Vampire Knight Fan Fiction ❯ The Cure ❯ Chapter 3

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Yuki woke in the soft cushion of her bed with a groan. She hadn’t slept well, as she had the previous night’s events still on the mind. Kaname had proposed… And her birthday was coming up. She would no doubt soon be bombarded with questions and decisions about her engagement and the decorating of the ballroom.

She sighed heavily, turning over for what must have been the millionth time. Hesitantly, she pulled her right hand out from behind her pillow to admire the stunning, glittering piece of jewelry adorning her ring finger, though it was not on the appropriate hand. It had to have been the most breath-taking ring she had ever laid eyes on and yet, she still had mixed feelings about wearing it. She wore the ring, as if to get used to the idea of marrying Kaname, but she just couldn’t bring herself to wear it on the finger it was meant for. Sure, she had always childishly fantasized about marrying Kaname in the past, but… this was different. Those were merely her foolish and naïve girly fantasies; this was real and serious and… It was frightening. She felt overwhelmed and there was no escaping it.

Unable to sleep, she laid awake in bed through the rest of the day, staring at the ring as is glistened in the small tendrils of sunlight that managed to peek through the curtains and into her dark bedroom.


Daylight already fading back into night, the sun painted the sky in deep, vivid shades of red, yellow and orange on the horizon. Another day coming to an end… Zero shrugged a trench coat on over his clothes, grabbed his gun and headed out the door.

With long fast strides, he started down the hallway, eager to relieve some of the pent up frustration that he felt. He was almost to the building’s exit when he heard a female voice call to him.

“Hey, Zero!” Ayame rushed to approach him, “wait for me!”

Zero sighed somewhat in irritation. He stopped anyway and let her catch up to him. She was dressed in a hunter uniform, her long anti-vampire daggers displayed proudly at either side of her hips. He mentally scolded himself for not being more cautious. He’d been actively avoiding her ever since the paper cut incident.

Ayame quickly caught up to him. “Zero, where are you going? Are you going out to hunt?” the girl asked eagerly. “Please, please, please let me come with you,” she pleaded, “I could really use the experience, and I promise not to get in the way.” She folded her hands together and held them to her chest dramatically, making the most convincing pouty face she could manage. But she knew it was no use…

“No thanks, I don’t need your help,” he replied simply, moving to walk around her. He wondered how she could be so casual. He had yelled at her just the other day and threw her out of his apartment, and yet, here she was only a couple days later acting completely innocent and oblivious like it had never happened.

The thought briefly occurred to him that perhaps her attempt to get him to bite her wasn't the only reason he was so angry at Ayame. Perhaps it was also because seeing the small stream of blood slowly roll down her finger… reminded him of a certain incident with someone else that he would rather not think about.

A small, sweet voice rang in his ears as a sudden memory flooded back to him. Yuki held her pricked finger out to Zero, a stream of blood rolling down it, ‘here, lick it.’ Zero quickly pushed the involuntary recollection away.

Ayame was beautiful. And it was obvious that she admired him for some bizarre reason, but she seemed to have other intentions. One thing Zero was sure of, she was definitely not as innocent as she appeared. She was manipulative and conceited underneath her child-like facade, always getting what she wanted. Whatever she wanted from him, he didn't care. But he refused to let her use him for her own selfish wants or become her cute little pet vampire like she already seemed to think he was. Even so, regardless of her personality flaws, she was still surprisingly smart and a very skilled, promising hunter and he at least somewhat respected her for it.

Ayame sighed in discouragement as well as disappointment. A tinge of sadness welled up in her chest, but she ignored it and caught up with him again. "Here, at least take this." Zero grudgingly stopped again, and Ayame held out one of her daggers, "It's for good luck."

He sighed, reluctantly accepting the weapon, solely so that she would leave him alone. Zero said nothing and pushed past her.

Ayame called after him, “Zero, you could afford to be a little nicer every once in a while, you know.” She cupped her hands around her mouth to make herself louder, “A ‘thanks’ would be nice!”

Moments later, Zero had reached town. It was a cold, calm night and the streets were virtually empty, aside from a few wanderers. Somewhere in an alley, a muffled cry went unheard.

Not quite satisfied with her kill, the creature dropped the boy’s limp corpse at her feet. She hissed in disappointment and brushed her long blonde tresses aside. He didn't taste nearly as good as he had looked; it was no doubt a turn off. She wanted nothing more to do with him.

