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Chapter 5

Zero watched Rima Toya’s form heading towards the Moon dormitory. Well, that was a lot easier than I expected it to be. Zero was shocked that the model agreed to meet with Yori. In fact, the guardian had been prepared to tell the short haired girl that Toya declined.  Oh well, he was tired and thus not willing to look too deeply into the matter right now. Though, there was one thing he was concerned about. He decided to question Yori later after classes were finished for the day.

A presence at the edge of his senses let Zero know that he now had a visitor. Before a few days ago, the visitor would’ve been extremely unwelcome (an understatement); however, while the pureblood was no longer an enemy that didn’t mean Zero wasn’t unsettled. How the hell do I get myself into these situations? A few days ago, he’d been worried about becoming a level E. Now he was in a fledgling relationship with the pureblood and a member of the brunette’s inner circle, he didn’t have to worry about becoming an E, and he was actually arranging meetings between a Day student and a Night student. It was enough to make anyone’s mind spin in circles for hours. It would probably take him the rest of his life to understand either Akatsuki or Kaname. Just believing that the flame wielder was interested in him was hard enough. The silver haired teen let out a deep sigh while he waited for the brunette to get closer. Well since the world hasn’t ended, my life must just be seriously twisted. If sensei saw me now, he’d haul me to the nearest psych ward for evaluation. By now, the brunette was just a few feet away watching him. “Did anyone ever tell you that you could be the poster child for stalkers?”

His question obviously amused Kaname because he chuckled. “No, I can’t say that anyone has. Since when did you start encouraging interactions between the Day and Night class?”

“Has anyone ever told you that eavesdropping isn’t polite? Since I lost the last bit of sanity I had a few nights ago. You’re supposed to be in your dorm.” He responded sternly without any of the venom that usually laced his words when speaking to vampires. Especially this one. When Kaname moved until he stood right beside Zero, the guardian growled in warning. “Kuran.”

Amusement definitely filled the burgundy eyes that were watching him. “Considering what’s happened, would it kill you to call me by my first name, Zero?”

If it were any other time, then Zero would’ve glared; but he was too damn tired to care. He did get a little aggravated when he felt his cheeks heat up. “All right, Kaname,” he ground out. “You’re still supposed to be in the dorm.”

Kaname’s head tilted to the side as he observed Zero. “You escort the Night class every night and morning. I just figured that tonight I’d return the favor. Akatsuki would be here with us if he wasn’t worried about Aido’s sanity right now.”

The blonde was sane—since when? Zero didn’t protest anymore as the two of them began walking to the Sun dormitory. There are some things just not worth arguing about. “What’s wrong with him?” Before the blonde found him and Akatsuki together, the guardian would’ve never asked about him. However, Aido fully accepted him as the flame wielder’s mate, then earlier tonight the blonde hadn’t caused Zero any trouble during either escort-something that’s never happened before. I’m fairly certain that Aido knows about this odd threesome by now. Maybe that right there was a sign that the world really was on the verge of destruction. Besides, he knew he’d have to spend quite a bit of time around Aido because even an idiot could see how close the cousins were. Amethyst eyes slid over to look at the pureblood.

Kaname was smirking, “Let’s just say that it’s Aido’s turn to be the star of Ruka’s world.”

“Wasn’t she obsessed with you not to long ago?” Zero distinctly remembered the long haired noble being highly possessive. “How did you manage to get her to focus on someone else?” Lord knows she tried to make Yuki’s life miserable many a time. That’s not even mentioning all of the times she’s come close to ripping the Day class to pieces.

The smirk morphed into a grimace. “She refused to take any of the hints I gave.” He ignored Zero’s snort. From the hunter’s point of view subtlety didn’t seem to exist in the female noble’s vocabulary. “So I finally gave up on subtlety and told her I was gay. She then wanted to know who my lover was. If they’d been a member of the Night class, I’m sure she would’ve intimidated them into leaving me. The same applies to any normal Day class student.”

Zero would’ve laughed but something clicked in his mind making him frown. Any normal Day class student? “Bastard,” he growled. “You’re the reason she started giving me a hard time a few weeks ago. Why the hell did you tell her I was your lover?”


