Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The need for harsh trainings ( Chapter 38 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

A small recovery transport hauled the laser framed Godaikin into its belly as Tommy Takashi waved fare well momentarily to the Voltes Team.
“So long Voltes Team…” Tommy shouted in his com-link. .”…but not good bye!”
Steve waved back to acknowledged Laserion's departure.
He knows that Dr. Xyrrus will be having his hands full in re-configurating Laserion's laser frame system.
Suddenly, an annoying beep sounded in Steve's console.
“Voltes V here…”
Dr. Hook's visage appears from his monitor.
“Voltes Team, return to Camp Big Falcon right away!”
Steve nodded.
Then he relayed his announcement to the rest of the Voltes Team.
“O.K. Team…set a course back to base!”
The Voltes Team replies affirmatively and soon, the massive Volt Machines left the moon and headed back to Camp Big Falcon.
Dr. Hook stands inside the main control center, looking impatient.
After a minute, the Voltes Team stands around him.
Without saying a word, Dr. Hook flips some switches and a monitor starts to display surveillance shots from Voltes V's battle with Voltron.
“Dr. Hook, what is it?” Steve finally asked.
Dr. Hook points at the monitor. “Look at the way you kids handle that dodge and dive?”
Mark tried to look at the images.
“It looks good to me…”
“Shut Up!” Dr. Hook scolded him audibly.
“Just because the Boazaninas were defeated doesn't mean you have to let your skills go rusty, Voltes Team!”
The Voltes Team felt quiet a shock!
“That's right Voltes Team!” Dr. Hook snarled like a wolf at the young warriors.
“I'm going to send you all back at the boot camp!”
Steve tried his best to summon his nerves.
“But Dr. Hook…I…We…”
Steve receives his answer from Dr. Hook in the form of a punch at the face that sends him sprawling down the metal floor of the headquarters.
Big Bert tried to help him stand.
“No Big Bert…” Steve refuses his help. “I'm alright…”
Dr. Hook walked casually at the Voltes Team.
“No ifs and no buts…just practice harder…practice and more practice!”
Dr. Hook points at the perimeter schematic charts of Camp Big Falcon.
“I want you to fire all your missiles and projectiles directly at Camp Big Falcon. Think of it as the Voltron base!”
The Voltes Team stood in total shock…Dr. Hook had send them all once to the point of no return…and it seems he's doing it again.
“B-but Dr. Hook…” Jamie dared to question.
“If we do that, we may kill you and the other personnel…”
Dr. Hook just looked at her. “In return, Big Falcon will fire in total disregard at the Voltes Team!”
He then gestured at the Voltes Teams' cubicle transports.
“Get into your Volt Machines, Voltes Team…Time's a wastin'!”
Remorseful yet obedient, the Voltes Team sprints into their cubicles and starts to board their Volt Machines.
Meanwhile outside, Camp Big Falcon opens up its wings and the Volt Machines zooms into the blue skies.
Dr. Hook turns to the technicians who run the automated guns and other weapons of Camp Big Falcon.
“Now, you do your trainings as well; switch all weapons to kill… understand!”
The technicians obediently nod at Dr. Hook and switch the weapons' power to maximum.
Commander Robinson entered the room; there is a grim concern for the Voltes Team in his face.
“I think your harsh trainings are uncalled for Dr. Hook” The ninja commander voiced his opinions. “The Voltes Team needs rest from their distant travel from the moon.”
“I disagree with you commander…” Dr. Hook snapped Commander Robinson impersonally. “Voltes V is a Godaikin that needs real dedicated pilots…We can't afford to loose…the Earth is at stake!”
“What good are dedicated pilots if they all winds up dead from your harsh trainings?”
Commander Robinson snapped at Dr. Hook back.
“This coming from a ninja commander who fights his own daughter with razor sharp swords and ninja stars?” Dr. Hook retaliates.
Commander Robinson stayed quiet.
Suddenly, Dr. Hook starts to turn around and straight to the exit.
“Where are you going, Dr. Hook...?” Commander Robinson asked.
“I need some fresh air…” Dr. Hook replies “… all this banter is driving me nuts!”