She had found him at the small bar just around the corner where she would occasionally hunt for prey. He was sitting quietly by himself at the edge of the bar, looking a little out of place. He had barely even looked old enough to drink. He was an easy target; alone and secluded. She doubted anyone would even miss him. He was just her type; young, solemn, attractive… She found his solitude to be intriguing, seeing as he was handsome for a human, as her victims usually were. The more attractive ones were usually more difficult to find alone, but with her looks and experience and a young male’s raging hormones, it made it unbelievably easy to catch prey, especially when alcohol is involved. After all, humans are naturally attracted to a vampire’s beauty and charm.

Despite that, she had taken her sweet time, simply because she found pleasure in playing with her food… in more ways than one. She had casually approached him and enjoyed gradually flirting her way past his anti-social barrier. However, now that their game of cat and mouse was over and she finally tasted his blood, it hadn't been as rewarding as she had hoped. It really was a shame that she had put so much time into luring him into the alley she was now lurking in. She suspected that the boy must have been mortally ill, which would have explained the slight putrid taste in his blood and his reserved behavior. He was practically half dead already. She was just hopeful that she would have time to make another kill before the bar closed down for the night.

Interrupting her musings, she saw a tall dark figure appear in her peripheral vision, blocking the opening of the ally. As she turned toward him, her crimson eyes met Zero’s.

‘He’s perfect,’ she thought. The shapely seductress smiled at him provocatively, a single pale finger beckoning him to come to her. She was well aware that he was a hunter as well as a vampire, but that didn't faze her in the least. She was only hopeful that he tasted better... She had saved plenty of room for dessert.

Zero observed the female creature that stood before him. She was a succubus vampire, which meant that she liked to seduce her pray. Judging by her lingering attractive looks and somewhat poised demeanor, he could tell that she was still in the earlier stages of Level E, meaning she still had some intelligence and had not yet completely lost herself, only her morals.

He complied and cautiously began to step closer, anticipating her attack. Just as he began to pull his gun, she sprang at him with a high-pitched, bloodcurdling screech. Bloody Rose flew from his hand and slid across the hard pavement. He was shoved roughly up against the side of the building, his skull meeting hard with the cold brick. Zero’s ears rang and vision blurred from the impact. He fought to stay conscious, relying on the wall for support.

She now had him confined between herself and the wall, just how she liked her prey- trapped and helpless. The female vampire took advantage of his impaired state, pressing herself against him and her hands exploring him, as she did with most of her prey.

Brushing his coat aside and slipping her hands under his black shirt while affectionately nipping at his neck, grazing her sharp fangs over the delicate skin. She loved how his body trembled lightly under her cold touch. She was exceptionally attracted to this one, pleasantly pleased with his slender but muscular body. Sharp bursts of pleasure shot through her lower regions and a small, soft, blissful moan escaped her luscious blood red lips. She ached for him, and she would have him.

Her nails then raked across his skin and he groaned weakly. He vaguely felt her breath brush his cheek as she whispered provocatively in his ear, “I’m going to have so much fun with you.” His hazy mind couldn't quite comprehend her words, but he didn't get the chance to dwell on it long before her hands wondered lower, passing over the flesh of his stomach and hips and finally feeling his length through his jeans, the throbbing wetness in her nether regions increasing as she did so.

He gasped at the intrusion, his whole body tensing at the unwelcome contact. His hand caught hers, instantly halting her manipulations. She only smirked and paid him no mind; she would have him. He would eventually stop resisting; they always did.

Pulling her hand away, she took a hold of his hair, her other hand gripping his shoulder to keep him still. First thing first, she had to have a small taste. Her tongue seductively caressed his neck and without hesitation, she sunk her fangs deeply into his flesh, savoring the taste of him. Zero hissed painfully at the sharp, piercing sting of her bite shooting throughout his neck and her nails dug into his shoulder. Instinctively, he pushed her away and instantly regretted it. He cried out in pure agony, as her fangs sunk deeper into his flesh, tearing and stretching the punctures.

The vampiress released him and slowly licked her bloody crimson lips and scolded him for being naughty as she violently shoved him into the building’s hard brick once more before re-biting him, easily able to overpower him in his light-headed and weakened state. He knew he was already losing too much blood. Through blurred vision, he could vaguely see Bloody Rose lying on the pavement across the alley and far out of reach. He was wounded and without his gun, he wouldn't stand a chance. Struggling to think clearly, Zero remembered something.

As the seductress continued to heatedly gorge herself, he managed to pull Ayame’s dagger from its sheath without her noticing. He pressed the point of its blade mercilessly into her stomach and with one swift movement, ran her through. Her fangs released him and her eyes widened, gasping breathlessly as she stumbled and finally slumped against him. He withdrew the weapon, letting her limp body slide to the ground before it evaporated into dust.

