hell does all of this stuff have to be wrapped in pink or purple? Thankfully none of the girls expected him to say much more than a quick thank you. There were definite advantages to being the complete opposite of his cousin. As it was, every single one of the girls turned bright red when he thanked them.

He glanced up and barely bit back a sigh at the seemingly endless line of girls in front of him. He could hear Yuki scolding his cousin about something-the blonde was probably trying to get one of the girls to go off to some secluded corner with him.  I least I can’t be blamed when he gets in trouble this time. The next girl in line seemed to take forever to get up the nerve to approach him so he took a quick glance around looking for Zero.

The hunter was standing off to the side out of sight from just about everyone else. Even from where he was, Akatsuki could tell that something was wrong with the other male. Zero’s breathing was labored, his body was shaking, and for some reason he was clutching his throat.


The flame haired male mentally cursed the girl who finally seemed to have gathered her courage to come up to him. She smiled hesitantly up at him holding out a rather large box of chocolates for him to take. For what seemed like the hundredth time since he woke up Akatsuki bit back a sigh before politely thanking the girl. No sooner were the words out of his mouth then he turned his head back in the direction where he’d last seen Zero. The vampire aristocrat cursed mentally again when the silver haired male was nowhere in sight. He had a feeling something was very wrong, and that it would soon blow up in their faces if not dealt with soon. Lost in his thoughts, Akatsuki failed to notice that he was being watched by Kaname.

But someone else noticed. Takuma had glanced around to check on his fellow vampires and saw the almost longing look in the pureblood’s eyes directed at the flame haired male. He had the feeling that his life was going to become even more complicated.


The following night, Akatsuki had to admit he was extremely impressed by Zero’s physical strength. The hunter’s slender body was misleading. For a few seconds after he hit the ground, his eyes locked with Zero’s stealing his breath away. The amethyst eyes glittered with frustration, pain, and hunger. Hunger for what?

The spell was broken by Yuki’s abrupt arrival.

He made sure the other Night Class students were well on their way into the Moon Dormitory before turning around and making his way back towards Yuki and Zero. The hunger in Zero’s eyes bothered him in more ways than one. By the time he made it back, all of his senses were on alert as the feeling of wrongness intensified when he saw that Zero was no longer there. From the look on Yuki’s face, she knew that something was wrong with the hunter.

She was so engrossed in her thoughts that she never noticed Akatsuki’s presence.

If Hanabusa had been the one to come across her, the blonde would’ve had a field day. Then he would’ve been promptly killed by Kaname.

Akatsuki didn’t stay to question her. His senses screamed for him to find his mate. Zero’s scent was still strong making it easy for the aristocrat to track him all the way into an empty hall of the boys’ wing of the Sun Dormitory.   As late as it was, all of the students were sound asleep and luckily wouldn’t be disturbed by whatever was going to happen in just a little bit.

He didn’t have to go much farther to find the hunter.

“What the hell do you want?” Zero growled at him while clutching his throat; his other hand holding the Bloody Rose shakily in the aristocrat’s direction.

Akatsuki held his hands up and ceased walking towards the other male. “I’m here to help.” He wasn’t surprised one bit when Zero snorted in disbelief. In a tiny corner of his mind, the aristocrat had always suspected that Zero was no longer human but now he was faced with undeniable proof. The amethyst eyes that locked with his were slowly turning red. “You’re having a hard time stomaching the blood tablets aren’t you.” It was more of a statement then a question.

The Bloody Rose slowly lowered as the hunter stared at him in surprise. His hand tightened around his throat as his body began trembling harder. “How did …?” The hostility was still present but wasn’t as strong as before.

“I’ve been watching you for quite some time now. You’re not the only one they don’t work for.”

The twisted smirk that appeared on Zero’s face startled the aristocrat with its bitterness. “You’re here to make fun of me.”

“No.” He responded forcefully. It hurt that the hunter assumed the worst, but could he really blame him?

 He didn’t raise his voice but Zero obviously caught the emotion behind it judging from the shock on his face. The silver haired male winced. “Then why are you here?”