K aname moved quickly to stand in front of the guardian, who looked quite delicious with his flashing amethyst eyes. Every time he growls I shiver. Hell, every time he shows strong emotions I shiver. Wonder what other sounds he’d make if I acted on my desire. He couldn’t help but reach out and trace Zero’s face with his fingers. “I told her that because I wanted it to be true. I knew you could handle her if she pulled any stunts. Luckily she finally realized that there was no possible way that I’d ever return her feelings. A week ago she came to see me apologizing for some of her more outrageous actions. I may have suggested that she look to someone that was not only more attainable but closer to her as well.”  Were there any expressions that Zero made that Kaname didn’t love? Yes, there were. He’d seen the younger vampire sad and depressed. While those expressions were beautiful in their own right, Kaname never wanted to see Zero cry unless it was tears born from joy.

The anger whirling around the amethyst eyes changed to uncertainty the longer he kept touching the guardian’s face, but Kaname couldn’t pull his hand away.  Zero’s skin was soft underneath his fingers. His thumb lightly caressed the pale bottom lip. Breathing was a bit difficult; when Zero’s lips parted and the tip of a pink tongue brushed against his thumb Kaname stopped breathing all together. He couldn’t resist the temptation in front of him anymore. He’d wanted to do this for so long.

“You’re just a sadist, Ku…Kaname. I thought those two didn’t get along very well.” Zero said dryly. Kaname wondered how long it would take the hunter to say his name without hesitation. He took a step forward to get closer. Just a little more distance to cross and he would finally be able to taste Zero. It simply wasn’t fair that he’d yet to taste Zero. Their lips were almost touching by now. Just a little more…


Kaname cursed when he heard Yuki’s voice in the distance. She was still pretty far away from them, but it would only take a minute or two before she found them. He realized that Zero knew this when the other turned his head in the direction of her voice. Due to their enhanced senses, both could hear her running through the trees. This was one of the few times where Kaname really wanted to wring her neck. It was because of her that he’d been unable to talk to Zero during the escorts. Once upon a time, her crush on him had been amusing. However, she showed no signs of facing reality anytime soon. She had a clear, idealized picture of him firmly placed in her mind and was blind to anything contrary. He wasn’t sure if that made her naïve or just plain stupid (he was opting for naïve).  If it wasn’t for the fact that the vampire in front of him would probably try and castrate him, the pureblood was tempted to kiss Zero senseless letting Yuki find them like that.

Judging from the look on Zero’s face, though, he wasn’t all too happy with her right now. Good, that means that I wasn’t overstepping any boundaries. With a lot of reluctance, Kaname stepped back so that he wasn’t so close to Zero. A twitch of Zero’s lips showed that despite the annoyance in his amethyst eyes, the younger vampire seemed to be amused with something. By way of explanation the guardian said, “Your expression.”

My expression? Baffled, he couldn’t figure out why his facial expression was amusing when it probably showed frustration...oh. The brunette quickly schooled his face into what Yuki assumed was his normal expression. She’d never seen him show anything more than polite affection towards her. Zero snorted as he turned his head in the direction Yuki was coming from. Kaname couldn’t help but feel resentful at having his time with Zero interrupted. It was one thing for Akatsuki to do it because he would be a welcome addition. The look on his face last night was priceless.

“There you are!” Yuki finally appeared. She had to take a minute to catch her breath before looking between the two of them suspiciously. Her gaze finally settled on her fellow guardian. “You’re not fighting with Kaname-sama again are you?” Worry with a hint of accusation laced her voice.

A glance at Zero showed that he had his customary scowl firmly fixed into place. Deciding to interfere before Yuki could go on a rampage, Kaname asked her: “Were you looking for me, Yuki?”

Her eyes shifted over to him and in the process became starry. “I just wanted to see you before you went to bed since I didn’t get a chance to talk much with you earlier,” she replied with a bashful blush now adorning her cheeks.

Hitting his head on a solid object was starting to sound like a really good idea. “I did have classes to go to,” not liking the look in her eyes he responded with gentle admonition. Thankfully, he was saved from further conversation by a completely unexpected savior.

