Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Laserion Struggles... ( Chapter 34 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Back on Earth, Dr. Xyrrus; head of the Space Defense Force's Laser/Robotics research and main coordinator to Tommy and Laserion, watch meditatively at the screens of the surveillance monitor shows Laserion's laser-framed body slowly disintegrates and just a few distance away from Laserion, the Voltron Lions waited as if studying their prey.
“A powerful type of computer virus is eating up the laser conformations of Laserion!” Dr. Xyrrus told himself; sweat covers his large forehead. “If I don't do anything fast, it will completely delete all of Laserion's laser-frame configurations!”
He flipped several com-link switches and aimed his frequencies at Tommy.
“Tommy, this is Dr. Xyrrus…”
Back on the moon, Laserion fell down on its knees with a loud bang.
Tommy felt a gush of anxiety taking over him; his estimation of defeating Voltron because of Laserion's laser capabilities now decomposed upon recognition of Laserion's possible weakness; that of the injection of a powerful computer virus into Laserion's frequencies.
Tommy tried to view the four Voltron Lions; lucky for him, the Volt Machines are doing their best in keeping the Voltron Lions at bay. Every time one of the Voltron Lions tries something, a Volt Machine is there to check the Voltron Lion's move with missiles and other projectiles.
Suddenly, a com-link beep sounded over Tommy's console; it was Dr. Xyrrus.
“Tommy, shut down all laser-form configurations…then shuffle the machine to form a twelve unit robot!”
Tommy felt hesitant.
“A twelve unit robot?...why I'll be totally defenseless!”
“What do you call your situations now, Tommy?” Dr. Xyrrus snapped back.
Tommy considers the logic and soon, he was pushing some levers and punching some buttons at his ship's key boards.
Outside, the battered form of Laserion lies half buried in the lunar dust.
Suddenly, Laserion's body begins to move; discarding the tattered laser arms and legs.
Then the box-like motorized parts left by the laser frame starts to shuffle and re-configure themselves: Forming a new robot less threatening in appearance.
The Voltron Yellow Lion found an opening from the Volt Machines' bombardments. Hurriedly, Hunk bears down the Voltron Lion's sight at the defenseless Twelve Unit Robot.
“You're toast Bling bling bot!”
But before the Voltron Yellow Lion released a barrage of deadly missiles, the Twelve Unit Robot teleported itself at a safe distance away from the site and the Voltron missiles only touched empty lunar sands.
“What the heck!” Hunk muttered out loud then, he felt his Voltron Lion rocked from the impact made by the Volt Frigate Missiles!
Back on Earth, Dr. Xyrrus was able to isolate the computer virus program injected at Laserion's laser frame configurations; it was an unknown type of computer virus, specially generated to combat laser/hologram units.
“It would take weeks to override this virus.” Dr. Xyrrus told himself “And at the rate of Laserion's current battle, I have no luxury to do that.”
The old scientist punched several keys at the keyboard connected directly at the Space Defense Force main frame terminals.
Studying the computer virus, Dr. Xyrrus suddenly had an idea.
He then, tried to call back Tommy via com-link.
Mean while, back on the moon.
The Voltron Lions were able to squeeze out of the Volt Machine's bombardments; their goal is to shred the Twelve Unit Robot to pieces.
“O.K. Voltron Force,” Keith called out to his team.
“Let's start to pursue that bling-bling robot!”
“Hah!” Hunk came in second, “The lights starts to go down on it!”
Inside his machine, Tommy knew well that any time, the Voltron Lions could pounce on the Twelve Unit Robot; he can easily radio-in for the Volt Machines to pick him up and bring him back to Earth.
But no!
“Laserion never runs from a fight!” He told himself.
“I can ignore Dr. Xyrrus' order to shift gear to Twelve Unit Robot and re-configure Laserion's laser-frame…Even if I have to die doing it!”
Suddenly, Tommy saw the four Voltron Lions already near him; they were circling him cautiously like real lions on the prowl.
Tommy immediately decides to shift gear and pushed the button that will re-shuffle Laserion's laser-frames back.
Laserion Teleport!
A blinding flash of laser lights cautioned the Voltron Lions for a while as Laserion's laser frame configurations starts to re- appear.
The mighty image of the Godaikin Laserion stood tall and proud before the four Voltron Lions; But then abruptly, this stance was replaced by a crumbling form of Laserion slumping down the lunar ground with a loud thud.
Keith smiled with utter satisfaction.
“I'm gonna relish tearing this upstart pieces by pieces before Voltes V and the Voltes Team to demonstrate what would happen to those who try to defy Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”