Akatsuki knew he didn’t have much more time to waste and was grateful that he didn’t follow the dress code. He moved until only a few inches separated their bodies and leaned down so that his neck was only an inch away from Zero’s face making sure to keep his movements slow and deliberate so as to not startle the stressed out hunter too badly. “I’m here to help you. I know you might not believe me right now, but you need this and I’m offering.”

The amethyst eyes were almost totally red and completely focused on his neck, yet Zero opened his mouth as if to question his intentions.

Akatsuki growled deeply in his throat frustration lacing his voice, “Drink, damn you! I don’t want to lose you.”

Zero didn’t need any more encouragement and grabbed the aristocrat pulling him up against his body tightly. Without anymore words or formalities he desperately sank his fangs into the taller male’s neck. As soon as the aristocrat’s rich blood flowed into his mouth, he couldn’t stop the moan that left him.

Akatsuki winced from the pain as Zero’s fangs bit into his neck. He didn’t hold the pain against the hunter, though, since he’d been bitten roughly plenty of times by his often inconsiderate cousin.  His cousin and Zero were the only two people in the world he’d do this for. Even if Kaname were to ask/demand this of him it wouldn’t be the same. Unless…he didn’t allow that thought to continue because there was simply no way that it could happen. The feel of Zero’s fangs in him and his mouth on his skin was heavenly. There was no way to describe the feeling of being able to help his mate this way.  It was becoming increasingly harder to control his body’s reactions from this intimate act, and Zero’s soft moans weren’t helping his control any.

If he ever wanted to gain the silver haired male’s trust and to have any chance of earning his love then Akatsuki had no choice but to remain in control of his body. Zero would learn that there was at least one vampire that he could trust.


When his cousin didn’t return with the others, Hanabusa went to Takuma to get permission to look for him. He knew Akatsuki was more than capable of taking care of himself but something had been gnawing at him for the past few days. Something about Kiryu was bothering him. He’d known for quite some time now that Akatsuki had feelings for the hunter; thus, out of respect for his cousin he was trying to be nicer to Kiryu—a lot easier said than done. Because of his cousin’s feelings, Hanabusa had been keeping an eye on Kiryu for a few weeks and, therefore, knew that something was wrong with the hunter.

Currently the blonde found himself standing on the path that split into two smaller paths leading to the dormitories. He was glad to be out of the dormitory since Kaname-sama had been acting oddly lately. Tension filled the air whenever the pureblood was in the room but no one knew the reason for it. He’d caught their leader looking at his cousin more than once. If he didn’t know better, Hanabusa would think that their leader was interested in his cousin.

In addition, Ruka was acting odd as well; though, her behavior didn’t seem to be linked to the Dorm Leader’s. She kept being nice to him. I know she’s planning to do something to me.

A heady scent in the air snapped him out of his thoughts. Sometimes Hanabusa hated that he had such a sensitive nose. For just a minute he thought that it belonged to one of the numerous Day class girls who were constantly sneaking out. Those foolish girls were always getting themselves injured. Then his mind actually processed the fact that he knew this scent very well.

It was Akatsuki’s.


His senses gradually returned as his hunger was sated. Somewhat dazed Zero realized that the aristocrat was leaning on him for support. He didn’t know how long he’d been drinking from the other male. His mind raced as it tried to comprehend the past several minutes.

Kain willingly let him drink from him.

“I’m here to help you. I know you might not believe me right now, but you need this and I’m offering.”

If it had been anyone else, Zero would’ve pushed them away, but he couldn’t do that to the male in his arms.

“Drink, damn you! I don’t want to lose you.”

He’d never heard that much emotion in the always calm aristocrat’s voice before.

The hunter didn’t know how much blood he’d taken from the aristocrat but he had a sinking feeling that he’d taken a little too much. However, he couldn’t help the little flutter in his chest as he remembered Kain’s words. Why didn’t he stop me? Kain shifted slightly in his arms causing Zero to tighten his grip on the taller male. Guilt began to creep in.