Relieved that the deed was done, Zero put the dagger away and gently covered the oozing bite mark on his neck with his hand. It throbbed painfully and blood from the wound had already seeped through his shirt. As he moved to retrieve the Bloody Rose, Zero eyed the human victim’s shriveled body with pity.

Zero buried his nose in the crook of his arm; the smell of blood was starting to get to him, and his eyes had already begun to lace with bloodlust.

Blood loss can lead to intense hunger.’

Brushing off the memory of those words echoing in his ears, Zero retrieved his gun and headed back the Association.

Hours later back at the Association, Ayame glanced up at the sky with impatience, the sun was a sliver on the horizon but it was enough to tint the sky in soft hues of pink, yellow, and orange. It was almost morning. She was relieved that her training was over and she would finally be able to sleep, but she wondered why Zero hadn't returned.

She sat on the steps leading up to the Association apartment complex building, waiting anxiously for his return. She yawned and stretched at the thought of a good night‘s rest, but she had wanted to make sure the Zero made it back alright. Despite her worries, working for the Association was exhausting and she was beginning to nod off. All the extra responsibility was tiring and it really took its toll after a while. She needed to head inside or she would surely fall asleep on the stairs.

Ayame stood and began to make her way into the apartment building but stopped as she approached the door. Something caught the corner of her eye. Turning, she could make out a shadowy figure in the distance.

“Zero?” Ayame questioned, hollering across the grounds with uncertainty as she watched the mysterious being stumble across the grass, headed toward the apartment building. Ayame observed for a moment longer before she decided to confirm the figure’s identity. She refused to be responsible for a Level E attack. Besides, the figure seemed to be wounded. If it was Zero, he might need medical attention.

Taking a deep breath to calm her paranoia, she began to make her way to the figure at a leisurely pace. “Zero?” She inquired again, hoping to get a response since she was now well within hearing distance, but there still was none. She still wasn't able to tell who or what exactly the silhouette was.

Suddenly the figure stopped and staggered. Ayame gasped and stopped as well, waiting to see what the dark silhouette would do, drawing her anti-vampire weapon in case whatever it was decided to attack. The shadowy figure then collapsed to the ground and Ayame broke into a run. She froze when she reached her destination, breathing in relief shortly afterward when she discovered that it was Zero and not a Level E or anything dangerous… But then fear hit her again. Zero was definitely wounded… pretty badly, by the look of it.

Ayame dropped to her knees beside him. “Zero, what happened?” She questioned frantically, trying to get any sort of response. She brushed his hair from his face. He looked sickly, as if on the verge of death. His eyes were distant and partially rolled back, his face much more ghastly pale than usual. She noticed the growing blood stain on his shirt and pulled it back to reveal the bite. Ayame gasped, slightly taken aback by the sight. The puncture marks were deep gaping holes, not at all like a normal vampire bite.

“Oh Zero,” she breathed in fear. She then slipped her arm under him and managed to get them both to their feet.

“W-what are you doing?” Zero managed to say. “Where are you taking me?”

“I’m taking you to back to my apartment. You need blood or you‘ll-”

“No!” Zero tried to pull away from her but it proved useless, as she was the stronger of the two at the moment. “Let go of me!”

“Zero!” She cried in shock, “Stop! Calm down!” She struggled to keep a hold of him as he fought against her.

“I don’t want blood, okay?! Just let me lie down and rest…” Trailing off and suddenly feeling extremely light headed from so much exertion, Zero fell limp again and Ayame lowered him to the ground once more. He was so tired and worn out… He had no more energy left to fight her.

Ayame looked at him, concern and some other emotion that he couldn't quite recognize displayed in her pretty features. “Zero, I can’t let you die just because you won’t accept any blood,” tears formed in her deep violet eyes, “I want to help you. Please… I can’t let you…” She trailed off, sobs beginning to overwhelm her.

Feeling a little guilty, Zero looked at her through blurred vision, breathing becoming considerably harder. “I just… I just want to lay down…”

Ayame wiped the moisture from her eyes and sniffed, seeming to be contemplating what to do. Finally, with a heavy sigh, she nodded in agreement. “Okay. I’ll let you rest…” She concluded, “But I’m not leaving until I know you’re going to be alright.”

With that, she picked him back up and they struggled to make it back to Zero’s apartment.

When they reach their destination, Ayame helped Zero take off his jacket and relieved him of his weapons, noticing that the dagger that she lent him was covered in blood. She helped him to get to his bed, neither of them had said anything. Ayame’s mind was racing, worrying and wondering what to do while Zero on the other hand was too worn out and dazed to think at all.

Once situated, Zero breathed in relief and exhaustion. He was just grateful he would finally be able to relax. He really just wished to be alone more than anything…

As they sat in continued silence, Ayame took in his battered form and observed his ragged breathing. After a moment, she put her hand to his forehead and gasped, quickly removing it as if she had been burned. He was extremely hot. “Zero, take off your shirt.”

