Vision Of Escaflowne Fan Fiction ❯ Dream Desire ❯ Epilogue ( Chapter 11 )

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Dream Desire

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It had been three months since her fateful decision to live with Van in the world of Gaea. They awoke from her dream to find Allen, Millerna, Dryden, Merle, and even Celena and Gaddes standing around them in a circle. Staring at the couple’s clasped hands, Allen stepped forward and spoke for them all when he said “Welcome home”.

Five years of absence had made quite a difference on Gaea and Hitomi was having trouble recognizing anything. Van and Millerna promised tours of their kingdoms, and Allen took her on a trip with the World Knights to see other lands (though it had been hard to convince Van to let her go). There was a new sense of peace in Gaea that had never been there when Dornkirk was around. The playing field between kingdoms was equalized without the powerhouse nation and so border patrols could relax enough for a calm.

Van had been frank and said their wedding would have to be put off for perhaps a year or so, enough time to fully rebuild New Fanelia and let other rulers know a royal wedding would take place. Those who wished to come would need time to prepare their escorts and make it to New Fanelia, and if the kingdom wasn’t completely rebuilt by then, there would be nowhere for the foreign dignitaries to stay. Hitomi was slightly dismayed at first, but the year gave her more time to spend with Van, making up for the many years of not being together.

There were times Hitomi felt useless with all the responsibilities Van had to take care of, but he and Merle had been teaching her the ways of the kingdom so she would have the knowledge when she did become Van’s wife.

Van’s wife. . . just the thought of it still made her heart clench in joy and a blush rise to her face. It was real, all real, and Van loved her.

As if he read her thoughts, Van stepped out onto the balcony and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her body back just a bit so they rested fully against each other. He had gotten taller and could now lean his chin on her head. He nuzzled her, breathing in the scent of her hair and just holding on tight.

“It still seems too perfect to be real sometimes,” he whispered into her ear. “I keep thinking you’ll just disappear when I’m not looking.” Hitomi turned around in his arms and smiled before reaching up to kiss him. Their mouths worked together in silent passion, reassuring each other of the other’s existence. The kiss broke and Hitomi lowered her head to rest against Van’s neck. They stayed there, breathing as one and heart’s beating in tandem.

“I’m here Van. And I’ll stay here forever, I promise,” she whispered back in answer to his silent plea. She could feel Van smile into her hair, and then his body tensing. She pulled back to ask what was wrong, but his eyes were still peaceful when she met them. He turned her around in his arms so she was facing towards the balcony once more and she understood why he had tensed. The sun was setting in a glorious burst of red and orange, but what really drew her attention was the just visible outline of Earth, or the Mystic Moon now that she was on Gaea. The faint circle seemed to sparkle and shimmer in the red light. They watched in silence as the sky faded to purple, then black and the Mystic Moon gave one last shine before disappearing into the stars.

“Hitomi?” Van’s voice was hesitant, he didn’t know how she would react to the vanishing of her home world. The girl in his arms just sighed and laughed quietly before stepping out of his arms. Hitomi took his hand and lead him back inside, away from the night sky. She remained quiet as they retired for the early day tomorrow. Only when she was safely laying in his arms on their bed did she speak.

“I think. . . I think that meant Fate will allow me to stay here with you.”



And a black-winged angel smiled in the sky above them.

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The End! That really is it folks. Once again thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed Dream Desire! Hy love goes out to you all.