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Chapter 2

Hanabusa helped Akatsuki back to their dorm room since the taller male was still unsteady on his feet. Which isn’t surprising since Kiryu took quite a lot of blood. Who would have thought that the hunter is a vampire-a level D-but a vampire none the less. You sure know how to pick them, don’t you? He glanced out of the corner of his eye at his cousin who was currently leaning against the wall while he opened the door to their room. “Next time you do something like this warn me, will you,” he grumbled. He pushed the door open and came to stand next to the taller vampire. “You knew, didn’t you? About Kiryu, I mean?”

Akatsuki looked up towards the ceiling, “I suspected. Are you angry with me?”

“No.” It was true, because Hanabusa would do the same thing for the one he loved and Akatsuki. “Don’t make me repeat myself anymore tonight; next time, just warn me. Smelling your blood in the air for no reason scared the crap out of me.”

“Sorry,” Akatsuki mumbled as he was pulled into their room. He didn’t say anything else until after the blonde pushed him to sit on his now ready to sleep in bed. “Thanks for not laying into Zero. I know the position you found us in couldn’t have looked good.”

Hanabusa straightened up placing his hands on his hips with a pout on his face. “Give me more credit. Besides I’ve had to suffer through enough of your dreams to know very well how you feel about him,” he teased. He didn’t dodge the pillow thrown at him instead catching it and carrying with him to his own bed. “Mine now.” He stuck his tongue out earning him a snort and a tired chuckle from the other male. Akatsuki was soon asleep and thus didn’t hear Hanabusa’s final comment for the night; “I’m glad you’ve found him. I’m happy for you.”

It was pretty rare for a vampire noble to fall in love.  To actually have that love returned was a miracle.


Takuma sat in Kaname’s room watching his best friend/brother pace the length of the room restlessly. As soon as he caught the scent of Kain’s blood on the wind, the blonde felt it would be wise to check on the pureblood. In the back of his mind he wondered how long Kaname had been in love with their resident flame wielder. He’d caught the pureblood looking at Kain numerous times but never thought that he’d fallen in love with the tall vampire until recently when the looks became more frequent; and Kaname suddenly seemed to lose his sense of personal boundaries by getting closer than necessary to Kain at times. I wonder if Kain has noticed. I doubt it since he’s been preoccupied with Zero.

Right now was proof of his suspicions.

When he’d arrived at the brunette’s room he was just in time to stop Kaname from racing out to find Kain. It took every ounce of diplomacy and persuasiveness that Takuma possessed combined with their many years of friendship to keep the brunette there and only just barely. For one thing, the flame haired vampire was more than capable of taking care of himself without any help from Kaname. For another thing, if Takuma was right about his other suspicions then Kain would definitely not want the pureblood anywhere near his location. What a pretty little love triangle we have going on, right underneath the noses of every other vampire in the dormitory. Everyone thinks that it’s a love triangle between Kaname, Yuki, and Zero.

Suddenly both males stiffened as the smell of Kain’s blood grew stronger.

Takuma cursed out loud when Kaname bolted from the room presumably on his way to Kain and Aido’s room.

He ran after the pureblood only a few seconds behind and arrived at the door to the cousins’ room just in time to see Kaname start pounding on the door. The blonde didn’t dare try and stop the brunette but he did, however, glare at the curious heads that poked themselves out of the other rooms along the hall. While it was surprising to find their leader banging on a door, none of them were brave enough to face Takuma’s wrath and quickly went back to their beds. Takuma turned back around just as Aido opened the door with a dirty look on his face which instantly turned to pure shock when he saw who was on the other side.

“K-K-Kaname-s-s-sama?” In the back of his mind, Takuma vaguely noted how the other blonde never moved out of the doorway baring the pureblood’s entry into the room.

For just a second, the sword wielder thought that Kaname would actually force his way in but a sleepy murmur from the room’s other occupant made the brunette freeze. Both of the vampire’s out in the hall could hear Kain’s sleepy question, “What’s going on?”

Aido never took his eyes away from Kaname as he answered, “Nothing you need to worry about.”

“Bullshit,” was more clearly heard as the taller vampire appeared just behind his cousin in the doorway.

To Takuma, the flame wielder looked pale and completely worn out. His movements were slow, slightly unsteady. Sunset colored eyes blinked sleepily at them only partly comprehending the people in front of them. They moved from one to the other in question. “What’s wrong?” He seemed to realize he was the sole focus of Kaname’s gaze.

