Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Galaxy Alliance's Robot Armies. ( Chapter 20 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Cmdr. Garth realized that only his ship, the stellar ship S.S. Harbinger remained.
His entire fleet, an armada that boasts the greatest fire power, was reduced to space dust.
“What kind of devil is this Shaider?” he asked himself as he starts to look at his shivering crew.
A great explosion rang over the near side of his vessel.
Suddenly, a giant alloy drill entered the Harbinger's hull forcefully.
The Shaider Battle Tank crawled its way through a maze of metal hallways, corridors and catwalks; blasting threshold after thresholds wide open.
Battered but still holding whatever morals they have left, The Galaxy Alliance grunts came rushing in to intercept the Battle Tank.
Their fixed guns were aiming at the metal intruder.
“Shaider Ultra Missiles!”
From the sides of the Battle tank, small yet lethal missiles were deployed.
Upon impact, these missiles blew the grunts through the air with their riffles; sending a rain of shrapnel of metallic debris and bone matter to the other company of grunts who are scampering for safety.
In the heart of the chaos and confusion, Shaider left his conveyance and fought the Galaxy Alliance grunts face to face.
“Shaider Laser Blaster!”
Again, laser blasts threw most of the grunts in mid air.
Shaider moves so fast, his speed accompanied by his firing of his weapon indiscriminately, sending laser fire at random.
Grunts after armored grunts, the Galaxy Alliance Marines fell down dead in multitudes.
“Stop right there!” one of the grunts hollered back at Shaider.
“Surrender to the robot armies of the Galaxy Alliance!”
“Robot Armies?” Shaider asked himself as he hid amidst the twisted console and equiptment ruins around him and try focusing his cybernetic sights at the grunts.
“Shaider Scope!”
A powerful x-ray beam scanned the grunts; in his surprise, Shaider saw that they were all flesh and blood.
“These men were brainwashed!” Shaider concluded.
“They were all made to think that they are just robots, made to carry on a mission for this Galaxy Alliance!”
Shaider paused for a minute and thought of his own Inter galactic arch- enemy: The forces of Fuma Le-Ar and his mistress Ida.
“This Galaxy alliance is no better than Le-Ar and his forces!”
The grunts began to fire and laser bolts flew and strike at objects like sharp ice picks on cardboard!
Shaider adjust some small built-in console from his metal arm.
Then he flips one last switch.
“What a barbaric galactic agency!”
Suddenly, the rows of grunts were teleported to the Inter Galactic Police Headquarters. Shaider knows that they will all be de-briefed to wash-off whatever brainwashing sessions have given to them.
Shaider stood up and looked around.
Again, he activated the Shaider scope and found only one human remaining.
“That must be the captain,” Shaider assumes as he started to climb one floor then another that heads straight to the bridge.