Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Threat from the Galaxy Alliance ( Chapter 26 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Thousands of escort starships and other transports lined outside Camp Big Falcon; all from other Earth Defense Organizations that helped guard and protect planet Earth from diabolical alien invaders from the past.
Each had in their secret arsenals, powerful Godaikin cybernauts piloted by impulsive and impetus young agents.
The main headquarters of Camp Big Falcon was converted into a vast auditorium, where a raised dais was temporarily constructed at its center.
There, Dr. Hook and Commander Robinson positioned themselves and starts their role call:
“Dear gentlemen of the Earth Defense core, “Dr. Hook starts as he looked around. “Men of science and valor, we are now in a far greater crisis…Perhaps, graver than anything that we've pit ourselves against…”
There was a moment of silence…all seemed eager to know what they're up against.
“This morning,” Commander Robinson supplied. “Camp Big Falcon received a visitor from the inter-galactic police officer “Shaider” and he handed us technical data he got from one of his encounters with Le-Ar…”
The heavy-bodied earth defense officer waved his hand over a seemingly empty wall and out comes a huge monitor showing off Voltron Lions and the Galaxy Alliance.
The people in the defense core gasped at the sight.
“Seemingly the new enemy had their own powerful Godaikin they call Voltron…” Dr. Hook continued, “It was strong and powerful…but it can be defeated. What concerns us most, is the immense galactic fraternity that backs it up…this “Galaxy Alliance…”
“The so-called Galaxy Alliance…” Commander Robinson continues, “Protects the worlds and planets of a parallel universe. But now they aim to support this Voltron conqueror and invade Planet Earth!”
“…And that means,” Dr. Hook supplies, “An entire galaxy of aliens is now against us!”
There was momentary silence and then Professor Jourgan of the Space Dynamo made a comment: “Surely, we can reason with this Galaxy Alliance…”
“I hope so professor…” Commander Robinson replied, “But still we need Daimos standing by.”
“I agree with you,” Dr. Xyrus of the Space Defense Force, “Our super Godaikin Laserion will help Voltes V blast these evil aliens out in space!”
Professor Totsuya of the Nambara Connection extends his smelly sake dried hands to Dr. Hook. “Combattra and the Battle Team will always be there to support Voltes V.”
"Thank you Professor Totsuya," Dr. Hook nods in reply. "It will be for the benefit of humankind."
Outside the hall, the Voltes team waits pensively, unsure of the outcome of the great conference of elderly Earth Defense officers.
“Steve, I'm afraid…” Little Jon pokes at his brother. “An entire galactic group is now our enemy and not just a single planet…”
Steve looks at Little Jon…
“Don't worry Little Jon, Voltes V and the other super robots will save planet Earth from this Galaxy Alliance thing!”
Mark slowly walked away from the group heavy with thoughts…
“Can the earth survive a sudden onslaught from this “Galaxy Alliance?”