Kaname was obviously restraining his body from moving any closer to Kain. The sword wielder watched as the majority of the panic fled from his eyes; though, he had the feeling that if not handled very carefully the remaining panic would quickly turn to rage. “Why were you bleeding so heavily?” The question came out as more of a demand. Takuma refrained from commenting; however, he did wince at Kaname’s bluntness.

Kain’s eyes shuttered so that nothing could be read from them. The sword wielder really had to give the taller vampire top marks for being able to conceal his thoughts so well.

Kaname growled softly. “Tell me why.”

Uh oh, Takuma thought, this isn’t good. A possibly jealous, rampaging pureblood was not something he wanted to deal with any night of the week. Besides, it wasn’t fair for Kain to have to deal with said pureblood when he was obviously not capable of handling him right now. The sword wielder moved to stand close to Kaname’s side so that the only ones who could hear him were the pureblood and the cousins. “Kaname, Kain needs his rest right now more than he needs your questions.”

This was the only way he knew of diffusing the situation. His words had the desired effect because the brunette’s eyes cleared and focused on Kain finally taking in just how exhausted he was. Takuma breathed a deep sigh of relief because there had also been a good chance that Kaname would have reacted quite badly to his suggestion. No matter how jealous, no matter how angry, Kaname would see to his mate’s health and well-being above all else. A deep frown settled on the brunette’s face, his eyes filled with concern, but he did back off. “I apologize for keeping you from much needed rest. I hope you feel better come the morning.” The words we’ll talk about this later went unspoken yet were understood.

Aido’s mouth dropped open when their leader apologized. Kain, on the other hand, nodded politely. “Thank you, Kaname-sama. Good night.” He drug his cousin back into their room and shut the door quietly.

Takuma waited on Kaname who continued to stand there for a few seconds before slowly walking back to his room. As soon as the pureblood’s door shut, the blonde sighed in relief. That could’ve gone a lot worse.


When Zero returned to his room he collapsed on his bed in exhaustion. The night’s events had left his mind in a whirl. He was so tired his body felt like lead; then there was the odd sensation of feeling his hunger for blood sated. The hunter had just enough energy to strip away his uniform and crawl into the pair of pajama pants that lay at the foot of his bed. As he crawled under the covers he decided to not think too deeply about the earlier events. As he succumbed to sleep only one thing was in his mind. He felt genuinely happy something he hadn’t felt since Shizuka killed his family. Kain cared for him.

After what seemed like only five minutes, Zero was awakened by loud pounding on his door.

“Zero Kiryu, answer this door right now!” Yuki’s demand was followed by a soft “Ow.” The hunter could just imagine her looking down at her now probably bruising fist with a pout on her face. In an attempt to ignore her he pulled the blankets over his head snuggling into his pillow.


He glared at the door knowing, though, that it wouldn’t reach her. “Go away,” he said loud enough for her to hear through the door. Amazingly she didn’t respond and silence reigned. Feeling pleased with himself, Zero aimed to go back to sleep but no sooner did his head hit the pillow then someone knocked on the door again except this time the knock was soft.


The hunter groaned into the pillow; the soft material muffling his curses. One of his fists slammed into the mattress with a muffled thump. Eventually, though, the teen pushed his body off of the bed to answer the door since he knew his visitor wouldn’t leave without talking to him.

Kaien Cross looked like a nut case and even acted like one; however, he had given Zero a home knowing that Zero could become a level E.  The eccentric man did everything in his power to help Zero fight the eventual transformation.  Cross was loud, flighty, and annoying 80 percent of the time-often calling Zero his ‘precious son’.

The hunter would never admit that he was pleased the ex-hunter considered him family unless it was under extreme torture-Yuki’s cooking and singing fell under that category.

The teen pulled his door open enough for the headmaster to enter the room then promptly shut it. Judging from the serious voice and look on the older man’s face Cross was here to talk about one thing. Zero couldn’t handle looking into those concerned eyes so he moved to the bed sitting on the edge.

The older man didn’t sit down but he moved to stand close to the teen but far enough way so as to not pressure him. “What happened earlier tonight?”

To this day Zero still couldn’t figure out how the headmaster knew everything that was going on around him.  The teen still didn’t have it into him to look into his adopted father’s eyes this time from guilt, though.  He was grateful that the headmaster didn’t try to force an answer from him. The earlier event still left him feeling confused. ‘Well, let’s start with the obvious.’

“I was losing control.” He still refused to look up.

“I see. So you hadn’t actually lost control yet,” the headmaster observed.

