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Well, I was unsatisfied with Escaflowne's ending. To my understanding, Hitomi basically isn't ever going back to Gaea again. I read on a website that she can go back, but it really didn't seem like that at the end. So like many fic authors, I decided to write something to expell my frustration. This is also my first multi-chapter fic, so uh, we'll see how that goes. Please enjoy!

Dream Desire

It had been five years since her time on Gaea. Five years since the momentous adventure that had consumed her life and made her grow up before her time. Five years since she had seen Allen, Millerna, Merle, Dryden, Folken. Van. The boy, now man, she had relied on during her time in the other world, and in turn he had relied on her. The two became so intertwined that it was only when Hitomi realized how much they needed each other could Dornkirk and the Fate Altering Machine be stopped. Only by extracting themselves from the entangled being they had become could Hitomi and Van win the battle for everyone's lives and souls. But in realizing they could rely on themselves, they both decided it would be best for Hitomi to return to her world so that they wouldn't return to their previous state and perhaps bring forth another disaster. Only after she had gotten back to her world and started living normally again did Hitomi come to regret her decision, their decision.

She missed Van and waited eagerly for the off chance occasions when his image would appear in the air for a brief moment and he would give her that smile. He came less and less now, and it was true she had been thinking of him less and less with the passing time. But she did still think of him. Even if just for a few brief moments every day Hitomi recalled her time on Gaea, relived the brief moment when she made some of the best friends of her life and experienced more than most people on earth would in a lifetime.

Eventually she had told her best friend about it. But at the last moment when Yukari had been looking at her like she had lost her mind, Hitomi added in a quick, "and then I woke up." Yukari wouldn't understand. No one on earth could understand. She had been to another world with giant fighting robots and many kingdoms and rocks that floated and boys with wings. . .

And now she was thinking about Van again. But the fact was, besides Isaac Newton and her grandmother, there was no other beings on earth who had been to Gaea, and almost no one who would believe her story if she chose to tell it. So Hitomi had begun to feel very lonely. Eventually it came time to graduate high school and Yukari had moved in with Amano, slowly separating from Hitomi. Hitomi herself had other friends and made more in college, but there was a distance she had to keep from all of them. And as she found herself alone more often, in thought if not physically, the longing for Gaea and Van had begun to return. But even as Hitomi wanted to see her friends from another world again, it seemed Van had finally given up on visiting. It had been over a year since the last time Van's thoughts had joined hers and he appeared in her sky. But it wasn't fair really, he still had Allen and Merle and everyone with him while Hitomi had no one. She didn't want to worry Van with her depressing lonely thoughts in his brief seconds with her, so it was always "I'm doing fine" when he looked at her with those carmel-crimson eyes. Now though, without any contact from Gaea in over a year, she most certainly was not doing fine. She had stopped competing in track competitions when all she could think about during a race was if Van was going to appear and take her away again. A distracted runner is not a good runner, and she had stopped enjoying it for the run itself, using the sport to try and fulfill her wish.

But her wishes had caused all the problems in the first place. Having been the bringer of such destruction to Gaea, Hitomi constantly felt guilty for wishing to go back. That didn't stop her from thinking about Gaea and her friends. It didn't stop her from wanting to see Van again. She thought of his face and how it had matured. Would he look even more different after a year? Had Merle grown up to look like Eriya yet? What had ever happened with Allen's new found sister? Hitomi had only met her briefly before Earth called her home. Had she really been Dilandau?

Hitomi sighed as she leaned over the small window ledge of her dorm room. These thoughts didn't matter anymore. It had been so long now that even if she were to go back everyone would have changed too much. They wouldn't want to deal with a girl focused on the past. Maybe this was Van's way of telling her she needed to move on with her life. Maybe he had moved on with out her. He must have. They all must have. But she still wanted to see them again so badly that her soul ached with it.

"Van. Everyone," she whispered as a tear rolled down her cheek. Suddenly she turned her head away from the open night sky and scrubbed her eyes harshly. "This is silly. It's time to move on," she said to herself while she changed into night clothes and readied herself for bed. Her mind knew what had to be done, but her heart still wanted to believe in the friends she had made in Gaea. With her troubled thoughts still roiling around in her head, Hitomi fell into a fitful sleep full of dreams and nightmares.


Unknown to anyone, even the guards surrounding the slowly decomposing ruins, a small spark lit up amongst the shattered mess of Dornkirk's Fate Machine. It began to spread until all the glass that Van had shattered in his desperate attempt to reach Hitomi was glowing. In the reconstructed castle that once presided proudly over the busy nation of Fanelia something also began to glow. Hi-lighting Van's peaceful slumbering face with an eerie violet light, Hitomi's pendant, which she had given to Van so they could always be together, was alight. The string of the necklace was wrapped lightly around the winged man's hand while the jewel rested in his palm. As if sensing the pendant and Hitomi, the dark haired king of Fanelia closed his fingers gently over her gift, the violet light now only hitting his face in stripes. The ruined experiment of Dornkirk's and Hitomi's pendant continued to glow brighter and brighter. The guards surrounding the fallen fortress all turned to the blinding light and rushed to find the source. They were pushed back before reaching the Fate Altering Machine and the light reached an astounding climax before abruptly imploding.

Celena sat up in bed and stared across the room at her brother only to see him enveloped in a beam of white light. Allen looked at his sister for a brief second before he was pulled out of Gaea's existence.

Millerna and Dryden, passion spent for the evening, were wrapped in each other's arms, asleep while they were taken in a similar beam of light.

Merle was out prowling the grounds and forest around the rebuilt Fanelia castle when the light came for her. She had enough time to let out an indignant yowl and then she too was gone.

Van awoke to a small humming sound and a bright light invading his senses. He opened his eyes and looked at his glowing hand, opening it slowly to reveal Hitomi's pendant fully. Before he could blink, Van disappeared into a pillar of light.

Please do tell me if I have some things wrong. Sometimes I'm a little lazy, and if I go nit-picky on everything I never end up writing, so I tend to take liberties. I hope at least someone is looking forward to the next chapter, which I will get out! I promise! ^_^ Until next time!