Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Hunt for the Vavilos! ( Chapter 37 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

About three thousand stellar ships from Galaxy Alliance awaits the return of the stellar ship Enquirer, here thousands of earth men, earth women and a host of million alien beings who are allied with the Galaxy alliance, waited patiently for the news…
Captain Newley, current commander of the Voltron Vehicle Team, discus with pride about their new, priority project: The hunt for the Vavilos and Shaider!
The Enquirer had a large control center, were all of the Voltron Vehicle team can occupy.
On a raised dais, Captain Newley points out some perils that will be involved in the operation.
“We have to think ahead of this Shaider guy!” Jeff commented. “That Blue plasma whatever`s too dangerous for the Air Team!”
“I agree…”Cliff came in second, “Not to mention the speed and stamina of that armored guy, He can even enter the most secured hatch, thus endangering the crew inside the my team…But let's bear in mind; we need to capture him alive!”
“Yes…” Crik also said, “So we can get justice for Commander Garth and his fleet…”
The whole Voltron Vehicle squadron fell suddenly silent, others are thinking about the death of an entire armada, of Commander Garth.
While others felt silently scared of the possibility of what Shaider and his Godaikin have done to Commander Garth and his fleet, may end up the same to Voltron and the rest of the Alliance.
One of the young, navigational officers approached Captain Newley.
“Sir...we've just reached our rendezvous point with the other Galaxy Alliance stellar fleet.”
“I'll be up the bridge in a minute, Garry…” Captain Newley informed the young officer.
“This will be over soon…”
The Voltron Vehicle Force all stood up, each of the five teams was segregated by the Air team, Sea Team and Land team.
“Go Voltron Vehicle Team and give justice to Commander Garth and his stellar fleet.”
The whole squadron cried in unison: “Let's Go Voltron Force!”
From outside the Stellar ship Enquirer, fifteen glossy Voltron Vehicle starships rockets through the vast darkness, into deep space. Their primary mission is to search and apprehend Shaider and his Godaikin Vavilos!
The hunt for Vavilos has begun!