Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Shaider and the Vavilos must pay! ( Chapter 27 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The Stellar Ship Enquirer temporarily carries one of the Galaxy Alliance's mighty giant space robot, known as The Voltron Vehicle and its stalwart team called the Voltron Force.
Unlike the Lion Voltron, the Voltron Vehicle is composed mostly of 15 space machines that can group themselves into three combined machines, five a piece. These machines were designated as explorers for Land, Sea and Air.
The Air Team is under the command of someone called “Jeff” who also leads the entire 15 members of the Voltron Vehicle Force.
The Sea Team is under the command of an alien named Cric, a life form with an Indian-like accent.
Then the Land Team is under the command of someone called “Cliff”.
Literally, it's a fleet of space machines that can merge together as “Stratofighter”, “Aquafighter” and “Turboterrain Fighter” then transform into a larger, gladiator-robot called also as Voltron.
Captain Newley is temporarily in command of the Stellar ship Enquirer: A proud officer and comrade in arms of Commander Hawkins.
They are about to join in Voltron Lion Force and the S.S. Explorer in their quest for the Imjad's missing microfilm when they heard the news about the Voltron Lion's defeat in the hands of an earth bound Godaikin called Voltes V, the critical situation of the S.S. Explorer; the destruction of an entire reinforcement fleet from the Galaxy Alliance and the intervention from Planet Pollux.
The bridge of the S.S. Enquirer is large enough to be a meeting room for Captain Newley and the Vehicle Voltron Force; where they discuss about what is there to do with those responsible for the death of Commander Zachary Garth and his fleet.
“Sources tell us about another Godaikin who worked for this Voltes V, a powerful machine known as Vavilos…” Captain Newley begins as the large monitor behind him reveals some technical and photographic images of the Vavilos and its transformation phases.
“Look at that!” Chip the youngest member of the team expressed audibly as the 3D images turns from Vavilos Starship, to Vavilos Robot to Space gun. “It can change itself from ship, robot to space cannon!”
The rest of the team gasped as the image fires a powerful sea of Blue Plasma Energy that engulfed entire flagships as large as forty football stadiums.
“The energy this “thing” uses is totally alien, not even the Drules could have imagined using.” Captain Newley continued. “I suggest we have to apprehend this ship with complete caution.”
Jeff stood up, in his face, etched the longing to find justice for Commander Garth and his ill-fated crew. “Captain…I want to know who's responsible for the death of those with Commander Zachary Garth!”
Captain Newley turns around and faces the huge monitor, now displaying the blue, armored features of the Space Police “Shaider”.
“Team…this is the armored Space Police known as “Shaider.”
“Why…we can't even see his face with all that armor around him!” Moddock of Land Team hollers angrily at the back.
“That guy must pay for his crimes against the alliance!” Marvin of Land team expresses.
“Justice must be served…”Cliff, the leader of the Land Team replies as he stood up and continues voicing his opinion.” The Galaxy Alliance must remove this shame by arresting this murderer!”
“We're with you Captain Newley…” Jeff reassures their officer.
Ginger, a female member of his team looks at him; her eyes were filled with deep concern.
“The Whole Aqua Team awaits your orders…” Cric in his funny accent informs Captain Newley.
“…And the whole Land Team demands justice!” the English-sounding Cliff, informs their captain.
“Well then,” Captain Newley readies the team for a mission: search and apprehend the Vavilos! “Assemble fort, Voltron Force!”
The great team of fifteen space explorers shouted in unison “Let's go Voltron Force!”