Shiki walked down the path towards them. “Kaname-sama,” he greeted the pureblood. Before anyone could comment about his being there instead of the dorm, he faced Zero: “Rima forgot to ask when.” To the pureblood, the model looked disgruntled at being asked to play messenger. A sudden gasp pulled the three males’ attention back to Yuki.

Her eyes were wide with shock while one small hand covered her mouth in horror.

“There you are Senri. I’ve been looking for you.” The small group was joined by Takuma, who had a worried expression on his face. Kaname felt like groaning when a knowing look crossed the blonde’s face upon seeing him and Zero. He greeted the other three members of the group with a grin. “Kaname-sama. Zero-kun. Yuki-chan.”

Yuki let out a loud shriek once again catching everyone’s attention. “Zero, you jerk! How could you?!”

“What are you talking about?” the other guardian growled at her.

“I can’t believe you’d cheat on Kain-senpai—and with Toya-senpai, too!!”

Everything went silent, with the exception of a cricket happily chirping, for several seconds. Then Shiki ducked his head against his lover’s should trying to stifle his snickering. Said lover’s mouth had fallen open from shock. Kaname blinked a few times before turning towards Zero to see how he was taking this.

Zero’s scowl was downright murderous, his glare sharp enough to slice through steel, and he was growling.

Images of Zero growling for other reasons floated through Kaname’s mind before he finally pushed them off to the side to consider at a later date. Just the mere idea of Zero with someone other than Akatsuki was enough to make lava like jealousy erupt throughout his body. Sharing Zero with the other noble was one thing, while sharing him with anyone else would never ever be tolerated.


Tak uma’s slid from Yuki to Zero to Kaname. His surprise disappeared as fast as it came when Kaname’s eyes flashed crimson for a second.  The action went unnoticed by other three, which wasn’t surprising since they were focused on the brunette girl’s accusation. It was in every vampire’s nature to be territorial, and purebloods were the worst. Little things, insignificant to others, could trigger that fierce possessiveness in an instant so it wasn’t shocking to find that Yuki’s words did the trick. It’s just a matter of making sure Kaname doesn’t overreact. Yuki might be the pureblood’s sister, but that wouldn’t stop her older brother from doing whatever it took to keep one of his mates.

“Yuki, I happened to hear from the Headmaster that you’re going to need some extra tutoring.” He pasted a charming smile on his face hoping that he was in time to advert a major catastrophe.

The short brunette looked clueless for a moment before a bright blush colored her face. She chuckled nervously before replying, “Yeah, I’m having a tiny bit of trouble studying lately. The Headmaster decided that I would need some extra help but it would have to come from someone other than Zero that way there will still be one of us available to handle our duties. I was going to ask Yori for help but she’s been busy with her own studies.”

According to the headmaster you’re going to need more than just a tiny bit of help. Oh well, Senri’s going to be gone this weekend for a photo shoot; and this way I can avoid any major problems for a few days. I hope.  “Well, since I’m free this weekend I told him that I’d help you out.” Though judging by the look of disbelief on Zero’s face I might be the one in need of help before the weekend’s over. Out of the corner of his eye, Takuma watched as Kaname slowly got himself under control.

“Ichijo-senpai, I can’t ask you to do that! I’m sure you’ve got better things to do then tutor me.” Yuki protested violently.

The blonde’s smile softened. “It’s not a problem at all.” Helping Yuki shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. The short brunette was a pleasure to be around when she wasn’t going starry eyed over Kaname. The diversion worked like he’d hoped it would since she was too distracted with the upcoming tutoring session to continue with her earlier tirade. “Why don’t you make a list of everything we need to go over, and I’ll take a look at it tomorrow at changeover.”

Yuki mulled over his offer and apparently couldn’t come up with anymore reasons for why he couldn’t help her. “Thank you so much, senpai!” The clock tower chose that moment to chime the hour making her gasp in surprise. “I didn’t think it was this late all ready!” She made a move to grab Zero by the arm: “Come on Zero! We’ve got to get back to the dorms!”

Not good, Takuma thought as Kaname’s aura darkened once again. “Yuki, I just remembered I needed to talk to Kiryu-kun. It might take some time so you should go on ahead.”

