Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Voltron and the Galaxy Alliance ( Chapter 2 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

A great Battle occurs in the night skies as stalwart fighters from Galaxy Alliance dog fights against the heroic fighters from the Earth International Defense Force.
Pilots from both sides, lost many lives and the tide of war seem to favor the defenders. Then, suddenly, hope shines for the offensives; for now beside them supports the Voltron Force.
Inside the Voltron Yellow Lion, Hunk checks his control consoles. He was dismayed of the things he seen from out side. “I just can't understand these people Keith; we're not here to conquer… We'll just tell them who we are and what we want!”
Keith replied in confirmation. “Yeah, these people just won't listen… and I even heard they got their own super robot defender they'll be using against us!”
Pidge got irritated yet Keith's mention of another robot defender seems to ring in his ears as a challenge…
“Robot, schnobot, there's only one real defender, and that's Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
Lance heartily agrees and called back at Pidge.
“They don't know what their so-called defender will be dealing with!...It's maybe another one of those robeast-like tin can Voltron could swept away!”
Princess Allura joins in the conversation.
“Defender or not, these people should be educated!
They have to hand to us the Encyclopedia Universale!"
Suddenly, the Blue and Black Lion receives great blows from the missiles of the Earth International Defense base…
Keith was startled, Voltron Blue Lion crashed at abandoned buildings but able to right itself. Princess Allura reassures the worrying Keith, “Keith, I'm O.K.”
“That base tries to kill us!" shouted Lance, and his impulsive nature seems to take him over!
The Voltron Red Lion flies towards the Earth International Defense base, Keith was alarmed! "Lance, wait!”
But Lance ignored Keith..
“Eat this, Mr. Big Shot!"
Voltron Red Lion's tail aims its end at the base.
A platoon of soldiers and a row of armored personnel carriers were disintegrated; a portion of the defense base burns in flames.
Inside the shambled base: A lone soldier approached Commander Robinson,
“Sir, most of our reserves were dead and the base suffers great damage!"
Looking pensive, Commander Robinson analyzes the situation.
“They're trying to demoralize us by killing our soldiers and attacking and destroying our base.”
Then, the large bodied military officer turns to look at the further destruction sent by the rampaging Voltron Lions. “Men, we have to hold on! Voltes V and the Voltes Team are on their way!"
The base's mobile rocket launchers retaliate; powerful missiles hit the Voltron Red Lion.
It did no damage to the Voltron Red Lion, but it does rattled Lance for the moment. Keith continues to contact Lance over the radio, “C'mon Lance get out of there…we'll try a new strategy…”
Seeing the situation in a more, reasonable perspective, Lance affirmed Keith, "O.K. Keith!"
Then, the Voltron Red Lion went out of the missiles' range and joins the other waiting Voltron lions.
Princess Allura made a smirk as she looked at the soldiers below. “What they lack in sophistication they make up for savagery."
Hunk reaffirms her, "You're right as rain, Princess!"
Meanwhile, Keith felt annoyed by the presence of Earth Defense fighters,
“Let's skip doing that base and blow up some of their fighters …"
“O.K. team, let's do it!”
The Voltron Force replied in unison," Go Voltron Force!!!!"
The Voltorn Lions were about to charge at the Shadow fighters when suddenly… Princess Allura's scanners picked up a new disturbance," Keith, I'm picking up powerful Electro Magnetic emissions!"
Suddenly, the weary soldiers bellow cheered wildly… Pidge was startled, he was used for people cheering at Voltron, but now…
“What the…those creeps are cheering at something!"
Hunk just shook his head in disbelief, “Maybe it's that so-called Earth defender robot that they unleashed!"
Lance confirms this as he studied his internal scanners.
“Keith!... Here comes something new!"
Keith turns around, " What the devil..?."
Suddenly, dark clouds form, lightning flashes as the roaring Volt Machine Vs position themselves before the Voltron Lions as if saying "Draw pardners!"