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So yeah, about that updating every week. . . see, real life got in the way of that. Silly real life. But at least I'm still updating. This is actually my first chapter fic, so I was challenging myself to see if I could do it. Sorry that it's late, but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Dream Desire: Chapter 3
Past to Present

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While Millerna was explaining to Hitomi about their lives on earth, Allen and Merle were trying to go over everything Hitomi had told them of Gaea. They got most of it right, but even if Hitomi had been the one to tell the tale over again, Van and Dryden would have been hard pressed to grasp it all.

"And that's what she says happened. Somehow we were grabbed from this other world and put here in accordance to her wish," Allen finished. Dryden looked interested, but obviously did not believe a word of it. Van was trying to process how anything that odd could even happen, but he did want to believe Hitomi.

"But that would mean all our memories of here and now are fake. I mean, if something like that did happen, how could we not remember it? It seems like such a huge undertaking to have us all suddenly inserted into this world," he said, trailing off into thought. Dryden glanced at him with a raised eyebrow and half grin on his face. Merle was slightly gawking at him.

"So, you're saying you actually believe her story? But it can't be true! We've known each other for ages, that can't be fake! I think the stress of school just finally got to her," Merle threw out with a pout. That was a much easier story to believe. "Hitomi's always kind of had a weird psychic/mental thing anyway, so it makes sense something like this could happen."

"But maybe her 'psychic/mental thing' explains her story. There's never an easy answer to any problem," Dryden added, mostly for the sake of arguement. Van was about to argue for Hitomi's sake again when Allen finally spoke.

"I think," he began, rather unsure of himself which was unusual for the blonde, "that maybe it was a dream." Of course that option had been thought of briefly by all Hitomi's friends, but her reaction seemed too severe and too long lasting.

"But Allen, I thought we went over that. It couldn't be just a dream, there's got to be something more," Van disputed. He would have said more, but the sad, lost look on Allen's face halted any other words.

"It's just that my sister. . . well, a long time ago before she was taken," Allen's voice grew thick as he remembered his sister. Van, Merle, and Dryden kept respectfully silent as Celena had always been a sore subject for the private investigator. That same respect surfaced when Van was forced to reminisce about his older brother as well. Though they argued a lot, Van and Allen had really become close friends as they came to know each other, the tragic loss of a sibling binding them.

"There was one night Celena woke up screaming and couldn't be comforted by anyone. She thought we were all strangers and she called for someone named Jajuka, trying to fight my parents and me off if we came near her. Soon enough we left the room so she could hopefully calm down. I don't know what happened, but about three hours later she came out of the door apologizing. She told us it had been a dream and that she was okay now, but it was easy to see that the dream had really shaken her.

"So you see," Allen said, trying to smile though it was a little flat, "with Hitomi's psychic ability I think that if she had a dream like Celena did, it could very well have affected her to the point of thinking it was real."

"You know," Dryden drawled out, "that really does make sense." Merle "hmmed" in thoughtful agreement, but Van was harder to convince.

"I just. . . don't want to discount what Hitomi says. It's like saying she's a liar."

"She's not lying if she doesn't know any better," Dryden answered, both Merle and Allen nodding with him. Van was lost in internal conflict. He had known Hitomi long enough to believe something like this had happened. . . but if they were from a different world, then Van didn't really know HItomi that well at all. A catch-22. So he decided to mull it over later and not think of it now.

"Do you think we can see Hitomi? Or is she asleep?" the raven haired man asked.

"I'll go check with Millerna," Allen responded and promptly left to do so.

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"You know Hitomi, maybe if you just kind of lived this life for a few days your memories of it would come back. They say it can take some time for a person's mind to adjust or readjust."

Though Allen's bedroom was rather spacious, the group had moved into the even larger living room, fully equipped with leather couches and Lazy-Boy chairs. Hitomi, after eating some dinner, felt well enough to sit and talk with her friends, though she was still a bit wary on what to say. Speaking with Millerna while the others went over her story had helped Hitomi figure out what was going on. Obviously her wish had triggered something on Gaea, and now her friends thought they were from earth. There was a chance she could wish them back. . . but a voice deep down inside told Hitomi that she couldn't wish for that hard enough to take effect. Even though they were all here through unnatural means, Hitomi was enjoying seeing her friends from Gaea again. To even imagine her life with them in it gave Hitomi a thrill and warmed her heart. So really, that option was out. She had briefly wondered what happened to her pendant if Van was here now. Had it traveled with him, or was it still in Gaea, wherever he stored it? If Hitomi could get her hands on that again, she'd have a better chance of making things right.