“Don’t you dare feel guilty.” Zero felt Kain’s lips moving against his shoulder. “You needed it; besides, I offered.”

Amethyst eyes widened at the tiny bit of amusement he could hear in the other’s deep voice. He snorted softly, “Idiot.” He heard the other male chuckle softly. Zero unconsciously leaned his head against Kain’s while one of his hands moved to run softly through flame colored hair at the base of the vampire’s neck. Akatsuki Kain was one of only three vampires who didn’t go out of their way to make his life miserable. The other two, Ichijo and Shiki, didn’t seem to harbor the hatred/dislike that the others did. “Are you all right?” He asked softly. This was the one vampire he’d never wanted to hurt.

Zero felt his face heat up when Kain actually purred. “I’m fine. I just need to rest for a bit. Looks like I’ll be skipping class for the rest of the night.”

The hunter didn’t understand what had come over him because, despite the situation, he felt content. A tiny smile appeared on his face. “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.” Nothing mattered except the male in his arms.

They lapsed into a comfortable silence neither wanted to break as they both enjoyed the other’s presence. However, the silence was broken by the sound of running footsteps coming their way.


Zero jerked his head around to look at the source of the loud shout. He knew that this didn’t look good. Aido stood at the top of the stairs his eyes wide with panic.

“Damn.” Kain cursed as he slowly pushed himself far enough away from Zero to look at his cousin.

For a few seconds Aido just stared at them the majority of the panic melting from his face to be replaced by intense worry. Never before had Zero seen the blonde look so worried. He’d seen the blonde hyperactive, irritated, angry—but never so obviously worried for someone else.

“Hey.” The sound of Kain’s voice broke whatever spell Aido was under. The blonde moved to stand right beside them with speed Zero would’ve never given him credit for. Aido closed his eyes, clenched his teeth, and curled his hands into fists. One thin blonde eyebrow twitched like mad. The air temperature seemed to dip.

The hunter felt it wise to remind the blonde of where they were standing. “Don’t get too carried away. You don’t want to wake all of the Day class students.”

Surprisingly Aido didn’t bite his head off just nodding his head in acknowledgement of Zero’s words. The air temperature quickly returned to normal; but the hunter could practically feel the rage building up in the other’s body.  A few more minutes passed before his blue eyes opened to glare at his cousin. “Next time you want to give him blood, forewarn me so that I don’t freak out when I smell your blood on the wind,” he said through clenched teeth.

Zero stared at the blonde with his jaw hanging slightly open, eyes wide with shock. In the back of his mind he could hear the theme song for the Twilight Zone playing. From the time Kain came after him to right this minute everything felt surreal. Briefly he wondered if this was some kind of hunger induced dream that his mind conjured up; or maybe Aido had been replaced by an alien looking for world domination.

Suddenly Aido smacked Kain hard on the head. “You asshole, if you ever do something like this again…” He let his words trail off never raising his voice. His eyes narrowed at the only somewhat apologetic look on Kain’s face. Without warning the tension, the panic, the irritation slipped out of his posture, and a sigh slipped out. His gaze finally shifted over to Zero for the first time since his arrival. The hunter tensed automatically at the intense look in those blue eyes.

“Hanabusa…” Zero heard Kain growl warningly. Aido’s eyes never left him as he responded to his cousin. “Relax, will you. I’m not going to do anything to your boyfriend.”

Kain’s head dropped back down to the hunter’s shoulder sighing.

Boyfriend? He didn’t think he heard the blonde right. There’s no way he could possibly be right. Kain wouldn’t want me. He turned his head into the flame colored hair taking a deep breath inhaling the aristocrat’s scent. But if there wasn’t a chance that he did like me then he wouldn’t have come here tonight. He wouldn’t stay in my arms like this. Hell, he definitely wouldn’t cuddle up to me. His thoughts must have shown on his face because when he turned his head to face Aido who nodded his face softening.


End Chapter 1

I hope you’ve enjoyed.
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