Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Arguements. ( Chapter 22 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The Voltes Team and Dr. Hook watched the information retrieved by the legendary armored enforcer Shadier in Big Falcon's conference hall: Here they learned almost everything about Voltron and the Voltron Force; about Planet Arus and its sister Planet Pollux; about King Alfor and his noble house; about King Zarkon, Prince Lotor and Planet Doom and its counter part, the Drule Empire.
They even learned about Voltron's proud heritage: Long before the Galaxy Alliance came to existence, Voltron was a haughty mechanoid, famous for challenging different super robots from all galaxies.
Infact, it was too proud and remorseless, Voltron does not care if ever it destroys a giant robot who was the sole defender of its respected planet.
Until, a beautiful space goddess punished the arrogant Voltron; Using her magic, Voltron was disassembled into five parts…These became the Voltron Lions.
Then the Galaxy Alliance was assembled by a league of so-called “Good Planets” to maintain peace throughout the universe.
King Zarcon and his Planet are an alleged space conqueror that threatens the Galaxy Alliance so they send a special force of space explorers to search and re-activate Voltron: Defender of the Universe.
The showing session was barely finished when Steve suddenly left his seat and walked away. Mark noticed the other young man's discomforts.
At the lobby, Steve sat beside a water dispenser and drank a cup when he noticed Mark leaning against a wall.
“Now you believe me?” he asked Steve with a taunting tone. “There is nothing honorable about Voltron and its pilots…they're all bunch of imperialistic conquerors doing a bluff as Defender of the Universe!”
Steve just shook his head. “We cannot just judge Voltron and its pilots!”
Mark felt irritated. “What about that film showing, Steve?...It's right in front of your eyes…right in front of everybody's eyes!”
Steve starts to gulp at the drinking glass. “Don't you think what we just saw is a propaganda against Voltron?...”
He looks at Mark and continues; “Let's say Shaider has nothing to do with it…Let's say that data was deliberately exposed by some King Zarkon supporters just to make Voltron looked badly!”
Mark just raised his hands in disgust.
“Go tell that to the love ones of those who died from that Voltron invasion…”Mark snarled at Steve.
“Voltron is a giant Godaikin Defender, much like Voltes V…” Steve snapped Mark bluntly.
Mark just shook his head in controlled anger. “You just don't know how the people of Earth feel Steve…Because you're half earthling and half…something else!”
That's the draw that made Steve launched himself and gave Mark a quick punch at the face.
Mark fell down dazed at the moment. But soon he was back on his feet and gave Steve a quick kick at the face.
The kick sends Steve crashing at the mineral water dispenser.
His uniform soaks wet and blood came out of his nose, but Steve managed to stand and positions himself in a fighting stance.
Mark readies himself and starts to charge at Steve who is about to do the same when a lightning flash froze both combatants; a shuriken ninja star suddenly hits the wall between them.
Jamie somersaults and then lands beside them both.
“Steve…Mark, stop it!”
She pulled the ninja star stuck to the concrete wall.
“You should have realized, Voltron have already won…by making us fight among ourselves!”
There was a deafening silence between the three, and then both Mark and Steve left the room quietly.