Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Plans of the Imjad ( Chapter 25 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Deep inside the Imjad's starship, the pus-covered face of Baron Hakone peered into the Imjad's meditation chamber.
Paul the Imjad sits quietly; his effeminate visage smiles from some imaginary amusement that lingers inside his brain.
“Come dear Hakone.” he waved his hand just like how a customer waves a command at a waiter.
“Pardon me great Imjad…” the scar filled baron apologizes as he entered the chamber; “I was trying to check how you are doing…”
The Imjad stood from his lotus position, and gleefully replied:
“The time to own the universe nears…The Godaikin guardians shall hate and destroy each other…then there will be nothing left to protect the universe…Conquest then is at hand!”
Baron Hakone looks around to see a large, nautilus-like device situated across the room. The Imjad noticed his silent inquiry and supplied some information:
“This machine, is the “Dream distorter”…I use my thoughts to inject what I want over other people's thoughts…Just like what I did to Keith of Voltron and Steve of Voltes V while they sleep.”
Baron Hakone's eyes widens in great wonder. “My…you are such a brilliant creator oh great Imjad!”
The Imjad rose up and walks toward the device; his face filled with quaint satisfaction.
“Using the distorter could not only weaken their morale, but could also destroy their beliefs and cause…The whole thing is proceeding…all according to my structuring.... The Voltron Lion Force being defeated, the distribution of data as well as the destruction of that medium sized Galaxy Alliance fleet…the indecisiveness of the Voltes Team… Godaikin shall collapse and one day I shall rule the universe...!”
Baron Hakone neared the Imjad.
“Milord…what move shall we do next?”
“Patience, Baron…” The Imjad gently brushed him off, “Victory is like fashioning a clay figure…slowly…painfully…with love and care…”
The Imjad and his huge cohort entered another room, this time the room looked more eerily alien: Root-like proboscis crisscross its walling and at its center, a large gem-like device glows in unearthly silence.
Green colored fog slowly raises from the floor as Paul the Imjad and Baron Hakone went near the gem-like structure.
The Imjad glides his hands over it and the crystal reveals the morning in Camp Big Falcon.
“At this very moment, the different defense groups are attending a conference in the Voltes V base…All are threatened by the Voltron robot and the Galaxy Alliance…Soon they shall let their metallic guardians slaughter each other, leaving the universe “mine” for the taking!”