The girl reluctantly let Zero’s arm go; her face the picture of indecision. She looked at each of the Night class students before looking to her adopted brother. “You’ll be all right?”

Zero’s glare disappeared off his face instantaneously. He nodded, “I’ll be fine. Go on to bed, I’ll walk you to our first class.”

The smile she flashed at him was genuine but still contained a hint of worry. “All right, but you better be ready! Night Zero! Night Shiki-senpai, Ichijo-senpai! Night Kaname-senpai!” Then she was on her way to the Sun dorm.

Takuma grabbed his lover by the arm and pulled him away. He said cheerfully: “Time for bed, Senri!” He kept a firm grip on his protesting lover all the way to their room.


Zero closed his eyes taking a deep breath before reopening them to focus on Kaname, who was still looking at the spot where the others were once standing. The pureblood’s aura was still tense though not overpowering. He knew if he just walked away the pureblood would draw the wrong conclusions. “You do realize that Yuki made a wrong assumption, don’t you?”

Several tense moments passed until the tense aura relaxed, and Kaname turned his head towards Zero. “I know it was only an assumption; but I just couldn’t help it.” The hunter didn’t need much more of an explanation. Purebloods were the purest form of vampire. Kaname’s instincts would never allow him to let a potential threat to one of his mates exist. It finally started to dawn on Zero just what it meant to be a pureblood’s mate. It was daunting to think that he could possibly be responsible for inspiring that type of emotion from the usually always collected male in front of him.

“Do you know why Wakabi-san wanted to meet with Rima?” Kaname’s soft spoken question pulled Zero away from his revelations.

The silver haired vampire tilted his head to the side as one part of his mind tried to answer the brunette’s question while the other side tried to figure out when Kaname had moved closer. “I’m not sure. I was going to ask her about it during class.” He anticipated Kaname’s next question. “I agreed to ask Rima because Yori isn’t like the rest of the Day class.” He had a few guesses as to Yori’s behavior concerning the Night class in general but wouldn’t say anything to anyone until he got them confirmed.

She seems very lonely and isolated.

Her words to him earlier haunted him because they could also be applied to Kaname. Fuck, I never answered Shiki because of all the commotion Yuki made. He nearly jumped when cool lips brushed against his cheek. He whipped his head to the side to glare at the smirking brunette.

“You of all people should know to never take your eyes off of a vampire, Zero.”

Zero scowled before responding, “Get back to your dorm Kaname. I’ll walk by myself.” It’ll be safer.

The brunette had the nerve to actually pout at him. “Oh all right, if you insist. However, I fully intend on escorting you one of these nights.”

Zero glared one last time before retreating to the Sun dorms ignoring the soft chuckling behind him.


“You’re paranoid,” Akatsuki stated from his position on his bed as he watched his cousin pace their room.

The blonde whirled around waving his hands frantically. “I AM NOT PARANOID. She’s always liked you. She and I have never really gotten along; and now all of a sudden she’s being nice to me. I know she’s plotting to do something to me.  I just know it.”

Akatsuki crossed his arms against his chest as he leaned back against the wall behind his bed. “I still say you’re paranoid.” For a genius, he’s being awfully dense about this.

“You don’t get it, Akatsuki!” Hanabusa resumed his pacing. “We actually had a civil conversation yesterday!”

The flame haired noble snorted. “Isn’t that a good thing? I mean it would be really nice to not have to separate the two of you five-six times a day.”

The blonde paused his pacing long enough to consider his cousin’s words. “Yeah, I bet you get tired of that; but there’s no reason for her to change so suddenly. I don’t even know why she suddenly stopped stalking Kaname-sama.” He looked over his shoulder sheepishly, “Don’t get me wrong, that is a very good thing. I can only imagine what life would be like if she was still stalking him at the same time you got involved with him and Zero.” He paused and shuddered. “Never mind, I don’t even want to consider that possibility.”

Akatsuki rolled his eyes as his cousin once again resumed his pacing. The one thing he knew for sure was that thanks to his new relationship combined with the changing dynamics of Hanabusa and Ruka’s relationship life would never be boring.


End Chapter 5

Author’s Note: Chapter 6 will be posted in the next day or so.

I hope you enjoyed.

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