"Hitomi?" The distracted girl was brought back to reality when Van spoke out her name for the third time.

"Oh, sorry," she replied, cheeks tinged with a slight blush. Van was here, with her. Van, Allen, Merle, Millerna, and Dryden were all here with her. And it did feel so nice just to be with them again. Maybe. . . maybe things were supposed to happen like this. It couldn't be all that horrible for the group of friends to be on earth instead of Gaea. Would it be all right to just live with them for a while? Surely she deserved some time with the people she had come to love.

"I think," the others turned their eyes on Hitomi, "I think I could try things out for a while." She took a quick glance at Van and saw his eyes brighten, bringing a small smile to her face. Everyone had seemed to relax some, now that Hitomi was going to be fine (or so they hoped).

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"Ne, Hitomi, are we still on for tomorrow night?" Van asked as he walked Hitomi to her door. She gave him a small smile and an enthusiastic nod. They had made plans to go out to dinner and maybe watch a movie or something at Van's after. It seemed the Van in this world was much more forward with his emotions, and as it turned out apparently they were "kinda, sort of dating" according to Merle, who seemed reluctant to say so.

This past week had proven that theory correct as Van had come over to see her everyday, taking her out for ice-cream, walking her to school or stores, and otherwise just being there for her. She saw Merle everyday too, mostly at school, though after class they would meet up with Millerna for some coffee. Allen made his presence known as well, popping over between cases and causing Van no end of jealousy. It seemed just like on Gaea, Hitomi and Allen had dated a little over a year back. Nobody had told her why the relationship hadn't worked out, but at least they had remained good friends. Actually, they seemed even closer now, and Allen treated her like like the family he lost. Dryden made his appearances too, mostly coming over with Millerna, and Hitomi couldn't help but compare that to Gaea.

After she opened her apartment door, Hitomi turned around to tell Van good night, but she got a light, chaste kiss instead. Van pulled back just a little, staring into Hitomi's eyes. Both wore mutual blushes and Hitomi could feel the caress of Van's breath so close to her lips. A huge wave of longing crashed over her, stealing her breath and making her knees weak. That had been. . . their first kiss. Even though they had finally admitted their love for each other on Gaea, Hitomi had never kissed Van. There had been Amano and Allen, but never Van. And since Gaea, Hitomi hadn't been with anyone else. The effect of finally being able to be with the man she needed, even if the situation was false, was enough to make Hitomi feel faint. She collapsed into Van after uttering his name. He caught her and wrapped his warm arms around her in a sweet embrace. Van nuzzled into Hitomi's hair as she returned the embrace. Everything that was Van - his warmth, his scent, his love - all of that surrounded her. This was what she was waiting for all these years. Van.

All too soon Van began to pull away, still supporting Hitomi until she was standing on her own. He put a hand under her chin and lifted it up so they were eye to eye again. While she had the makings of tears in her eyes, he had a glowing smile on his face.

"Well, I was going to apologize and ask if it was all right, but I think. . ." he leaned down to lightly kiss her again. Before he could pull back, Hitomi wrapped her arms around his neck and kept his moist lips locked to her own. The light kiss turned heavy, mouths open and inviting each other in. Van's hands traveled the length of Hitomi's spine in a sweet caress and she whimpered. Suddenly Van pulled back, panting roughly, bangs hanging over his down-turned face. Without being able to see his face, Hitomi was worried she had done something wrong. Was it too fast? Had she come on too strong? But she couldn't help it!

"It's. . ." Van whispered, his voice strained. When he looked up, his eyes were brighter then ever and his smile alone lit up the hall. "Tomorrow. I have something special planned, so, so you'll see me tomorrow, right?" Hitomi nodded, confused but happy. "Okay. Then I'd better go. But I'll see you. Tomorrow." He left her with a peck on the cheek and a bounce in his step.

When he had turned the corner and left her line of sight, Hitomi brought her hand up to her lips and pressed warm, tingling fingers where Van had just kissed her.


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So, uh, yeah. There ya go! What will happen tomorrow? Will this turn into an NC-17? Uh, well, not on! Aww, j/k, I don't know if I could write NC-17. But really, there will be action coming up within the next few parts. Action and maybe some answers. Maybe. ^_~ Thanks for all the encouraging reviews, and I'm sorry it's later than I said it would be. Until next time!