It took a moment for Zero to comprehend her words, “W-what?”

“You heard me, take off your shirt.” She sighed and decided she would have to explain at the odd look he gave her, “You’re running a fever; taking off your shirt would help you to cool off. And I need to check you over for other wounds.”

Hesitating only briefly, Zero worked up the strength to sit back up and slip his shirt off over his head, with Ayame’s assistance. He slumped back down into the mattress once the garment was removed.

Ayame’s breath caught in her throat. Zero had scratches all over his body; some of them were deep and bleeding as well. “My God,” she started, “What the hell happened to you, Zero?”

“I was caught off guard, is all,” he breathed lightly, “Trust me, it won’t happen again.”

Ayame ran her hand through her hair and sighed. It was a miracle he even made it back. He had lost too much blood… blood that he couldn't afford to lose in the first place. He needed to feed or he would die. He was making it so much more difficult than it had to be. She has more than ready and willing to help him, if only he would let her.

Reluctantly, Ayame left his side to get a wet rag and to search for bandages.

Zero’s eyes grew distant and began to roll back once more. He was so tired; He felt like he could sleep forever.

“Zero,” Ayame said with concern and a hint of alarm when she had returned, unsuccessfully trying to keep him conscious. She sighed heavily, putting aside the bandages and wet rag. She knew what she had to do, her mind was made up. “Please don’t hate me,” Ayame muttered as she carefully positioned herself beside him. She then withdrew the other blade that she wore on her hip. “This is for your own good,” she whispered to him softly, bringing the blade to her palm and applying slight pressure until she felt the tingle of liquid rolling down her wrist.

When Zero didn’t respond to the smell of blood, Ayame knew it was a bad sign. Leaning forward, she moved her bleeding hand over him to let the blood drip into his mouth and a single drop of crimson fell on his lips.

Zero stirred only slightly at first and then the smell of blood registered in his foggy mind. His eyes opened and instantly seeped crimson, a fierce animalistic tinge taking over his gaze. He seized her with lightening reflexes, pulling her to him and sinking his fangs deeply into her neck and taking her blood greedily.

She was taken off guard only for a moment, gasping at the initial pain and his sudden brutality. But then another sound escaped her lips in pleasure. She had never seen this side of him before. Even if she knew it was there, it was very different actually witnessing it... Becoming his victim… Her heart beat hard against her chest. She felt his firm half-naked body beneath her, his vise grip dominating her and holding her to him. She could feel his mouth sucking and lapping at her neck and his tongue passing over her skin, making her whole body feel tingly. She could feel the heat rising in the pit of her stomach. She noticed how the bare skin of his shoulder felt under one of her hands while the other had a hand-full of his silvery locks.

It was… everything she had imagined it would be. She wished it would never end, but to her dismay, Zero fed on her for only a few short moments. Once his mind began properly functioning again, he instantly released her, virtually pushing her away from him. Her blood stained his lips and he was lightly panting. He wiped the blood from his mouth.

Dread filled Ayame’s heart at what was to come next as she sat before him. She bowed her head and folded her hands in her lap, anticipating his reaction. When there was only silence, she worked up the courage to glance up at him and just as she had feared, Zero’s expression was angry. But she didn’t regret what she did in the least… She had no choice. She couldn’t have let him die…

Abruptly interrupting her train of thought, Zero took Ayame’s bleeding hand into his and gently wiped away the blood with his bloodied shirt that she had helped him take off. He then proceeded to wipe the remaining blood from the bite on her neck, remaining silent.

Ayame was shocked; that certainly wasn’t the response that she had expected. Witnessing such a sweet and tender gesture from Zero amazed her and warmed her heart, even if he did look incredibly angry as he did so. She realized that such a gesture coming from him must have been a rare one.

Zero didn’t say anything, but on the inside he was seething. She had done exactly what he told her not to. He hated himself for losing control and behaving like… well, a vampire… but he was also angry with her for provoking it.

On the other hand, she had saved him and for that, he couldn’t help but feel grateful. But, he also couldn’t help but think she should have just let him die. That was the reason he remained silent. He knew he wouldn’t be able to refrain from yelling at her if he didn’t keep his mouth shut, and despite the certain taste in her blood that lingered on his tongue, there was no pain… no burning in his throat. It had been so long since he felt so… content. He was still thirsty, of course. But compared to how he’d been feeling, he felt considerably better, although he was still very tired and drained.

Perhaps he could work up the incentive to thank her later… But then again, the last thing he wanted to do was encourage her to do anything like that again.