Zero shook his head: “No, but I was so close…Yuki never realized how much danger she was in just standing there in front of me.”

“So you left to avoid hurting her.”

This time Zero nodded. Yuki was his sister. He never wanted her to see him as the monster he was now. “I managed to make it into the Sun dorm before it got too bad but that was a mistake because I could smell every ones’ blood.” There weren’t any words he could use to describe the incredible yet horrible thirst and desire that he felt. “Just as I was about to give in Kain arrived.”

“Akatsuki Kain?” The headmaster sounded slightly surprised at the mention of calm vampire.

Hearing the surprise in the headmaster’s voice, Zero glanced up quickly to find that the older man’s eyes were comically wide with shock. He snorted before looking away again. “Yeah, he showed up out of nowhere. I thought he was just there make fun of me. He…he said he wanted to help me.”

The headmaster didn’t have anything to say in response.

Zero kept on talking ignoring the lack of response: “He let me drink from him. He didn’t stop me even when I took a little too much. When Aido showed up I thought he would try to kill me for sure, but he didn’t.”

“Why didn’t he?” The headmaster seemed to have found his voice again; though, it was still laced with surprise.

Zero could feel his cheeks heat up. “He said that he wouldn’t hurt Kain’s boyfriend.” He chanced a glance at the headmaster and could barely hide his amusement at the sight of the older man gaping like a fish.

“B-boy-friend?” The headmaster spluttered for a couple of minutes before gaining control of himself. “Is there something you need to tell me?”

The teen felt the heat in his cheeks intensify, “I don’t know.” He looked everywhere but at the headmaster. “He said he didn’t want to lose me.” He never would’ve thought he’d be telling something like this to the eccentric man, but at the same time dread pooled in his stomach because he didn’t know how the older man would take the news that his adopted son liked another guy-not to mention that the other guy was a vampire aristocrat. “He’s not like the others.”

“No he isn’t.” Cross hastily reassured him, “I’ve never heard of him treating others like toys. I don’t think I’ve even heard of him ever losing his temper. So what did Aido do?”

“He was more concerned with Kain. He was definitely more upset with Kain than anything else. I’ve never seen him like that before.”

“He didn’t threaten you or anything?” Cross asked.

Once again the teen shook his head. Earlier he been too out of it to be surprised, but now he was just as stumped as the headmaster. After all, it just didn’t make any sense.

“I guess the question is about how you feel about Kain.” Cross said shrewdly before saying his next statement in a mischievous tone, “I must say that he’s a good catch. You’d never have to worry about him since he seems to be the type who’s completely faithful to the one he’s committed himself to.” He was amused at the darkening blush on Zero’s face. “He’d make a nice addition to the family.”

This time it was Zero who spluttered and his face darkened to crimson when the headmaster added as an afterthought, “It’s not every day that a vampire aristocrat offers to give his blood, and Kain has obviously given the subject a lot of thought; otherwise, he wouldn’t have offered himself to you so willingly without any hesitation.” Cross paused before asking the question that Zero had been expecting since the older man had entered the room, “How did he know?”

“I’m not sure,” Zero admitted. “He said that he’d been watching me for awhile.” So how did the vampire know? The idea of the vampire watching him was a little odd yet strangely he felt flattered that he’d caught the other’s attention.

Unknown to him the headmaster was watching him intently with a small grin on his face. He was so proud of the teen in front of him. While it was true that Zero had severe issues with vampires (not that Cross or anyone else could blame him), but the teen was slowly moving past those issues. The fact that he obviously cared for the aristocrat was proof of that. His adopted son was starting the slow process of healing the wounds he’d carried for far too long. If Kain could help him then Cross would welcome the flame wielder into the family with open arms. Meanwhile, Yuki was still ignorant of Zero’s status as a vampire. Cross had absolute faith that the silver haired teen would never bite her. The only way Zero would hurt her was unintentionally by pushing her away for her safety. On the other hand though, Yuki had the power to greatly hurt him if she rejected him after learning his secret. If Kain continued to supply blood to Zero then Cross didn’t see a problem with the teen remaining in the Day class.

As he left his adopted son to go back to bed one thought crossed his mind. Would Kain’s blood be enough to stop or even slow the descent to level E? Once in bed, though, another crossed his mind: I wonder how Kaname is going to take this. After all he’s made no secret of his interest in Zero.


End of Chapter 2

I hope you enjoyed this. Chapter 2 is a little shorter than Chapter 1; however, I felt that this was the best place to end the chapter.
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