Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Vavilos Space Gun ( Chapter 19 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Cmdr. Froy closed all his communication links amidst protestations from the S.S. Harbinger.
Cmdr. Froy is quite old; looking more like Santa Clause in a captain's hat and Galaxy Alliance uniform.
He remembered the days of serving the Galaxy Alliance, the Galaxy Garrison and the Voltron Force (Both Lions and Vehicles.)
But now, the new enemy is so different; they are fighting one single opponent who could take out half of the Galaxy Alliance Starfleet without even a paint scratch!
He looked at the eyes of his crew…they were sad yet determined.
He was like a father to them, now like him; they decide to take on a new task…Suicide!
”Are you ready Corporal?” he asked his crewmate as he sat on the Captain's chair.
“Aye aye sir!” the corporal replied with tears in his eyes.
Cmdr. Froy took one last breath of air.
“We've faced countless enemies…but this one easily took the ranks of our comrades without even a dink!”
Gradually, his crew started to cry one by one they fell on their knees.
“We will die in the glorious name of the Galaxy Alliance and Voltron, Defender of the Universe…Men, full speed ahead!”
Meanwhile, the valiant Shaider continues to blast the remaining Galaxy Alliance star fighters.
He flips up a few combination keys to activate the Stryker's magnetic couplers.
Equip with automatic sensors The Battle Tank connects itself to the Stryker and continues its course towards the S.S Harbinger.
A blinking red light caught Shaider's attention.
He saw the determined Stellar ship Prospecter coming in full speed “Power Dive” at the Vavilos.
Suddenly, the Vavilos instinctively jumped out of harm, evading the S.S. Prospecter's death plunge.
It was an incredible feat; like the gargantuan machine is sentient enough to comprehend danger.
The great Godaikin waited Shaider's new order.
Vavilos Matrix Projection!”
Shaider shouts aloud in his voice command unit.
The great wings of the Vavilos came down as its majestic body aligned in a straight line. The cockpit portion pivots up and soon, the Godaikin turns into a colossal space gun.
Meanwhile, Cmdr. Froy realized the futility of his Power Dive attempt.
“Turn this ship around!” he hollers nervously at his crew.
“Yes sir!” his technicians carry on his orders at haste.
The great ship lumbered painfully as powerful rotors whine savagely to obey its navigators.
Suddenly, from the Vavilos Space Gun; an intensely concentrated beam of pure Blue Plasma Energy shoots out, slamming hard at the turning Galaxy Alliance stellar ship, S.S. Prospecter.
Inside, Cmdr. Froy's viscera were burnt to crisp: Popping and crackling even he's still alive…His crew suffered being barbecued horribly before the immense energy consumed them and tearing their souls!
Outside, the savage beam shreds the stellar ship Prospecter apart, pieces by pieces, until its great form collapsed from its own weight and blew with the graceful beauty of a dying star.
The vast explosion caused a sickening tremor so great it produced a shock wave of extreme heat that brushed off what was left of the Galaxy Alliance fleet of starship squadrons.
The sight was so intense, Cmdr. Zachary Garth thought he was going mad…