Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Help from Planet Pollux ( Chapter 23 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The Stellar Ship Explorer undergoes tremendous repair from numerous refurbishing droid units utilized by Commander Hawkins.
And just like his ship, countless crews receive medical attention; Keith, Hunk and Lance lend a hand to the repairs using their Voltron Lions while Pidge and Princess Allura watch the recuperating Koran helplessly amidst the busy surroundings.
“I'm afraid I just received grave news…” Commander Hawkins told the Princess as he approached Koran's bedside.
“The great Galaxy Alliance Stellar fleet commanded by Zachary Garth, was destroyed by that single robot starship Vavilos…”
Both Pidge and Princess Allura's eyes widen in horror and disbelief; they know without the alliance's reinforcements, they were just sitting ducks in this small moon. Koran just closed his eyes after the grim news.
“B-But that can't be…” Pidge started to panic, “Nothing in this galaxy could single handedly blast those giant space ships!”
“Nothing but another Godaikin…” Koran supplied Pidge as he tries to rise up from bed. “…And that Godaikin no doubt, an ally of Voltes V…”
The news seems to paralyze Princess Allura; such powerful adversary is enough to make one consider a possible capitulation. But the princess tried her best to stay in morale.
“Please Koran, you still need rest…” The princess told her diplomat.
“I had all the rest I need, your highness.” Koran replied. “The ship and the rest of the Voltron Force need someone to boost their moral…”
“That Voltes V is getting in my nerves!” Pidge raised his fist as he looked out of the window and into space.
“If Voltron's really repaired, I'm gonna show them we mean business… Voltron will make those wet nosed upstarts pay!”
“Princess Allura just closed her eyes…The defeat of Voltron is a major disgrace to the honor of her father King Alfor…and the honor of Planet Arus and her people as well.
Suddenly, a technician approached Commander Hawkins and had given him a respectable salute, and bowed before the princess; he was a perked up bearer of good news.
“Sir, your majesty, several starships are closing in at our position…they bear the insignia of the royalty from Planet Pollux.”
Princess Allura's heart pumped in great joy.
Planet Pollux is a sister Planet of Arus, and this means more ordinances, materials and assistance for Voltron and the Voltron Force.
“Pollux…Princess Romelle…” the princess utters in relief and in great joy, Princess Allura felt tears of happiness trailing down her cheeks.
Within minutes, thousands of stellar ships surround the moon; a vast squadron of shuttles and transports carrying goods materials and services, zooms down to the Stellar Ship Explorer.
Inside the Voltron Black Lion, Keith could hardly believe his eyes…
“Hunk…Lance…look at that!”
“…reinforcements from Planet Pollux!” Lance replied.
“That's the prettiest sight I've ever seen!” Hunk also replied.
The three Voltron Lions proceeded back to the hangar bay to meet Princess Romelle and Prince Bandor.
“Oh Allura, I'm glad you're all right!” Princess Romelle said as she hugs her cousin tightly.
“Thank you Romelle,” Princess Allura replied with tears in her eyes. “Our worlds shall endure this dire crisis!”
Prince Bandor looks at Koran and considers his conditions.
“Don't trouble yourselves by telling us about the enemy.” He said with confidence. “Saint Paul the Imjad had erected twelve robot factories to support our plight against this Voltes V menace.”
Lance's face suddenly turns sour.
“Robot factories…why Voltron can clobber that giant bully so easily…”
“Lance!” Keith warned Lance, reminding him that he still talking to a monarch…and Princess Allura's cousin at that.
“Let the people of Pollux extend their assistance to our cause.” Princess Allura smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes. “From this day forth it shall be noted that Pollux and Arus' people are truly one with Voltron: Defender of the Universe…”