Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The End of Zachary Garth ( Chapter 21 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

A laser bullet hit Shaider's chest: The impact sends the armored hero tumbling down on a row of console panels.
He started to rise, but another laser bullet hits him on his helmet.
“Well, its just you and I armored boy!” Cmdr. Garth declared as he wave his laser pistol at Shaider.
“Now's the time to die!”
Shaider instinctively avoided the next round of laser bullets, as Cmdr. Garth continues to pursue him.
“The end of the line…Who ever you are…you armored dog!”
Cmdr. Garth fired another shot.
Again, Shaider dodged the on coming laser bullet.
The laser hit a nearby nuclear reactor and a steam of dangerous radioactive haze filled the room.
Shaider's Blue Plasma Armors protected him from the hazardous substance, whereas Cmdr. Garth inhaled the deadly fumes.
“Noooo!…What have you done?…What have you done?!
His body rapidly deteriorates, his inner being seemed defiled by the toxic matter.
Cmdr. Garth was molded and stretched like clay by the radioactive material; sudden mutations occurred, turning him into something like a ridiculous nightmare:
He lost his hair as his face widens into a football shaped version of a gingerbread man. His ears elongate like that of an elf and his lips became bloated like some funny character.
His body bent down to a squat, his legs shortens and turned stubby.
Cmdr. Zachary Garth of the Galaxy Alliance turned into a hilariously ugly creature that looked like a kid in an asinine Halloween costume for the misfits.
There was no intelligent word that comes from his mouth as he struggles with the sudden illness. His appearance is utterly non-human. But he retained his consciousness.
Shaider took out one last weapon…
“Shaider Cutter!”
Shaider ignored the creature and aimed his weapon at the foundations of the Stellar ship Harbinger. Every rumble brought tremors and soon, Shaider felt the outcome of his handiwork!
“This whole thing's gonna blow!”
Shaider took one last look at the creature and decides to end its misery…
“Shaider Super Slash!”
Zachary Garth made his final cry…
From outside, sections of the Stellar ship Harbinger started to burst; the Shaider Battle Tank and the Stryker made their exit and headed back to the Vavilos.
Shaider looks back behind to see the once proud Galaxy Alliance stellar ship blew to smithereens.
Shaider took a deep breath…his fight with the Galaxy Alliance maybe over… But what about Voltron and the Voltron Force?